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Herbies Seeds Review 2023: Is It A Legit Head Shop For Seeds?

Mitchelle Morgan

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Medically reviewed by Kimberly Langdon, MD

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herbies seeds review








  • Herbies Seeds is located in Spain.
  • They offer fast shipping worldwide.
  • The seeds are easy to grow.
  • The brand has been in business for over 10 years.

Brand Information

  • Based in Alicante, Spain.
  • 10 years of success.
  • Ships internationally.
  • Offers germination guarantee.

Medical Benefits

  • Relaxation.
  • Anxiety and stress-reducing strains.
  • Euphoric strains.

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About Herbies Head Shop

Herbies Seeds is a global company headquartered in Alicante, Spain. While there isn’t much information accessible regarding the seed-selling company’s beginnings and creators, the company is upfront about its objective:

They strive to promote relevant and accurate knowledge about cannabis and hemp. Additionally, they share the undeniable benefits that substances such as CBD (Cannabidiol)[1], THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)[2], and terpenes[3] give to improve human life.

Herbies Seeds has been in business for over ten years. They began in the United Kingdom and offline. The cannabis seeds business is currently based in Spain and is actively online.

They sell seeds that may be grown indoors or outdoors and feminized and regular seeds and a multitude of strains for a diversity of people and moods.

In this Herbies Seed bank review, you will read all you need to know about the company and its cannabis seeds. 


  • Provide a variety of cannabis seeds supplied fresh and at a controlled temperature.
  • Deliveries that are “stealthy” and discreet.
  • Positive customer feedback on seed quality, customer support, varieties, and shipping.
  • Every order comes with a complimentary Gorilla Glue Auto seed.
  • For every $24 you spend, you’ll get a bonus seed.
  • Global shipping
  • Regular offers on deals, discounts, and promotions.


  • Shipping is expensive.
  • There are no free returns.
  • Discreet shipment isn’t always ensured, depending on the country.

What Do You Like About Herbies Seeds?

herbies seeds review

Editor’s Choice

Herbies Seeds

  • Worldwide shipping.
  • Guarantee germination.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Transparent brand on shipping costs.
  • High-quality seeds.
  • Discreet packaging.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Attractive discounts and bonuses.

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The first thing that makes this brand beloved based on the immensely positive feedback is the seed quality they offer. The customers claim that the seeds are easy to grow, delicious, scented in the best ways, and resistant to disease and mildew. They also sprout into a gorgeous plants and, most importantly, provide results and high yields.

Secondly, their customer service has been getting praise, judging from customer testimonials on Reddit and various online seed review sites. The most notable positive review is that when you contact Herbies Seeds customer support, the customer service agents are prompt. They competently answer all the questions you may have about using, growing, and buying cannabis seeds from the company.

The third is stealth shipping and discrete packaging. Quite useful when shipping to strict countries.

Additionally, Herbies offer its clients a tracking number for all seed orders. This way, once you make an order, you can see where exactly on the chain supply trail it is on. You can get a fully dedicated page to see how far your package is from getting to you. Here you will need to enter your tracking number or order number plus your email address.

The brand offers a multitude of strains for various reasons like relaxation, anxiety, pain, and cognitive health.

The personal experience of the brand is also complemented by the easy payment methods that include fast bank transfers using debit and credit cards, bitcoin, and cash on delivery on EU orders.

The website is very interactive with an easy-to-navigate layout. You can easily get whatever you need on a quick menu starting from the top left corner of the site to the bottom. Here, you get specific seed varieties like high-THC, feminized, and other popular strains.

The brand offers a germination guarantee for all its seeds. And if your order has some defective seeds, they are more than willing to send a full refund or exchange them with others on request. They sometimes offer attractive promos where they give you discounts or add free seeds to your local and international orders.

The only downside is the shipping costs, which change depending on where you live. Regardless, the site offers you a shipping calculator that does the math for you. Perhaps another small issue is that you may have to pay an extra cost to return a shipment. But this isn’t unusual as many brands do it too.

Best Herbies Seeds Of 2023

1. Godzilla Cookies Auto

Godzilla Cookies Auto

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Godzilla Cookies Auto is named after the fabled monster because it is large, bold, and powerful. The cannabis seeds are feminized.

  • It has 27% THC content.
  • It is a blend of Indica and Sativa at 60 and 40%, respectively.
  • You can nature them as indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse crops.
  • It has an attractive aroma while flowering.
  • Not the best for energy because of the high indica content.

The strain is truly exceptional, producing gigantic buds comprising 27% THC. Godzilla Cookies Auto is a perfect commercial strain with a wholesome combination of Sativa and Indica[4] that never fails to satisfy users wanting the best of both worlds.

Sativa is known to help with keeping you active; thus, people use it mostly during the day as they go about the day. However, since it is only 40% in this strain, it may not be the best to use to stay active. The Sativa Champions Pack feminized seeds may be the best since Sativa is dominant.

Indica 60% has a relaxing effect. Hence, this product is perfect if you just want to wind down but still have that energy to go around.

Auto has a strong odor and flavor to match its strength. Its terpene profile produces a bud that smells better than it looks, with a scent mix of diesel, earth, and cookies filling your senses before you even see it. The flavor profile of this strain is delightful, with tart, exciting new citrus flavors joining the diesel and cookie overtones.

The flowering time of these cannabis seeds is fast, and the entire duration from seed to harvest is 70 to 75 days. It produces a high yield of about 450 to 600 grams per meter squared when grown indoors.

2. Runtz Punch

Runtz Punch

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Runtz Punch isn’t for the faint-hearted, with a THC content of 27-29%. Even if you’re a seasoned smoker, take it easy with this one. Runtz Punch will make you feel high for the first time, but if you do not take it slowly, you can become too stoned and too lazy to leave the couch.

  • The THC content stands at 29%.
  • It contains 30% Sativa and 70% Indica making it ideal for relaxation.
  • It has a high yield of about 500 to 800 grams per meter squared.
  • It has a delightfully smooth, creamy taste and aroma.
  • The strain needs moderation due to its high THC content.

Runtz Punch’s amazing genetics produce a multifaceted high that balances a profound body high with an inspiring creativity rush. Don’t be astonished if you end up creating a classic if you become immersed in artistic endeavors. You never know; it may awaken the Picasso within!

Runtz Punch can relax a nervous body and settle you into bed beautifully owing to its 70 percent Indica genetics and strong THC level.

The flavor of this strain is as pleasant as it smells, with a thick, velvety flavor that makes high sessions a vacation.

Runtz Punch’s taste will fill your senses with subtle undertones of tropical fruit on the exhale. Enjoy the lavender and tangerine terpenes’ strong aromas, which give a refreshing note to the strain’s earthiness.

Growing this strain has numerous positive reviews, all attesting that it is an easy-to-grow crop. It is usually short, going up to 120 cm, with a thick bush of healthy stems.

These cannabis-feminized seeds flower as photoperiods. The plant will continue to vegetate and grow until flowering. The size of the crop will also be a bit bigger than the other strains.

When grown indoors, the yield range is 500 to 600 gm, and when grown outside, the yield is higher within the range of 800 to 1000 grams per meter square.

3. Mimosa Shot

Mimosa Shot

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Prepare for a special evening of ecstatic euphoria with Mimosa Shot, a 30% THC wonder strain. Like the exotic name, the Mimosa Shot takes you on an exciting voyage through depths of pleasure you never dreamed you’d achieve with each delicious citrus shot inhale.

  • It contains a high THC content of 30%.
  • It can be grown both indoors and outdoors with a high yield.
  • Indica content is higher at 65%, and Sativa is 35%, making it a relaxing strain.
  • It may be too much for a beginner.

The Mimosa Shot’s intensity is tempered off with a magnificent purple show and outrageously high yields of up to 800g per square meter, making her a grower’s joy.

Mimosa Shot, the supreme THC champion begins with a combination of Mimosa and Fruit Punch—two wonderful citric favorites. The Indica strain dominance is perfectly complemented by a 35% Sativa lineage, resulting in the ideal brew for relaxing all day and night.

After a THC level of 30%, you can expect immediate, intense effects with only one smoke. Prepare to be jolted out of your gloom in minutes by its fantastic uplifting high, which slowly grabs your hand and guides you to your peaceful place.

By having limonene as one of the key terpenes, this strain’s particular focus is an uplifting one after a long, tough day. Or as a mood booster for a fun time social affair in your home or at a festival.

Mimosa Shot scents of juicy citrus punch the moment it’s fully ripe, flooding the nostrils with the delicious, sweet scent. The terpene profile evolves into a delicious mix of tangerine-candy flavor with subtle undertones of spice to thrill the palate on the exhale, providing lasting notes of sweet peppercorn to keep you occupied yarning for more.

The Mimosa Shot feminized seeds are perfect for indoor cultivation, yielding the most delightfully dense blooms that cascade down every stout stem with a brilliant display of sticky trichomes and a dark purple ombre. The Mimosa Shot offers impressive yields of up to 1.6kg/plant or 800g/m2 inside, with only a 55 to 60-day period for harvest and soaring to heights of 1.8m (70”) outside.

Comparison Between Herbies Seeds Vs. Grower’s Seeds

PhenQ is a carefully formulated weight loss pill that is intended to promote and achieve substantial weight loss. It is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited, a company that has been credited with developing a successful weight loss supplement for over ten years. They are a US-based company with facilities in both the US and the UK.


  • Feminized, high-CBD, auto-flowering and high-THC cannabis seeds are available.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Shipping is both global and discrete.


Grower’s Choice takes a different approach:

  • They don’t sell regular seeds.
  • A limited selection of strains and seeds from which to pick.
  • Shipping to the United States is likely to be faster.

We can deduce from this contrast that Herbies Seeds are a superior option for you if you want a good variety, having regular seeds instead of solely feminized ones. You can browse their website for more strains to buy.

Grower’s Choice can be a preferred idea if you want only feminized, auto-flowering seeds and don’t require a lot of diversity.

Alternative To Herbies Seeds

Seed Bank ILGM

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

See ILGM Review

Extra $5 Off Each Order: HEALTHCANAL

  • Sells auto-flowering feminized seeds.
  • Offers both beginner and pro users high THC strains.
  • Free shipping in the US.
  • The cannabis seeds are expensive.
  • They do not ship to the UK and Canada.
Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds

See Crop King Seeds Review

  • High seed germination guarantee.
  • Sells multiple stains.
  • They have great customer service.
  • The cannabis seeds are expensive.


See Seedsman Review

  • The brand always offers promos.
  • User-friendly website.
  • Offers global shipping.
  • The shipping guarantee is done at an extra cost.

Herbies Seeds has earned its position as a great company in trading cannabis seeds for numerous reasons. The most notable one is the Herbies customer service team which is reliable, competent, and knowledgeable.

The brand also has attractive Herbies seed offers for quality seeds. There are also numerous Herbies Seeds promotions making Herbies Seeds legit. Some of the promos extended to users are extra seeds with deliveries or significant discounts with bulk buying and coupon codes.

The seeds have a germination guarantee and a high yield promise, never going below 450 grams per square meter, whether indoor or outdoor.

The Herbies Seeds shipping is stealthy and very discrete in that no one will at first glance know that the seeds are cannabis seeds. The entire order is passed on discretely until it gets to the consumer.

To buy the best seeds, ensure that you contact the Herbies Head Shop online to buy cannabis seeds in the varied strain selection. Ordering is pretty straightforward on their site. And once you pay and give them your shipping details, you get the delivery in a few days.

Everything you need to know about taking care of the crop and avoiding common mistakes is found on their site. Suppose you cannot find something; just call their reliable customer care team.

We hope that this Herbies Seeds review and the brand, in general, will help you make an informed decision on which seed strain to farm. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Herbies seeds worth it?

Yes, they have a vast selection of high-quality cannabis seeds in various strains. Their customer experience and support are impressive. Lastly, the entire process of buying cannabis seeds from the brand is straightforward.

What is the shipping policy for Herbies seeds?

Shipping is done as soon as possible. However, if the support team needs to verify your shipping details, it may take a while longer. They use Certified mail (13-16 days), UPS standard (3-8 days), and the USP express saver (1-3 days).

Is Herbie’s head shop legit?

Yes, it is. It is straightforward to navigate and get the cannabis strain you need. The payment methods are easy and secure. Lastly, they sell high-quality strains.

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Kimberly Langdon

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