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Rethinking the design of housing for older people

With an ageing population in mind, MADA is undertaking Space of Ageing through a design-led enquiry that starts with the premise that the dwelling and the neighbourhood are the primary sites for ageing. Photo: Jeroen Musch

Monash University’s Faculty of Art Design & Architecture (MADA) is proud to announce Space of Ageing – a new and innovative research initiative designed to rethink housing and neighbourhood systems for older people.

MADA would like to invite the public to attend a lecture on 27 August 2013, featuring two leading international experts in this field.

Ruth Finkelstein, Policy and Planning Director of the New York Ageing Program, and Arnoud Gelauff, Director of the architectural firm Arons en Gelauff from the Netherlands will speak at the lecture and present their innovative approaches to creating age-friendly housing and cities.

With Australia’s ageing population in mind, MADA is undertaking Space of Ageing through a design-led enquiry that starts with the premise that the dwelling and the neighbourhood are the primary sites for ageing. Reasons for this include: a desire of older people to ‘age in place’; the sheer volume of people that cannot be accommodated in age-specific accommodation; and health technology’s capability to deliver health care at home.

Ms Finkelstein and Mr Gelauff have been invited to contribute to the MADA project due to their extensive experience in developing innovative housing designs and city-wide approaches to the ageing population. The public lecture will explore the changes that are required to suit an ageing population, including physical, technological and medical augmentations.

Mr Gelauff’s architectural firm Arons en Gelauff has worked on projects that reinvent housing for the elderly, in line with the Netherlands’ policy framework that supports ageing people staying in their homes. The firm’s acclaimed designs facilitate care as a supplement for the home, with care services delivered upon request.

Meanwhile, with experience in the World Health Organisation’s Global Network of Age-friendly Cities, Ms Finkelstein will expand the focus beyond the home and into the public realm, considering transport, safety, social relations, recreations and more.

For more information, visit the Space of Ageing event page on the MADA website.

The Space of Ageing free public lecture runs from 5.30 – 7.30pm on Tuesday 27 August at Caulfield campus, MADA Lecture Theatre G1.04.

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