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Best CBD Black Friday Deals & Sales 2023 (Available Now)

Mitchelle Morgan

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CBD products have immeasurable benefits[1] for our bodies. From pain relief, mood-boosting, anti-anxiety[2], sleep-enhancing, and so much more. It sounds great to hear there are sales deals from the best CBD brands. So how do you get such deals?

It’s simple, Black Friday!

If you are looking for the finest CBD oil Black Friday deals for this year, you’ve arrived at the right spot. We’ve compiled a list of Black Friday CBD bargains, including discounts and coupon codes from the industry’s best CBD oil manufacturers.

10 Best Available Black Friday CBD Deals



40% Off Black Friday Coupon (expires on Nov 27th): HCBF40

See CBDfx Coupons

Best Product

CBD edibles: CBDfx Gummies, Turmeric, and Spirulina, CBDfx muscle and joint hemp cream, CBDfx Vape juice

Sale Dates

This code is valid on 11/22/2022 and expired on 11/27/2022. So you should use it for the Black Friday discounts.

Besides, HealthCanal also has an unexpired exclusive coupon for CBDfx. The coupon’s name is “HEALTHCANAL” with 25% off. Customers can use it anytime.

How To Get The Deal

This is an excellent offer if you require some CBD edibles and creams for your health. This company has the best products, and they offer 40% off on Black Friday! Use code “HCBF40” at checkout to save money now from Black Friday to Cyber Monday during the flash sale event. Don’t miss out, or it will be too late.

  • It is not possible to combine CBDfx coupon codes with other discounts.
  • We strongly advise you to use the CBDfx discount codes available on their official website when buying online.
  • Coupons are only valid for one transaction and one user.

Since 2014, CBDfx has been one of the most trusted brands in its industry. It offers products that are well-priced and comprehensive COAs with a considerable variation between lab results and label claims.

CBDfx’s A rating on the Better Business Bureau and positive online reviews are a testament to how well this company treats its customers. Reviewers praise CBDfx for everything from ease of ordering, the delivery process, and quality of products.

All in all, always make sure you review any product’s certificate before purchasing. This company provides accurate information about its supplements, so customers know what they’re getting themselves into.

Joy Organics

Joy Organic

Check Price

40% Off for We Made Too Much Collection (expires on Nov 28th): JOY40BF

See Joy Organics Coupons

Best Product

CBD gummies 10 mg, CBD soft gels 25 mg, CBD bath bombs, CBD salve- 500 mg per 30 milliliter, Premium CBD oil- 225 mg, 450 mg, 900 mg, or 1,350 mg per 30 mL bottle

Sale Dates

The coupon code “JOY40BF” for Black Friday is valid on 11/18/2022 and expired on 11/28/2022.

Besides, the brand also brings an exclusive coupon “HEALTHCANAL” with 25% off. This coupon does not expire as it is exclusive to Healthcanal readers. You can redeem it during Black Friday and beyond.

How To Get The Deal

Visit Joy Organics’ website through the link below. Then create an account, browse through the site, and add all the CBD products you want to your online shopping cart. Use the code “JOY40BF” OR “HEALTHCANAL”, during checkout, and the discount will automatically apply to your total amount.

Joy Organics has grown from a small family business to one of the country’s most famous and reputable cannabidiol companies. The brand is among an elite group contributing hemp ingredients used in making US Hemp Roundtable, which strives for excellence within its industry through innovation. Using premium quality materials with cutting-edge technology, this company won hundreds of positive user reviews.

Joy Orgams offers many products, including tinctures, oils, capsules, cremes, edibles, delicious gummies, and bath bombs.

You can find most Joy Organics products on their website and in an online catalog. There are so many promo codes available for these items, but not all of them work! If you want to buy without any hassle, use the Healthcanal Promo Code when shopping on their site. Utilize it mainly for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.



25% Off Sitewide Coupon for Black Friday (expires on Dec 01st): HCBF25

See Other CBDistillery Coupons

Best Product

CBD Oils, CBD Pills, and Capsules, CBD Gummies, CBD Topicals, CBDistillery Oil Tinctures

Sale Dates

The coupon code is valid on 11/17/2022 and expired on 12/01/2022.

The brand also offers 2 exclusive coupons for HealthCanal without expired dates. Customers can use them anytime. The coupons are “HEALTHCANAL25” for 25% off, and “HEALTHCANAL15” for 15% off.

How To Get The Deal

Click on our offer link below to get the 25% CBD Black Friday deal from CBDistillery. The link will take you to the CBDistillery site. Make your order and insert our coupon code “HCBF25” during checkout.

CBDistillery is the leading brand of Balanced Health Botanicals[3] leading brand is. Since its inception in Colorado just a few years ago, CBDistillery has served over 1 million clients. You can find thousands of positive customer reviews of particular items on CBDistillery.

The founding idea behind CBDistillery was born from the urge to bring affordable CBD products. Affordability was not the only goal, but also offering quality and potent CBD products. The ingredients in all the CBD products in the CBDistillery line-up are US-grown.

The company has also gained all certifications, including FDA approval[4]. They have third-party testing certifications as well to ascertain that what you are getting is ideal.

Moreover, they are active even in the social media world—their #CBD MOVEMENT[5] has over 440 thousand mentions plus 37k downloads of their Ultimate CBD User Guide. CBDistillery is on a mission to help people deal with numerous ailments and conditions using CBD products.

But that is not all; they also have a line-up of CBD products that you can use on your pets[6].

Even though they are a major CBD brand, they still go neck-in-neck with other leading CBD sellers. All in all, here are some of its pros and cons.

Spruce CBD

Spruce CBD

Free Shipping and 15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

See Spruce CBD Coupons

Best Product

CBD Tinctures 750 and 2400 mg oils, Topical CBD creams 300 mg, Dog-friendly CBD oil 750 mg

Sale Dates

The code HEALTHCANAL does not expire even after the Black Friday-Cyber Monday Weekend.

How To Get The Deal

Spruce CBD is offering a 15% CBD Black Friday bargain if you click on the link below. The link will direct you to either the Spruce CBD website or an affiliate website. You then select the products you want. Make your purchase and use the code “HEALTHCANAL” at the checkout.

Spruce, a new and emerging CBD oil company, based in Colorado, has become one of the most popular brands on the market. The Spruce family business was founded with an uncompromising belief that modern medicine is broken. They want people to have access to safe alternatives rather than dangerous pharmaceuticals, which can cause addiction or side effects like hallucinations.

Their mission statement reads: “We believe it’s our responsibility as leaders within this industry…to use only high-quality ingredients.” This dedication towards using only top-notch products will give consumers peace knowing what goes into their bodies are natural Leafly extracts from organic sources grown without pesticides.

Nuleaf Naturals

nuleaf naturals

Check Price

20% Off Black Friday Coupon (no expired date): HEALTHCANAL

See Nuleaf Naturals Coupons

Best Product

Full-spectrum hemp oil, Full-spectrum CBD capsules, Full-spectrum hemp CBD pet oil

Sale Dates

This code never expires, so you can use it at any time. However, if there are Black Friday discounts or Cyber Monday deals during your order period, then you can get better prices.

How To Get The Deal

NuLeaf CBD is offering a 20% Black Friday deal! If you purchase their products through the link below. Use the coupon code “HEALTHCANAL” at checkout.

  • Only available online
  • You can use only one coupon per order.

Nuleaf Naturals is a more established brand in the CBD industry, considering the number of recent launches. They seem to have positive customer reviews and no FDA warning letters or lawsuits so far.

NULeAF NATURALS® was launched by Jaden Barnes in 2014, making it one of its youngest brands on board. They use organically grown hemp plants for all their hemp products. These CBD products are full-spectrum CBD products for multiple uses.

NuLeaf Naturals is a company that makes the best CBD oil for people and their pets. NuLeaf’s full spectrum oils are so potent and beloved by many.

Royal CBD

Royal CBD

20% Off Coupon: HC20

See Royal CBD Coupons

Best Product

Full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures 2500 mg, CBD Gummies 25mgs, CBD capsules softgels 25 mgs, CBD cream-Cool Relief balm, CBD Pet Products

Sale Dates

You can use this code any time, but the best time to take advantage is during Black Friday deals.

How To Get The Deal

Royal CBD is offering a 20% Black Friday sale this year! For those of you who have been interested in trying out their products, they are having an incredible Black Friday deal for the next few months. Use the HC20 code after purchasing the items from the Royal CBD site and redeem it during checkout.

  • The minimum order is $150
  • It is exclusively applicable via Healthcanal
  • You use one code per entire order.

Royal CBD has been a trusted source of safe and pure CBD oil for years. They are committed to the highest quality standards, which is why all their products pass third-party lab testing before they ship them out.

Royal CBD is on a mission to help people with chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. They do this by manufacturing high-quality products from organically grown hemp. Everything is third-party tested for quality assurance. The brand ensures that its CBD products reach its customers faster than ever before. And so they take part in offering their clients the best deals during the cultural phenomenal Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This company, established back in 2018, provides all types of natural solutions such as tinctures or vape liquids containing pure cannabidiol (CBD).

Honest Paws

Honest Paws

Black Friday Up to 30% Off (til Nov 29th): PET15 for order > $75, PET25 for order > $125, PET60 for order > $200

See Honest Paws Coupons

Best Product

CBD Oils, CBD dog treats, CBD coconut oil, skin balm, and Peanut butter.

Sale Dates

This coupon code does not expire. However, it only applies to selected products from the brand, it is limited to one per person, and the offer is available only online.

How To Get The Deal

To get hold of the Honest Paws CBD products for either Black Friday or Cyber Monday, visit the brand’s official site using the link on our page. Once there, check for the CBD products you need and add them to your online shopping cart. Use the coupon code “HEALTHCANAL” during checkout.

Honest Paws sources all their CBD from human-grade regulations. The company follows the guidelines to make its CBD products safely. According to a known non-profit organization, Better Business Bureau (BBB), since 2018, Honest paws has scored an A+ accreditation.

The BBB aims to market trust through several efforts, such as collating information about businesses online so consumers can make informed decisions when interacting with these major CBD brands. And so when you see an A+, you are sure that you can trust that brand.

Honest Paws is committed to providing the highest quality CBD products for pets. They state that their products are vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free, with other allergens removed like corn or dairy so your pup, cat, or horse can enjoy them too.



15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

See cbdMD Coupons

Best Product

CBD premium delicious gummies 25mg, CBD topicals, CBD capsules, CBD sleep aids, CBD pet products, CBD bath bombs

Sale Dates

The BlackHC coupon code does not expire.

How To Get The Deal

To get the cbdMD products visit their website, e-commerce stores, or affiliate sites. Open an account, select CBD products and check out. Use the promo code BlackHC at checkout.

You can use the “HEALTHCANAL” coupon code after Black Friday ends.

CBDMD, Inc. was founded in 2015 and has an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating to date. However, it’s not a BBB-accredited business because they do not have the necessary customer service standards or fees required of them to be part of this organization.

While cbdMD hasn’t received any warning letters yet from The FDA disclosures like some other companies, there are two pending lawsuits against them. The cbdMD company lists itself as a defendant. It is alleged that they sold some of their tinctures and other CBD products illegally.

They also have another pending class-action case[7] stating that they breached some of their client’s information. These negligences resulted in some of their clients losing money through unauthorized transfers and usage of personal data by third parties.


cbd pure

Free Shipping and 15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

See CBDPure Coupons

Best Product

CBD oils 300mg, 60,0 mg and 1000 mg, CBD soft gels 750 mg, CBD-Infused muscle and joint cure gel 500 mg

Sale Dates

This coupon code does not expire. You may use it any time during or after the Black Friday sales.

How To Get The Deal

To get CBDPure products, visit their website, an e-commerce store, or an affiliate site. Here you select the pieces you want to purchase and add them to your online shopping cart. When you check out, be sure to use the coupon code HEALTHCANAL to get your Black Friday discount from this major CBD brand. You also get free shipping with a 20% discount.

CBD Pure has some of the highest quality and most affordable CBD products on the market. They’ve been around since 2016, operating with an emphasis not only on producing high-quality products but one that their customers can trust as well. This is because they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and third-party lab results from independent laboratories all over North America.

While there’s something for everyone at this brand, if you’re looking specifically to buy your oils, then use the promo code and get CBDPure CBD products during this year’s Black Friday sale.


savage cbd

15% Off Coupon: HEALTH15

See Savage CBD Coupons

Best Product

CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD Oil cartridges, CBD gummies, CBD vape juice, CBD pet sprays

Sale Dates

This Coupon code does not expire. Although it is only applicable through Healthcanal, it is one per person, available for selected items, and available online.

How To Get The Deal

To get these products, you need to visit the Savage site using our link. Create an account, head on to select the CBD products covered under the coupon – “HEALTH15” and check out. The order summary will deduct the percentage discount.

The cannabis brand Savage CBD is one of the top brands in this industry. They’re offering a superb variety of delicious flavored products that are sure to satisfy your cravings for something new and different!

Savage was previously known only as an e-liquid company, but now they also offer top-notch hemp oil extracts with over 20 flavors at great prices too. With a mission to increase awareness of the benefits and experience with CBD, Savage CBD offers full-spectrum purchases at affordable prices.

Consumers can easily choose from one-stop sales on premium products that will improve their life. By using the Health15 coupon code, you are sure to take advantage of the sitewide sale plus the Black Friday sale.

How to Use These Coupons On CBD Black Friday? 

The only way to utilize these CBD Black Friday coupons is by only purchasing the CBD products from the site or store that handed the code. Alternatively, from an affiliate site.

You only use one coupon per order. Also, to qualify, you should adhere to all the requirements of the CBD discount, like minimum purchase limits. 

Can I Use These Codes After Black Friday Ends?

If the code expires after Black Friday ends, then you cannot use it. Even if the items were on your online shopping cart and you had not checked out with the code, you cannot use it.

Some other coupon codes, however, do not expire after Black Friday. They may extend to months after the holiday shopping season is over. So to ensure you do not miss on utilizing Black Friday sales on major CBD brands, you better check the expiry date. 

Can These CBD Brands Ship Outside the U.S?

Some stores allow you to ship their CBD products internationally. Nonetheless, the laws on both the destination and sending countries or states must allow it. For instance, you cannot ship CBD edibles or CBD oil tinctures to countries that forbid it. 


You now have the run-down on where you need to use Black Friday coupons. They will save you a ton of money, so why not utilize them. But before you get to buy the CBD products you desire ensure that you do thorough research before the Black Friday- Cyber Monday weekend.

Collect as many CBD oil or other hemp products coupons from reputable companies and wait for the shopping weekend. Also, keep in mind that even brick and mortar stores selling CBD products might also have sales deals, so be on the lookout. 

These deals have a highly competitive nature, and these coupons might have a limit. So stock up and use them before time runs out. Remember, even after Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, some coupons may still be active.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a CBD coupon code to buy CBD products wholesale?

It depends on the brand plus the governing laws of the purchase. Most of these CBD promo codes have a minimum amount you have to spend to qualify. But they also have a maximum usually indicated in the terms and conditions.
Suppose you are unsure, contact the store’s customer support to get first-hand information.

Where can I get CBD coupon codes for Black Friday Sales?

There are so many sites that you can get Black Friday coupon codes. The first place to look is always the major CBD brand’s websites. They usually offer welcoming promo codes as well as coupon codes for various products in their catalog.

Can I get a CBD coupon from Amazon?

Yes, you can visit the Amazon Coupon page and select view coupons. This link is usually on the coupon bar at the very top of the page. Once you press the button, you will be redirected to all the valid coupons in your account.
So this means that to get a CBD coupon, you must collect it first.

How does one get the best CBD Black Friday Deals?

The only way is through research, and it would be best if you begin before the holiday season starts. Most brands reveal their coupons months before the actual Black Friday Sale. Next, compare the prices, highlight the CBD products you need, and checkout using the coupon codes when the day comes.

Are there any major CBD deals other than Black Friday?

Yes, they are! And the biggest one this year is Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday deals are just as lucrative. Some CBD stores extend their coupon expiry dates to accommodate this shopping holiday. The two holidays are usually close-knit, Black Friday opens the holiday, and Cyber Monday closes the weekend.

What are the best CBD products to buy during Black Friday sales?

It differs from one person to the other. Although, we suggest that this is the time to get the expensive CBD products from major CBD brands that you have always wanted to try. Stick up on CBD topicals, edibles, gummies, sprays, and tinctures from the brand of your choice.

Can you buy vapes on a CBD Black Friday Coupon?

Yes, you can. As long as it is part of the items sold at the store, go right ahead!

What happens if you want to return a CBD product bought on a Black Friday coupon?

Most CBD products suppliers will not dispute your returning an item. But the claim to return the item must be valid. You may get a replacement or a refund of the money you spent.

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