Best Rowing Machines 2022 For Home Gym (Affordable Price)

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  • Gaming technology inspired
  • Not a class-based system
  • Sleek graphics

Aviron Interactive

Aviron Interactive

  • Performance monitor with stat tracking
  • Smart rowing machine
  • Seven workout modes

Lit Method

Lit Method

  • Possible to store upright
  • Offers on warranties are appealing
  • It has a mobile app

Many people are on a mission to stay fit, and the best rowing machine can help you get to your fitness goals in just a few sessions. But with so many rowing machines on the market, knowing which are the best rowing machines can help you in your decision.

Rowing machines have the power to engage the entire body while you row. It engages 80% of your body muscles, including lower and upper bodies. Rowing is, without a doubt, a full-body workout that helps both strengthen your cardiovascular system and build lean muscle.

When it comes to discovering the best rowing machines for a home gym, there are several different types of rowers. The four main indoor rowing machines are magnetic, flywheel rowers, piston or cylinder-based, and water rowing machines.

  • Magnetic resistance: It’s known for its seamless rowing motion and low noise. A magnetic braking system is used in this magnetic gym equipment.
  • Flywheel: The pulling movement, which rotates a flywheel with rotor blades, provides resistance to this rowing machine. It used wind resistance.
  • The patented Water Flywheel on the Water Rower is designed to replicate the movement when one is rowing in the water.
  • Hydraulic, fluid, or water rower: If you have limited workout space or a restricted budget, the hydraulic resistance rowing machine is ideal. The pressure of air or water squeezed by a cylinder or crankshaft can be adjusted on specific hydraulic exercise machines.

This article will go over seven affordable rowing machines to help you choose the right one for you.

Best Rowing Machine For Full-Body Workout on the market in (May. 2022)

  • Ergatta – Editor’s choice
  • Aviron Interactive – Best Smart Rowing Machine With Performance Statistics
  • Lit Method – Best Compact Rowing Machine With Intuitive Mobile App
  • New Life Cardio Equipment – Best Brand with the Best Rowing Machine Under 500
  • NordicTrack RW900 Rower – Best Rower With A Comprehensive Cross-Training Program
  • Hydrow – The Best for Interactivity
  • Topiom – The Best Budget Rowing Machine

The Line Up At A Glance


Editor’s Choice


  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Sorts out fine lines
  • Fragrance-free

Aviron Interactive

Best Smart Rowing Machine With Performance Statistics

Aviron Interactive

  • Affordable
  • Protect skin from Ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Made in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-certified labs

Best Compact Rowing Machine With Intuitive Mobile App

Lit Method

  • Eliminates dark circles
  • Contains ball massager
  • Suitable for all skin types

New Life Cardio Equipment

Best Brand with the Best Rowing Machine Under 500

New Life Cardio Equipment

  • Rich in retinoids
  • Improves skin texture
  • Smoothens fine lines

NordicTrack RW900 Rower

Best Rower With A Comprehensive Cross-Training Program

NordicTrack RW900 Rower

  • Hydrates skin
  • Smoothens forehead lines
  • Immediate results


The Best for Interactivity


  • Affordable
  • Easy to purchase
  • Hydrates skin


The Best Budget Rowing Machine


  • Boosts skin elastin
  • Boosts skin hydration
  • Ideal for dry skin

How to Test Your Rowing Machine Ability?

There are several ways you can test the benefits of a rower machine to your body. These methods will help you understand how the rower machine is helping you to keep fit.


Anthropometry[1] is a systematic study of the measurements and proportions of our bodies. The major components of anthropometry include body weight, height, body mass index (BMI), head size, bodily circumferences to assess body fat (hip, waistline, and thighs), and skinfold thickness.

Athletes should have their physique composition frequently tested if they wish to stay in their weight category. Long levers of the arms and legs are essential for maximal propulsion on a rowing machine. Athletes with a broader arm width than their height have lengthier levers. The power-to-weight ratio increases when body fat is low.


The capacity to move body components over their full range of motion is called flexibility or agility. In addition, to have a greater degree of movement in their rowing stroke, rowers have to be flexible.

From the athlete’s perspective, back and hamstring flexibility is required as you stretch forward and move up the slide to the catch position.

The Sit and Reach test[2] is one way you can use to test flexibility.

Rowing Specific

Practical tests are crucial for determining which aspects of your fitness require improvement. Testing your fitness level on a rowing machine is one way to gauge your comfort level in using one.

The 5km, 2km, and 500m rowing ergo and the Rowing Beep Test (RBT) are examples of such assessments. RBT tests the aerobic fitness of rowers by using a rowing ergometer.

What to look for Before using a Rower Machine

The basic things to look for on a rowing machine, especially if you’re putting it together yourself:

  • If the screws are securely fastened.
  • The rower’s ideal resistance.
  • Your sitting position, leg placement, and grip are important factors to consider.
  • The fitness workout regimens and display settings.

7 Best Rowing Machine For Full-Body Workout in 2022


Instead of subscribing to a gym membership or hiring a personal trainer, you can compete in real-time Instead of subscribing to a gym membership or hiring a personal trainer, you can compete in real-time competitions and tournaments. These exercises are similar to interval workouts, but they include live streaming commentary and specific targets that change as you improve your fitness levels. They’re all based on game technology.

  • The images are stunning, and the design is simple and elegant
  • The game-based software is updated regularly
  • The body is made of wood, which is appealing
  • It’s a high-priced rowing machine
  • The company offers no instructional rowing classes

This rowing machine is ideal for home use. It features built-in workouts and contests, allowing you to compare your progress daily. In addition to that, you can compare your results to those of other rowers in world rankings.

Ergatta releases at least four or five workouts per week. In addition, it also offers a Race of the Week, an instructional course, and a monthly communal contest.

This rowing machine was specifically designed to be interactive in this way and can be hugely motivating during your workouts. The most notable feature is that it is made of American cherry wood, rendering it the most attractive rower equipment in the marketplace. It has a 17.2-inch monitor with incredible High Definition (HD) visuals. The gadget will be able to connect with a Bluetooth-enabled cardiac-monitoring meter.

It has the same low-noise design and efficient operation as the other WaterRower models. The resistance cannot be altered without draining the drum’s water. For the adjustments, you must drain or add water.

The most significant downside is the price of this hydraulic rowing machine. Aside from the Ergatta interactive workout program, the rowing machine is significantly more expensive than any other WaterRower equipment.

If you like the idea of a monthly membership but not a coach group training, this could be an excellent program for you.

Aviron Interactive

As we uncover the best rowing machine in 2021, this rower brand comes in second for several reasons. It’s an intelligent indoor rower with outstanding customer service. It also offers virtual courses and training sessions for consumers.

  • It’s a sophisticated and technologically-forward rowing machine
  • Real-time challenges and competitions are included, as well as it tracks stroke rate and displays the estimated calorie burn after each training session
  • It includes seven different workout modes.
  • It is supported by cutting-edge and user-friendly technology
  • It’s a high-priced rowing machine

Many tech geek athletes are fans of the Aviron Active innovative rowing machine. This new generation of smart rower machines provides a more engaging and inventive encounter than the more traditional rowing machines found at your local gym.

Aviron presently offers two rower machines: the Impact and the Tough rower. They each have LCD screens that can do the same tasks and run the same workouts, with some similar features. The difference lies in the framing and the rowers’ designs. Both rowers employ fan wind as well as flywheel resistance.

The Aviron Impact is the less expensive of the two. Thanks to its foldable design, which makes it easy to store and less weight, this is great for those wishing to increase their at-home workouts.

The top-of-the-line Aviron Tough is the second. It has a robust frame that adds to its longevity and strength.

Because it includes more luxury features, the Tough is the more expensive of the two varieties. Regardless, both can provide a solid workout.

After logging into your device, you can choose from seven workouts: performance, competition, virtual, guided programs, games, pros vs. Joes, power play, and arcade.

You may sign up to access all of the interactive elements. They offer efficient rowing exercises that will help you lose weight and maintain sunny health and fitness.

Lit Method

The LIT rower has a comfortable seat at a sensible height, so you shouldn’t have to slouch to get on it. The most impressive part of the rower is its versatility for taller athletes.

  • You may store it upright and save a lot of room
  • A LIT app with over 500 rowing solid workouts
  • You can get accessibility to any rowing program for a monthly fee
  • The frame is covered with a lifetime warranty, while parts are covered for five years
  • No monitoring stats are provided based on your fitness goals
  • Requires a subscription to fully enjoy the mobile app

The wide footrests feature a range of settings to keep even the smallest or largest of feet securely in position. This prevents the most frustrating quirks of rowers: needing to reposition your feet when they slip. 

The handle grip is also thick and well-padded, and won’t create blisters even when used frequently for rowing workouts.

The LIT rower is a fluid rower, thus a water rowing machine. To change the water resistance levels on some fluid rower equipment, you must add or drain water from the water tank. You can adjust it by turning a knob on the top of the tank, which changes the volume of the water tank between 10 and 40 lbs of water resistance.

The digital instructor on-demand classes are fantastic, the routines are varied and very well structured, and the LIT rowing machine offers fun machine rides.

New Life Cardio Equipment

The company New Life Cardio is a cardio equipment wholesaler that sells rowing machines. Their stock consists of damaged shipping boxes with name-brand cardiac gear. They buy, assemble, and resell.

  • Best rowing machine under $500
  • Affordable 
  • An LCD monitor is built into every rower machine to show you how far you’ve come in your training
  • They have rower machines that are both robust and fun to use
  • Rowing machines are available at a reasonable price
  • Free shipping on orders over $1000
  • This rower is ready to use and fully assembled
  • You will not receive the package in its original packaging

The majority of exercise machines New Life Cardio sells are smart rower machines that offer interactive row instruction in the comfort of your own home. They also offer color onscreen keyboards and a 12-month IFit subscription with complete access.

You may explore an ever-growing collection of dynamic, on-demand virtual workouts. They are taught by Olympic gold athletes and expert trainers who personalize each workout to your exact fitness level and aims, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rower.

You can turn your home gym into a complete studio class with this rowing equipment. It helps you burn calories alongside online competitors while training from universe IFit fitness trainers. Your trainer may utilize IFit live interactive technology to customize your rowing. It accurately simulates open water landscape rowing and maximizes your tough workout.

If you prefer more customized training, you can swiftly cycle through 24 progressive degrees of difficulty and adapt each lesson to your expectations.

When you’re done with your rowing workout machine, you can collapse your rower upright for easy storage thanks to a clever space-saving structure.

These rowing machines are fully functional, but their damaged packaging limits them from being sold as a piece of new rowing equipment.

Technicians at the enterprise assemble and extensively inspect them to guarantee that they meet the utmost manufacturing standard.

They’re functional but don’t come with a box. You could however get a pretty hefty discount, sometimes as much as  50% off the manufacturer’s original cost without the box.

NordicTrack RW900 Rower

With 26 levels and adjustable resistance, this rower is a good rowing machine with state-of-the-art features. Its most significant benefit is its integration with the iFit software for dedicated athletes who enjoy pushing themselves to new limits in the gym.

  • Can be folded for easy storage
  • It has a mixture of air and silent magnetic resistance
  • Cross-training is a crucial component of a well-rounded program
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth devices, including the iFit Bluetooth chest strap
  • The layout isn’t attractive
  • The cost does not include a subscription

The membership grants you full access to a fun plan covering everything from yoga to strength training to indoor rowing instruction taught by expert rowers in live sessions. The brand’s rower has an innovative hybrid resistance mechanism that includes both a magnetic resistance system for silence and air resistance ideal for pushing it up.

This is a great perk because the instructor may change the intensity virtually during live courses, making it perfect for serious rowers to improve their skills.

The rower equipment is competitively priced, but the subscription fee is not worthwhile unless you perform numerous rowing sessions each week. The LCD screen will display facts such as calories burned and wattage consumption throughout your training session. In addition, rowing against a panorama of waterways from around the world is an option.

The nicely designed display panel twists and rotates for convenience during intense workouts and allows you to follow along while training. Although it is a very hefty rower, it has the advantage of being a foldable rowing machine for easy storage.


This lightweight rowing machine is recognized as the leading class of rowing machines. It’s important to note that you’re not just buying a sunny health fitness magnetic rowing machine but also a membership to their rower programs.

  • The rower uses electromagnetic resistance technology that’s completely silent
  • It has a simple, immersive 22-inch touchscreen display
  • It has visually stunning graphics
  • It connects to your standard heart monitor via ANT+
  • It’s simple to keep upright
  • It is a compact rowing machine
  • Not compatible with smartwatch technology is unable to communicate with your smartwatch
  • Requires purchasing separate storage 
  • It is a bit pricey

The Hydrow is a sleek, attractive, cutting-edge magnetic rowing machine. It includes a high-definition display and a 22-inch touchscreen with excellent images. The collection consists of courses where you row while viewing videos of genuine canals in the woods, moving boats, beautiful scenery, and recorded workshops led by top-notch coaches.

In addition to rowing, there are yoga, aerobics, and weight training programs.

The resistance on a Hydrow is a software magnetic resistance that is quiet enough to enable you to join sessions without wearing headphones.

You can put it on its side, but you’ll need a storing kit, which you’ll have to acquire separately.

The Hydrow encourages you to join a monthly subscription that incorporates online streaming classes and plenty of pre-recorded training courses. You can use the rower machine without paying for a membership, but you won’t be able to use the main features.

The expense of both the equipment and the monthly fee is the most crucial downside. It may be worth the price if you like the idea of a club and love the aesthetics, but you can get a good workout rowing plan for a more affordable price.


The rower is a semi-hydropneumatic adjustable rower that combines convenience and new tech as the best budget rowing machine. This means water, rather than air, is applied to produce resistance.

  • It’s less expensive than many rowing machines
  • It features a long-lasting, durable, and dependable design
  • Can accommodate athletes of all sizes
  • It is completely silent, making it ideal for use in a home gym
  • Foldable
  • It is missing a device holder
  • The rower’s LCD monitor has a limited set of functionality

You can adjust the amount of water in the water tank to provide resistance when rowing. The elegant hardwood construction ensures a high build quality at a modest price.

The LCD monitor on this rowing machine shows stroke count, time, Strokes per minute (SPM), calories burned,  and distance. The rower can be synced to the Yes Fitshow App and is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and smartwatches.

The rower workout modes for this gear are manual training, interval target training, and target training. As a result, it is the best rowing machine for beginners, yet it is also suitable for advanced rowers.

It boasts a soft seat and backrest and a longer deck, allowing taller athletes to use the rower.

It’s a durable water tank with rollers and a handle for easy transportation. It’s a rowing machine that can be folded.

Benefits of Using A Rowing Machine

A rowing machine replicates the feeling of rowing a real boat. The resistance bolsters your heart and muscles and makes them stronger. Rowing is also a mild, low-impact activity on the joints compared to jogging and other high-impact exercises like HIIT. This Makes it suitable for practically anybody, particularly those recuperating from knee operations or novices.

Although rowing seems like an upper-body workout, your buttocks and thighs are the muscles that propel you forward. Rowing is a full-body activity that incorporates 80% leg action and 20% top-body activity and the activation of your abdominal and lumbar muscles.

So, here are the specific advantages of using the best rowing machine 2022 to work up a good sweat session.

  • It’s a full-body exercise.
  • It’s beneficial to your cardiovascular system[3].
  • It can be high-intensity without the drawbacks of hard exercise.
  • It doesn’t aggravate strained muscles.
  • It can help correct your posture.
  • It helps strengthen the muscle groups in your lower body.
  • It’s a great exercise that can be done in several different ways.
  • Receive a personalized program to help you more specifically meet your goals.

Final Thought: Is It Worth Buying?

The market is full of different air rowers, magnetic rowers, water, wind, and air resistance machines. However, now you know the seven best rowing machines you can try out.

Your exercise goals, fitness level, budget, and personal preference will influence which one you choose. There are conventional mechanical and innovative types with creative modifications, so the technology used may also be a deciding factor.

Budget is always another consideration, so if you come across a rowing machine sale or special offer consider taking advantage of it. You can buy an indoor rowing machine as long as it has been assessed: without the manufacturer’s packing!

It is worthwhile to purchase a rowing machine because it helps you achieve sunny health fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of rowing machine is the best for home use?

The magnetic rower is the best rowing equipment for home usage because of its quiet mechanism and compact form.

Are home rowing machines worth it?

They are worth it because you can work out your entire body in the privacy of your own home. You may take on-demand lessons, compete in worldwide contests, and experiment with different routines from the comfort of your own home. They’re a great investment that pays off just as well as, if not better than, an active gym membership.

Are 30 minutes on a rowing machine good?

Regardless of your workout routine, 30 minutes is more than plenty if you do it regularly. Even a beginner’s workout regimen can burn many calories in that amount of time.

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