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9 Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety & Depression 2023

Markita Lewis

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cbdfx gummies


  • Evidence-based botanicals added to products
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • COA available on all products

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cbdistillery gummies


  • Offers full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate gummies
  • Has special formulations for daytime and nighttime
  • U.S. Hemp Authority Certified and third–party tested

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Royal CBD Gummies

Royal CBD

  • Lab testing and COA available on website
  • CBD sourced from organic, non-GMO hemp
  • Offers broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD gummies

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Today’s world is filled with daily stressors that can make dealing with the ins and outs of life more difficult. To deal with feelings of anxiety or depression, people may turn to habits like overeating or consuming alcohol, which can lead to negative consequences down the line.

As an alternative, people are looking at natural alternatives that may be less harsh on the body and work with our internal systems to make us feel better. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a natural component found in hemp and may help to make you feel better in a more holistic sense.

If you want to avoid things like smoking, vaping, or sublingual tinctures that may not taste good, a CBD gummy may be the best way for you to get the benefits of CBD.

We’ve rounded up some of the best CBD gummies for anxiety and depression on the market that you should try in 2022.

Best CBD Gummies On The Market In (May. 2023)

Do CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety?

Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids work with our endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system works within our brain and central nervous system to maintain homeostasis[1] in our bodies.

Research finds that CBD can interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors within the endocannabinoid system to affect the signaling of neurotransmitters[2] like serotonin to reduce anxiety.

Terpenes present in broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD can also help promote calmness. Terpenes act synergistically within the endocannabinoid system to achieve desired effects.

Available research sees promise in CBD as a potential therapeutic in treating anxiety and depression. Preliminary clinical trials[3] in 2020 have shown the efficacy of CBD in treating these disorders.

Top 9 CBD Gummies for Anxiety & Stress 2023


cbdfx gummies

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See CBDfx Reviews

Your CBD gummy can do more than just make you feel calm. CBDfx offers a line of high-quality CBD gummies to support your body holistically.

  • Evidence-based botanicals added to products
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • COA available on all products
  • Higher in calories and carbohydrates than other gummies

CBDfx was launched by Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers in 2014 in California’s San Fernando Valley.

All of CBDfx’s products and formulations are made with high-quality, traceable, and organic ingredients. CBDfx products are also scientifically reviewed by a Medical Advisory Board.

CBDfx is unique in offering a variety of CBD gummies to meet your needs – some of their options include CBD gummies with apple cider vinegar (ACV), melatonin, turmeric, and spirulina, and a CBD gummy multivitamin.

Each gummy contains 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, and a serving (2 gummies) provides 50 mg of CBD.

Most of CBDfx’s gummies cost $54.99 for a 30-serving jar. CBD varieties with Delta-9 THC cost $34.99 per bottle.

CBDfx offers a 60-day guarantee on their products.


cbdistillery gummies

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See CBDistillery Reviews

A great premium CBD product depends on the methods used to extract cannabinoids and other helpful plant compounds. CBDistillery uses the top extraction processes in all of its gummy products to get you a potent product.

  • Offers full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate gummies
  • Has special formulations for daytime and nighttime
  • U.S. Hemp Authority Certified and third–party tested
  • Purchases have a 60-day return policy
  • Products sell out quickly on-site, so some may be unavailable

CBDistillery was founded in 2016 with a goal to be the premier source for high-quality, fairly priced hemp-derived CBD products and education.

This brand is unique in providing affordable CBD gummies for sleep and daytime activity, and CBDistillery offers full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate gummies. 

They also use the best extraction methods in all of their products to get the highest quality products and retain beneficial terpenes in their full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products.

CBDistillery’s full-spectrum CBD gummies contain 30 mg of CBD per serving, as well as a variety of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other plant compounds.

CBDistillery’s 25 mg Isolate CBD Gummies are made with over 99% pure CBD derived from hemp with 0% THC.

CBDistillery’s CBD gummies cost between $50-60 per 30-count bottle, and some gummies are available as a mix pack for $100.

Save 20% on purchases when you choose a monthly subscription.

Royal CBD

Royal CBD Gummies

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See Royal CBD Reviews

Royal CBD is a premium CBD company offering high-quality CBD products. Their premium CBD gummies are made with high-potency broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD to help you feel calm.

  • Offers broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD gummies
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lab testing and Certificate of Analysis (COA) available on the website
  • CBD sourced from organic, non-GMO hemp on sustainable land – vegan gummies
  • Unable to choose the flavor of gummies
  • Currently only available in 25 mg doses

Royal CBD is a highly-trusted CBD brand that was established by CBD oil advocates in 2018.

Royal CBD’s products are sourced from organic hemp cultivated on sustainable land and extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction, the gold standard extraction method. . Royal CBD products are also third-party tested.

Royal CBD has products containing broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD to meet your needs.

Royal CBD full-spectrum CBD gummies contain 25 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC per serving, with a 5:1 ratio of CBD to other cannabinoids. Royal CBD’s broad-spectrum CBD gummies are THC-free and contain 25 mg of CBD per serving.

A single 30-serving bottle of Royal CBD Gummies is $79, with additional savings if you buy a 2-pack or 4-pack.

A monthly subscription to Royal CBD can save you 15% on your purchase. All purchases have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


FOCL Premium CBD Gummies

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See FOCL Reviews

If finding a broad spectrum CBD gummies, FOCL is an excellent choice as it delivers a great gummy.

  • 25mg Premium CBD
  • Tasty flavor varieties
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Free shipping
  • Limited product variety

When it comes to broad-spectrum CBD products—that is, those involving all the perks of the hemp-based compound without the THC—Broad Spectrum delivers a great gummy.

The company utilizes refreshingly few ingredients to make its non-GMO treats, which are all-natural and include several organic additives. The CBD gummies are also great for people on all types of diets, including those staying away from animal products and gluten.

The final product is third-party lab tested to ensure overall quality and safety. And test results are posted on every page of the website, providing easy access for any interested parties. Plus, customers loved the flavor profiles presented by the company, which uses all-natural stuff to make a treat that tastes more like a smoothie than a health supplement.



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See Medterra Reviews

Some people taking CBD gummies prefer to have a product that is THC-free because of drug testing or THC sensitivity. Medterra offers high-quality and trusted CBD gummies for relaxation free of THC.

  • Products available in 25 mg and 50 mg CBD concentrations
  • Products include: isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD
  • COA available for products on the website
  • U.S. Hemp Authority Certified
  • Returns only available for new, unused products
  • More expensive than some similar brands

Medterra is a CBD product company that was founded in 2017 by Jay Hartenbach and has grown to be one of the most trusted CBD brands in the United States.

Their line of CBD gummies includes isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD.

Medterra’s CBD Keep Calm Gummies support calmness without making you drowsy by providing CBD isolate with L-theanine and turmeric. They are available in two potencies – 25 mg and 50 mg of CBD per serving (99.6% CBD).

A 30-count bag of 25 mg CBD Keep Calm Gummies is $39.99, and the 50 mg CBD gummies are $69.99 per bag.

Suppose you’re looking for a more general CBD gummy experience. In that case, Medterra’s CBD Wellness Stress Relief Gummies combines calmness and immune support with 25 mg Ultra Broad-Spectrum CBD, L-theanine, lavender, and Manuka honey. These gummies are $34.99 for a 30-serving container.

Save 30% on your purchase with a subscription. Medterra does not offer a money-back guarantee on used products at this time.

Joy Organics

Joy Organics

Check Price

25% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

See Joy Organics Reviews

Seeing high doses of CBD on your gummy can seem intimidating to new users to CBD. Joy Organics offers low-dose CBD gummies that are perfect for new CBD users to easily control their intake.

  • Uses broad-spectrum CBD free of THC
  • Flexible subscription options
  • Offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Low dose for new users
  • Only one kind of CBD gummy product is available on the website

Joy Organic is a premium CBD product company founded by Joy and Tom Smith focused on developing premium CBD products and providing great service to employees and customers.

Currently, they offer only one CBD gummy that is available in either green apple or strawberry lemonade to appease your taste buds.

Joy Organics CBD gummies contain 10 mg of extracted broad-spectrum CBD oil per serving and are THC-free.

This product is great for people who are new to CBD and need to assess their tolerance to the product. 

For easy transparency about their products, Joy Organics not only has the COA available on their website – each bottle has a QR code that links to the product’s COA.

A 30-day serving supply of Joy Organics CBD gummies is $39.95 per bottle. Joy Organics offers a flexible subscription service that can save you 20% on your purchase.

All purchases from Joy Organics have a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlottes Web

20% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

See Charlotte’s Web CBD Reviews

You don’t have to break the bank to get a quality CBD gummy. Charlotte’s Web continues to make CBD accessible with its high-quality yet affordable full-spectrum CBD gummies.

  • Offers batch-specific COAs
  • Affordable CBD gummies with functional ingredients
  • Uses full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD
  • Low-dose is good for beginners
  • The brand has a history of an FDA warning letter

Charlotte’s Web was founded back in 2012 by the Stanley Brothers from Colorado. They are known for creating a special strain of hemp called Charlotte’s Web that is naturally low in THC and high in CBD. 

Charlotte’s Web is considered a pioneer in the CBD industry for helping change the narrative on hemp and its potential health benefits.

Charlotte’s Web offers a variety of delicious gummies, including blends for Calm, Sleep, Recovery, and Immunity. They even have THC-free CBD gummies.

Charlotte’s Web Calm gummies contain 75 mg of lemon balm extract and 10 mg of CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract per serving.

They help you manage everyday stressors, encourage relaxation, and ease feelings of anxiety- a great choice for those with anxiety disorders.

These CBD gummies are available in 30-count, 60-count, or 90-count containers that cost between $29.99 to $56.99 per bottle.

Save 20% with a subscription, and all products have a 30-day guarantee.


FABCBD Gummies

Check Price

25% Off Coupon: HCFAB

See FABCBD Reviews

If you’re looking for a CBD experience that is user-friendly and informative, FABCBD is a brand to try. They have responsive customer service, helpful articles, and consistently high user reviews.

  • Highly rated and responsive customer service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on products
  • Gummies are coated with CBD for faster absorption
  • Higher in calories and carbohydrates than other gummies

FabCBD is a premium CBD company formally established in 2017 that focuses on preventative wellness, great customer service, and giving back to the community.

In their list of products, FabCBD offers an “Anytime” CBD gummy and a “Nighttime” gummy with added functional botanicals. Fab CBD gummies have something for everyone!

Fab CBD offers “Anytime” Chews, which are THC-free and contain 25 mg of CBD isolate per serving.

According to the available COA on their website, the “Anytime” chews have a small amount of D-limonene, a terpene, despite being made with an isolate.

Compared to some other CBD gummies, FabCBD’s “Anytime” Chews are coated with CBD instead of infused, which means that the oral absorption of CBD is higher. This could be convenient for people who want their CBD product to act faster, similar to a sublingual product.

A 30-serving container of FabCBD’s “Anytime” Chews is $59 per bottle. FabCBD products have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


cbdmd gummies

15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

See cbdMD Reviews

Looking for a CBD product to deal with not only mental stresses but physical stress? cbdMD’s line of products is endorsed by athletes from a wide range of sports professions.

  • Products are U.S. Hemp Authority Certified
  • Variety of CBD concentrations are available 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Has available COAs by batch
  • Broad-spectrum CBD poses risk for World Anti-Doping Agency( WADA) testing

cbdMD is a premium CBD company that has a strong reputation as a trusted brand for athletes across sports and fitness disciplines.

cbdMD stands out by having extensive third-party testing and labs with multiple certifications for manufacturing and production.

cbdMD offers CBD gummies of varying potency (10, 25, and 50 mg CBD per serving). These gummies are infused with Superior Broad Spectrum hemp and are THC-free. The higher dose of gummies reduces how many CBD gummies you need to ingest to achieve the desired effect.

Athletes competing under WADA drug testing rules should know that as a broad spectrum CBD product, it does contain other cannabinoids which may cause a positive drug test.

Depending on the potency, a 30-count bottle of cbdMD gummies costs between $29.99 to $89.99.

A subscription to cbdMD products saves you 30% on your purchase. Purchases have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

How To Choose The Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety?

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and CBD products becoming more easily available, the market has boomed in terms of what CBD products you can buy.

To make your decisions easier, here are some things you should consider when looking for a CBD gummy to support your mood and calmness and ward off depressive thoughts:

CBD Dosing

If you’re new to CBD edibles, it is best to start with a low dose to assess your tolerance. A lower starting dose may reduce the risk of feeling any side effects from CBD and enhance your enjoyment.

Research suggests that you may experience the calming benefits[4] of CBD with 10 mg or less, so it may not be necessary to immediately start a high dose of CBD.

If you’re more familiar with taking CBD, pay attention to labels to confirm that you’re purchasing the correct concentration for your needs.

Type of CBD Extract

CBD gummies either contain CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum CBD.

CBD isolate is a hemp extract that has over 99% CBD and is free of THC and significant amounts of other cannabinoids.

Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD will have a greater range of plant components, including other cannabinoids and terpenes. Broad-spectrum CBD does not have THC. Full-spectrum CBD extract will have 0.3% or less THC. 

Together the components in broad-spectrum and full-spectrum have the “entourage effect[5],” meaning that the calming and mood-enhancing benefits of CBD are elevated through the synergistic action of all the plant components acting together to achieve the desired effect

Choosing a CBD isolate may still be the best for athletes because while WADA permits CBD, other cannabinoids and THC are still considered banned substances[6].

Certificate of Analysis/Third-Party Testing of Hemp 

When choosing a CBD edible, choose products from brands that are transparent about their testing and make their Certificate of Analysis (COA) easily available to their customers.

Search for products that have been third-party tested by laboratories that have ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for the best quality.

By reading the COA, you can confirm the purity and potency of the CBD used in the product you’re purchasing. You can also see the presence and concentration of other cannabinoids, terpenes, THC, and other plant compounds in this report.

Terpenes and Flavonoids for Calmness

Hemp plants contain terpenes, which are volatile compounds responsible for the smell of most plants. Research shows that terpenes can also provide some health benefits.

Terpenes like myrcene[7], limonene[8], linalool[9], pinene[10], and caryophyllene[11] have been studied to have a calming effect.

Some CBD gummies are stripped of hemp terpenes and flavonoids during the distillation process. Others may have hemp varieties cultivated to have high concentrations of calming terpenes to enhance the activity of CBD.

Botanical Ingredients 

Some products will enhance the calming effects of CBD by including other herbs and ingredients in their formulas. This may be a great option for people looking for additional support beyond the CBD.

Some examples of ingredients added for calmness include lemon balm, lavender, L-theanine, and passionflower.

Pay attention to including botanicals to avoid any allergies or negative drug interactions. You can speak with a healthcare professional and check medication warnings to see if there are any contraindications to using certain herbs.


After you’ve considered the above factors for your CBD gummy, consider your budget and the price you may want to pay. This can help you narrow down what brands you choose from, especially if you’re not looking to spend too much money on a CBD product.

Side Effects & Dosage

Research on CBD is still emerging, so there isn’t a standardized dose that you need to use in order to experience the mood benefits of a CBD gummy.

One clinical study[12] found that doses of 25 mg to 75 mg of CBD daily were able to reduce documented feelings of anxiety and improve sleep quality in adults.

For the safest results with a CBD gummy, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when starting, then adjust the dosage as needed.

If you have concerns about experiencing side effects from CBD, start with a low-dose CBD gummy or take half a gummy.

Common side effects[13] from taking CBD edibles are mild and infrequent and generally include diarrhea, changes in appetite, tiredness, and changes in weight.

CBD has the potential to interact with medications, including antipsychotics, sedatives, and proton-pump inhibitors. More studies need to be done to determine the full range of potential CDB-medication interactions. 

It takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes after taking a CBD edible to feel the beneficial effects. The onset of effects may be longer depending on whether the edible is taken on an empty or full stomach.

Taking a CBD edible on empty stomach results in a shorter onset of effects but less absorption. Eating a meal containing fats[14] will delay the onset of effects but can enhance the absorption of CBD into your system.

Final Thought

CBD gummies can be a tasty and easy way to enjoy the mood benefits of CBD

While they aren’t a replacement for medical treatment, CBD gummies contain cannabinoids, terpenes, and often other helpful botanicals that work together to potentially help with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

If you decide to try CBD gummies, make sure that it is legal in your state and that your product has been third-party tested to get the safest and most potent product.

In our list, we’ve chosen brands that offer some of the best CBD gummies to make your choice easier.

Always speak with your doctor before starting a new supplement to be sure that there aren’t any safety risks or potential medication interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD gummies legal?

As a result of the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp containing less than 0.3% THC became legal to cultivate and made industrial hemp-derived CBD easier to obtain. However, the legality of CBD products for medicinal and/or recreational use differs between states. Check with your state’s laws before purchasing a CBD gummy.

How long does it take to feel the effects of CBD gummies?

On average, a CBD gummy may take an hour for effects to be felt. However, it may take between 30 minutes to 2 hours for a person to feel the calming effects of a CBD gummy due to individual differences.

Are there side effects from taking CBD gummies?

Some people may experience mild and infrequent side effects from CBD gummies. Common side effects include diarrhea, changes in appetite, tiredness, and changes in weight.

Can I take CBD gummies daily?

Research studies have shown that it can be safe for individuals to take CBD gummies daily. If you start experiencing severe side effects from your CBD gummy, discontinue use and speak to a medical professional.

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Markita Lewis

Written by:

Markita Lewis, MS, RD

Medically reviewed by:

Kathy Shattler

Markita Lewis, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and a freelance health and wellness writer practicing in the Los Angeles area. As a clinician, Markita has several years of experience working with adult and pediatric patients in inpatient and outpatient settings. Markita has also conducted research in areas including diverticulosis, age-related macular degeneration, and cultural eating patterns.

Medically reviewed by:

Kathy Shattler

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