7 Best CBD Lube Products & CBD Lubricants 2021

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Foria Wellness Awaken Arousal Oil

Foria Wellness Awaken Arousal Oil

  • Broad-spectrum CBD.
  • The product uses aromatic and botanical oils.
  • Edible and vegan-friendly.

Privy Peach Erotic Oil

Privy Peach Erotic Oil

  • Made in America.
  • It contains cocoa butter.
  • Engages the entourage effect.

“O”, by Dani Pepper

“O”, by Dani Pepper

  • Aphrodisiac blend.
  • It contains no artificial components.
  • The product helps with vaginal dryness.

There are numerous advantages to using CBD extract in your personal life, and the possibilities are unlimited when it comes to sex.

It can aid with anxiety and stress reduction, as well as arousal and closeness between partners. Furthermore, CBD is recognized for its anti-inflammatory qualities, which may benefit those who have vaginal dryness during sexual activity.

CBD has been demonstrated to raise dopamine levels in both men and women, improving desire and overall sexual satisfaction. This means that guys with poor libido or erectile dysfunction can use CBD sex lube to get some bedroom activity.

It also helps to decrease pain! So, whether you’re looking for a remedy to aid with vaginal dryness caused by menopause or something else entirely, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about CBD lubricants, including oil-based, water-based lubes, lubricants for sex toys, latex condoms, and more. You’ll also learn where to buy CBD lube and which brands to get and why.

Best CBD Lube Products & CBD Lubricants on the market in (November. 2021)

What are CBD Lube & CBD Lubricants?

If you have been keen to find out what CBD extract is, then by now, you have already guessed right what CBD Lube is! CBD lube is essentially an orgasm enhancer with CBD components without the high of THC.

Benefits of CBD Lube

The beauty of using CBD lubes is that they provide far more benefits surpassing only lubrication. Here are some of the commendable benefits that these CBD lubes offer:

  • CBD lube may provide a sense of relaxation, which could make sex life more joyful.
  • During foreplay, CBD lube can also be used as a massage oil.
  • Increased sensitivity in the body’s erogenous zones may be a side effect of using CBD lubricants to ensure better orgasms and improve sex drive.
  • CBD lube enables better penetration, decreases pain, vaginal tearing and thus,reduces sex discomfort.
  • It may aid in the reduction of pelvic floor stress, vaginal dryness and increased blood flow to the loins.

When it comes to research, one study[1] claims that CBD acts as a vasodilator. A vasodilator is a chemical that causes the blood arteries in the body to dilate, allowing increased blood to flow through them.

In retrospect, using CBD lube in the bedroom works wonderfully since blood flow to the loins increases sensitivity, resulting in better orgasms. The primary regions of the body that benefit from the CBD in the lubricant are the erogenous zones.

CBD is known to have many positive health effects, including relaxing, and anxiety-reducing[2] properties. Additionally, some people believe that using CBD lube can alleviate muscle tension in women. This is because of its ability to relieve pain associated with pelvic floor ailments or other varieties of female reproductive system disorders and injuries— all without any side effects.

CBD lube offers many health advantages[3] that the medical community and studies back up, including improved sleep. And with that, you may rest assured that after a steamy session, you’ll get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling invigorated.

One last thing that CBD lube offers is hypoallergenic effects. Some people constantly complain about having adverse effects using other water, oil, or silicone-based lubes. But with CBD lubes, even people with susceptible skin can attest that it does not aggravate any skin rashes or itches.

The Line Up At A Glance

Foria Wellness Awaken Arousal Oil

Editor’s Choice

Foria Wellness Awaken Arousal Oil

  • Broad-spectrum CBD.
  • The product uses aromatic and botanical oils.
  • Edible and vegan-friendly.

Privy Peach Erotic Oil

Most Potency

Privy Peach Erotic Oil

  • Made in America.
  • It contains cocoa butter.
  • Engages the entourage effect.


Best Value


  • This lube is lab-certified.
  • All data is available on their site.
  • Sustainable CBD oils used.

Hemp bombs

Best for a Sensual Session

Hemp Bombs

  • Water-based.
  • Enhances arousal.
  • It’s a soothing lube.

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“O”, by Dani Pepper

Best Variety

“O”, by Dani Pepper

  • Aphrodisiac blend.
  • It contains no artificial components.
  • The product helps with vaginal dryness.

Kush Queen Ignite

Best CBD Lube to use with Latex Condoms

Kush Queen Ignite

  • Pure CBD oils.
  • Water-based lube.
  • The manufacturing process uses nanotechnology.

Quim Smooth Operator Intimate Serum

Best All-rounded CBD Lube

Quim Smooth Operator Intimate Serum

  • It contains aloe vera.
  • It improves vaginal elasticity.
  • It reduces inflammation.

7 Best CBD Lube Products

Foria Wellness Awaken Arousal Oil

Foria Wellness Awaken Arousal Oil

Being a female-based CBD lube product gives it an edge like no other brand. For that reason, women of all ages love using arousal oil  Foria as their beloved CBD-infused lube as a personal lubricant. It fights vaginal dryness and vaginal tearing.

  • Foria is the best arousal oil in the market.
  •  Is made by a well-known manufacturer.
  • This CBD lube uses broad-spectrum hemp from the cannabis plant.
  • It offers soothing and relaxing sensations.
  • You cannot use it with latex condoms.
  • It is a pricey CBD lube.

Foria, a well-known cannabis lube and female-focused company, has created its own line of sex oils.

Unlike other CBD oil products on store shelves today, Foria’s new product uses botanical materials to produce comforting fragrances that can help people reach arousal quicker than they would with plain old water or even sentient chemical signals like aphrodisiacs.

Privy Peach Erotic oil

Privy Peach Erotic Oil

This full-spectrum cannabidiol oil smells like lavender, jasmine, vanilla, and mint as you massage it deeply into sore muscles. It contains traces of THC, so you’ll reap the advantages of the entourage effect.

  • Made in the United States of America.
  • Cocoa butter is used in this recipe.
  • Engages the user in the entourage effect.
  • It is a coconut oil-based CBD lube, so using condoms or sex toys is unsafe.
  • It does not use nanotechnology[4], so the absorption takes longer.

Privy Peach’s CBD oil is made with cocoa butter, is unique in that it starts semi-solid in a single-serve pack before turning into oil when massaged onto the skin. For some people, the feel of the product may be enough because there’s so much going on inside.

Not only does Privy Peach smell great, but its soothing characteristics can help blood flow all through your body. This means that you will be getting therapeutic relief from aches and pains caused by injury or stress.



The brand has an excellent reputation in the CBD industry, with impeccable packaging that is unmistakably beautiful. The CBD lube is one of many CBD isolate and CBD full-spectrum products in their portfolio that provide customers with unrivaled pleasure during sexual intercourse.

  • They use both CBD isolate and full-spectrum blends of CBD.
  • Their packaging is beautiful.
  • The products are all lab-tested and approved.
  • They have a variety of flavors.
  • Very pricey

The Kanibi CBD brand wins the hearts of many CBD lube users mainly because of their transparency regarding the ingredients used, plus the double third-party testing policy. The CBD lube is vegan-approved, and the makers use the CO2 extraction method, which is environmentally safe.

The brand goes the extra mile by offering their clients helpful information in their blog section about everything relating to CBD. But on the downside, you cannot reach the support team via phone or live chat. You can also not get this Kanibi CBD lube from just anywhere, and the price is above most CBD lube in the market.

Nonetheless, people cherish the brand and keep buying from them all year round. And that is because they are one of the best CBD lube brands, without a doubt.

 “O” by Danin Pepper

“O”, by Dani Pepper

Imagine a world where you could feel sexy, confident, and empowered without any of the adverse side effects. Dani Pepper’s quality Kava is what makes this scenario a reality for many women.

  • This product contains all organic components.
  • It can be used with sex toys and all kinds of condoms.
  • The brand has a THC lube version available.
  • It has a pleasant scent.
  • Some people find it a bit costly.

“ O” by Dani Pepper is a small business for women and created just how you want it. Any woman in your life will be enticed by their distinctive packaging. This brand has quality ingredients like Kava Kava root without THC, giving an interesting physical effect.

Dani Pepper’s “O” Orgasm Enhancers is a water-based CBD lube that contains 250 mg of CBD and Kava for stimulation. The product also includes organic aloe vera to soothe the skin, vitamin C, which helps with your complexion, no GMOs, and is paraben-free in this vegan-friendly lube.

 It can be used with any type of condom or toy without leaving behind a sticky residue on sheets, unlike other products on the market today.

Kush Queen Ignite

Kush Queen Ignite

Increase your chances of getting lucky with Kush Queen Ignite. The CBD lube is water-based and safe to use with latex condoms, and you won’t feel any intoxicating effects since it contains no THC, unlike some other products on the market today! And it is made using nanotechnology.

  • CBD nanotechnology is used to create this product.
  • Condoms are safe to use with this product.
  • When it comes to sex toys, it’s safe to use.
  • Its scent is not so appealing.
  • It is an expensive weed lube.

We all have those days where we just need a little something extra to get us through the workday. Whether you’re feeling sluggish from lack of sleep or overwhelmed at your desk, an evening session with Kush Queen Ignite will help take away any pain that might be bothering your body and mind! The Kush Queen CBD lube is featured on numerous weed lube reviews as it’s one of its best products.

This weed lube contains no essential oils, so it’s safe for people who are allergic. It also uses nanotechnology, unlike some other brands – which means absorption rates are faster than expected. This weed product packs quite a punch because it’s made of 100% organic hemp extract combined with CBD components to offer you better orgasms.

Quim Smooth Operator Intimate Serum

Quim Smooth Operator Intimate Serum

This weed lube is best for women in menopause[5], new mothers, and people who have been under some sexual trauma. It facilitates a smoother return to enjoying a healthy sex life, thanks to the ingredients that enhance vaginal elasticity.

  • It was designed for persons who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • It is latex-free.
  • Many reputable brands adore it.
  • Pricey ($48 for 30ml)
  • Only a 14-day return policy is available.

Whether you’re a new mother or experiencing menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, hormonal changes always wreak havoc on your skin elasticity[6]. For individuals looking to enhance their sex life, this product is the perfect solution. This serum will help with ingredients that include vitamin E capsules to moisturize, jojoba oil for sebum production, aloe vera gel extractions & lavender essential oils.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp bombs

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Hemp Bombs have an extensive collection of CBD products, making them one of the giants in the CBD market. 

  • Exceptional results
  • Longer-lasting
  • Intimacy is improved
  • Provides the user with an enjoyable climax and intense stimulation
  • Friction is lower
  • Stress during sex is reduced using this CBD lube
  • Availability is an issue as it runs out of stock quite often.

Hemp Bombs is on a mission to provide natural wellness products containing premium CBD to people worldwide to help them live healthier lives. They were one of the first companies to do so, long before it was fashionable!

The brand has come up with some unusual tastes and packaged the CBD lube treats in fun containers. This packaging will make you grin every time you see their print ads or scroll through their social media feeds for additional information about how fantastic they are at giving back.

The lube offers pleasurable sessions; you enjoy every minute of the night or day, they last longer, have a thick consistency, and many love it.

How To Buy The Best CBD Lubes

When you want to buy CBD lubes, use the following criteria when getting them:

The Mode of Usage

Some CBD lubes come as additives to mix with carrier oils like jojoba oils, coconut oil, or even olive oil for a sensual massage before sexual intercourse.

These kinds of CBD lubes are best for foreplay, and you need to use them about 20 minutes before the actual penetration.

The Type of CBD

Just like any other CBD product in the market, CBD lube also comes as CBD full, broad, and isolate types. And depending on the effect you want, you select this appropriately.

CBD full-spectrum lube contains all the elements found in the hemp plant encompassing terpenes with allowable amounts of  THC. When you use this, you get to enjoy the entourage effect.

CBD broad-spectrum lube contains all other cannabinoids but does not have any THC. And lastly, CBD isolates contain CBD only, no cannabinoids, terpenes, or THC.

Water, Oil, or Silicone-Based

All CBD lubricants belong to one of three categories; water, oil, or silicone-based. And this is important as it helps you decipher which product to buy, especially if you are using condoms or sex toys.

Water-based CBD lubes are best to use with both non-latex and latex condoms as they reduce the eventuality of breakages. Water-based is, however, not the best if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Silicone-based CBD lubes are best for people with sensitive skin because they are hypoallergenic. The only thing you should not use is silicone toys as they interact with friction, which scrapes off the surface, giving space for bacteria growth, which is dangerous. They can, however, be used with condoms.

Lastly, oil-based CBD lubes are the ones you can use for massage as foreplay. They are, however, not conducive to use along with condoms as they promote tearing. They can also induce yeast infection, so you should stay away from oil-based lubes if you have this recurring issue. Oil-based lubes are also hard to clean off of sex toys and may harbor bacteria.

There are also a few options people have been using called natural lubes with organic MCT coconut oil. The downsides to these natural lubes are that they stain the sheets and increase the chances of a condom breaking.

The Source

 Lastly, the source of the CBD lube is also of significant importance. This is because if you buy CBD lube from an untrusted source, you are bound to get a counterfeit one that offers nothing we have discussed above.

So to avoid this, always ensure that you buy your selected best CBD lubes from the official brand website or a trusted supplier that the manufacturer recommended.

How to Use CBD Lube?

Many manufacturers recommend beginning by applying just a little bit of lube onto erogenous zones such as the vagina, penis, and lips. Then gradually increasing usage according to preference. You may want topical stimulation while waiting, so why not use CBD lube as a massage oil too?

It is erotic and acts as a mood enhancer to make your sex life even more exciting.

Many people report that using CBD Lube before sex is a great way to enhance the experience. The effects can be felt as soon as twenty minutes after application, allowing you time for some sexy play between those moments!

The lubricants are made from all-natural ingredients and essential oils with no artificial fragrances or flavor. They help alleviate vaginal pain and heighten pleasure during intimate relations, making them sweeter than ever before.

Even yet, when it comes to CBD lube, moderation is crucial. If you use too much of it, it will dull rather than accentuate the moment. Overstimulation of the erogenous zones can result in premature ejaculation or numbness, both undesirable outcomes during sex!

Potential Side Effects

The potential side effects of using CBD lubes are tied to the individual CBD lube. You have to realize that the CBD industry is still unregulated due to the pending research available. That said, weed lube products available on the shelves today might or might not have CBD in the formula as they claim, and so this means there is no way you can predict how the lube might react with you.

If you are using any kind of medication, you should contact your doctor to check if there is any danger in using CBD lubes.

Another cause of concern with using CBD lubes is if they have an ingredient called glycerin. Glycerin is notorious for aggravating yeast infections in women. So much so, when you are prone to getting such infections, you need to stay clear from CBD lubes with this component. It would help if you instead looked for CBD lubes that are petrochemical-free, all-natural, and have botanical and aromatic oils that are organic. 

Final Thought

Sex is already impressive, but with CBD lube, you can enhance it tenfold. And who would not want that? Nobody!

That said, if you want to spice up your sex life using sex toys, CBD lube should be on that list too. And the best thing about CBD lube is that you get to climax and enjoy the entourage effects like relaxation, better sleep, better vaginal elasticity, better sexual arousal, and more.

With CBD lube, everything about sex becomes better for sure, so get one of the seven brands we touched on and see how things will change for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all CBD lubes edible?

 Unfortunately, not all CBD lubes are edible. The edible ones are usually clearly labeled in the packaging

Can you use CBD lube with sex toys?

Yes, you can. But the best kind to use with sex toys is water-based lubes. Oil-based lubes are hard to wash off of sex toys and can harbor bacteria. Silicon-based lubes may interact with silicone-containing sex toys and promote tearing of the mucosa.

Are CBD lubes safe for anal sex?

CBD lubes are indeed safe for anal sex and any other kind of intercourse.

Can you use CBD lube for massage?

Yes, you can.

Do CBD lube get you high?

 No, they do not get you high. The small amount of THC in a full-spectrum product is not enough to cause a high.

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