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Lean Belly 3x Reviews 2022: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Lisandra Fields

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Medically reviewed by Kimberly Langdon, MD

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Lean Belly 3x




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  • Accelerates the fat burning process
  • Enhances body composition
  • Supports the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients
  • Decrease body fat while increasing toned muscle
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Promotes a clearer thought process
  • Supports better sleep
  • Lowers menopause symptoms

Brand Information

  • Created by Shaun Hadsell
  • Its headquarters are in Michigan
  • Provides supplements for 40yrs+ individuals
  • Develops all-natural weight loss supplements
  • All supplements are third-party tested
  • All products are positively reviewed

Medical Benefits

  • Fast weight loss 
  • Causes zero gastric problems
  • Helps in blood sugar regulation
  • Regulates cholesterol
  • Makes you productive and active
  • Aids with cardiovascular problems

Up to 51% Savings When Buying in Bulk

About The Brand

Beyond 40 is a nutritional supplement company that’s based in Michigan, USA.  It was formed by Shaun Hadsell for the sole purpose of creating and distributing supplements for individuals above the age of 40. 

Beyond 40 develops its supplements using all-natural ingredients to combat issues such as hormonal imbalance and obesity among the elderly. The company doesn’t incorporate any harmful chemicals or preservatives into its products. They make sure to run their products through their expert research and editorial team to prove that they use all the ingredients mentioned on the bottle. 

Aside from Lean Belly 3x, Beyond 40 also creates other scientifically-backed supplements such as Carb Burn 6, Metabolic Detox, and the Thyroid Detox formula. The fact that all four of Beyond 40’s products each has been positively reviewed by a wide spectrum of users only means that they take customer satisfaction very seriously. 

There’s a lot you need to learn about Lean Belly 3x, their flagship weight loss miracle pill. It’s coined as a ‘miracle pill’ owing to the fact that it offers splendid weight loss benefits with zero exercise or extreme dieting. 

What Is Beyond 40’s Lean Belly 3x?

Ever heard of the famous diet formula dubbed Lean Belly 3x? This belly-toning formula was developed by a company known as ‘Beyond 40’ created by Shaun and Karen Hadsell. This formula utilizes two all-natural ingredients to get rid of unwanted and stubborn belly fat. 

Does this advanced belly toning formula do the trick, or is it just another overhyped weight loss supplement that delivers less-than-expected results? Read on to explore all there is to know about Lean belly 3x in this detailed review. 

Lean belly 3x is a scientifically tested weight loss supplement that supports a healthy body composition. This product is sold exclusively via the Brand’s website, Beyond40.com. 

This product is marketed as being a ‘10-second daily fat hack.’ According to Beyond 40, you can lose an astounding 7 pounds worth of belly fat in 7 days by taking Lean Belly 3X diet pills every day. This roughly equates to losing approximately 30 pounds per month. 

What’s more, Beyond 40 claims that you can obtain a lean muscle mass with limited exercise or diet. 

Feature Product & Coupon

Lean Belly 3x

Best Reputation

Lean Belly 3x

  • Accelerates the fat burning process
  • Enhances body composition
  • Supports the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients
  • Decrease body fat while increasing toned muscle
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Promotes a clearer thought process
  • Supports better sleep
  • Lowers menopause symptoms

Up to 51% Savings When Buying in Bulk

Does Beyond 40 Really Work?

As a consumer, you have the right to be skeptical, especially for a product like Lean Belly 3X that promises insane weight loss benefits with little to no effort. Provided you buy this dietary weight loss supplement exclusively from their official website, you’ll have more than one reason to trust their dietary supplements. 

Buying this product from alternative sites such as eBay or Amazon may not give you the expected results. If anything, the ‘fake’ diet pills[1] might lead to more health problems than powerful weight loss benefits. 

Throw in Beyond 40’s vulnerability, transparency, affordable pricing, money-back guarantee, and you’ll discover just how much effort they’re putting in to ensure you enjoy a healthy weight loss.

If you feel like you’re not getting value for your money, Beyond 40 offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. They do this for all their products. Simply return your supplement bottle to finalize your refund.

Lean Belly 3X Ingredients: How Does It Work?

Lean Belly Fat 3X is made from two all-natural ingredients in the form of herb and plant extracts. These healthy ingredients are mixed in the correct ratio/proportion to offer the best possible results. They include: 

  • Safflower Seed Oil (1,500mg)
  • BioPerine black pepper extract  (5mg)
  • Other inactive ingredients such as caramel coloring, purified water, glycerin, and gelatin. 
Lean Belly 3X Ingredients

Safflower Seed Oil

The safflower seed oil contains an active ingredient known as CLA or conjugated linoleic acid. FDA research indicates that CLA has plenty of benefits[2] that could aid weight loss and increase muscle tone. CLA occupies 1,200mg of the total 1,500mg Safflower seed oil content. CLA is present in almost all weight loss supplements and is used as the main fat-burner. 

The safflower oil content in Lean Belly 3X presents a ton of benefits for elderly users above 40 years. Some of them have been covered in the consequent point below. All these benefits are backed by clinical research and scientific evidence. 

BioPerine Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper is an active compound in Lean Belly 3x’s formula. It has various health benefits[3], including helping to boost your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and make the most out of everything you consume. Black pepper’s 5 mg content complements the safflower seed oil’s 1,200mg CLA content. They work alongside each other to support weight loss and boost nutrient absorption. 

Also, present within the formula are ingredients like gelatin, purified water, and glycerin. As inactive as they are, these compounds are more than necessary for the full functioning of the Lean Belly 3X diet supplement. 

Health Benefits of Lean Belly 3x

There are plenty of benefits associated with Lean Belly 3x. It’s one of those life-changing supplements that will effectively eliminate naturally occurring fatty acids, among other benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Aids in weight loss
  • Boosts the fat burning process
  • Regulates blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. 
  • Boosts muscle toning and inhibits fat storage.
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful stimulants
  • Limits inflammation

Potential Side Effects

Surprisingly, the Lean Belly 3X comes with absolutely no potential side effects. Beyond 40 ensures your safety and well-being by carrying out third-party testing of potency and purity.

The main ingredients, BioPerine and CLA, are perfectly safe for consumption. This should be a relief for adults over 40 who have a particularly sensitive digestive system. What’s more, Beyond 40 goes out of their way to ensure they use the finest quality ingredients in all their products. Each of these ingredients:

  • They are free of preservatives or artificial sweeteners. They’re only made with natural, premium ingredients.
  • Are blended and measured in GMP-certified facilities.
  • Undergo third-party testing to certify test accuracy, purity, and potency. 
  • Have been clinically studied and patented
  • Have been formulated by world-class professionals with years of research.  

If you feel like you want to start taking Lean Belly 3X, but you’re not sure whether it’s the right product for you, book an appointment with your doctor. See your healthcare giver if you’re also on prescription medication that has a great potential to interfere with the strong effects of Lean Belly 3X. 

Your physician will guide you through the factors to consider and whether the ingredients used are right for you. They will advise you of better alternatives that won’t jeopardize your weight loss journey if it’s not. 

Lean Belly 3X Pros

  • Offers customer-friendly services
  • No required prescriptions
  • Third-party tested
  • Secure shipping
  • Provides a 60-day refund guarantee
  • Caffeine-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Helps in boosting self-confidence
  • Trims your waistline
  • It’s non-GMO. 

Lean Belly 3X Cons

  • It can be used by all individuals over 40, aside from nursing women and pregnant women[4].
  • Not as effective for anyone below the age of 18.
  • It’s only available online. 

How To Take Lean Belly 3X?

The manufacturer recommends that you take four gel capsules every day for the next two months. Divide those doses between morning and evening. Take two before breakfast and two before supper. Exercise for half an hour after each nutritious meal for fast results. 

The CLA compound in the Lean Belly 3X formula works to suppress your appetite, thereby encouraging you to consume fewer carbs and sugars. Consuming CLA regularly for the next eight weeks can go a long way in decreasing your body mass index (BMI) and lowering your body weight. 

Lean Belly 3X Review: What Do Real Users Say?

“This is literally the best thing that has happened to me in 4 years. I’ve been wanting to lose weight and tame my sugar consumption. The Lean belly 3X supplement couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you so much!”


“If you’re young and agile, this product is probably not right for you. It’s actually a waste of money. It’s mainly for the old folks who are less energetic and unable to run up a flight of stairs. If you still want to give it a shot, be my guest.”



Amazon Customer

“Everyone has their dieting and exercise preferences. I love the fact that this supplement doesn’t interfere with any of that. You can easily receive the same level of benefits without compromising your lifestyle. Awesome!”


“To all my pregnant ladies and lactating mothers, stay off this product. Please. Your blood pressure will thank you later.”


Where to Buy Lean Belly 3X?

If you want to purchase a bottle or more of Lean Belly 3x, you won’t find it on Amazon or other third-party websites, unfortunately. It’s available for purchase only on the manufacturer’s website. A bottle of Lean Belly goes for $59. 

Suppose you want three bottles. Set aside 49 bucks for each bottle and $147 in total. For six bottles of Lean Belly, you’ll need to pay $39 per bottle, which translates to $234 in total. 

Alternatives to Lean Belly 3X

PhenQ Supplement


See PhenQ Review

Up To 50% Off When Buying In Bulk

  • Contains several ingredients such as Piperine and caffeine to fasten the fat-burning process.
  • Its unique ingredients work to suppress your appetite and limit your weight gain.
  • No side effects
  • It has extremely limited availability.
  • May not be suitable for individuals 18yrs and below.



See LeanBean Review

  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • Contains a limited level of caffeine
  • All ingredient benefits can be scientifically backed.
  • While the ingredients can be proven scientifically, a good number of them may not hold enough evidence. 
  • The premium price tag is a huge let-down.
instant knockout

Instant Knockout

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  • Increases metabolism and suppresses hunger
  • It’s among the top recommendations from professional athletes and MMA fighters.
  • No adverse side effects.
  • Not the best product for vegans and vegetarians. 
  • Only available for purchase via their official website.

Final thought

Adults over the age of 40 often struggle to lose weight due to various factors, including the natural aging process, hormonal changes, etc. Fortunately, weight loss has been made possible for such people through the Lean Belly 3X all-natural supplement. It’s honestly one of the best natural diet formulas you can ever get in today’s supplement-obsessed generation. Not only does it promise optimum weight loss, but it’s also surprisingly risk-free. This stimulant-free and caffeine-free formula comes with a handy 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Recent studies[5] have shown that Lean Belly 3X is effective when it comes to fast weight loss. This is the case, especially for consistent users. A good combination of a well-balanced diet, sufficient exercise, and Lean Belly 3X soft gel capsules will definitely give you improved results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Lean Belly 3X?

The developers of this nutritional diet supplement promise that this product is perfectly safe to use and promotes significant weight loss. To make things better, this supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility—it’s stimulant, caffeine, and gluten-free. In case of unsatisfactory results, you can return the product any time within the 60-day return policy.

How should you consume the Lean Belly 3X pills?

A single bottle of this fat-burning supplement is packed with 120 soft gel pills. On that note, it’s better to consume two capsules before breakfast and two before dinner. Doing so every day for the next two months will give you the results you so desire.

How can I purchase Lean Belly 3X?

Lean Belly 3X is only available on the manufacturer’s official website. Each container has exactly 120 soft gel capsules that last for about a month. A single bottle goes for $59. Three bottles of the same product go for $147, which is basically $49 per bottle. For six bottles, you’ll need to part with $234 or 39 bucks per bottle.

Is Lean Belly 3X better than alternative weight loss products?

Lean Belly 3X is far better than most fat-burning supplements out there. They’re straightforward to use and easy to incorporate into your everyday schedule. Lean Belly 3X is sure to give you your desired results in about two months or less. The best part about it is that it won’t interfere with your lifestyle in any way. There are no adverse reactions or side effects linked to Lean Belly 3X usage.

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Lisandra Fields

Medically reviewed by:

Kimberly Langdon

Lisandra Fields is a freelance medical writer from Pennsylvania who creates articles, blog posts, fact sheets, and website content for health-related organizations across North America. She has experience working with a wide range of clients, from health charities to businesses to media outlets. She has experience writing about cancer, diabetes, ALS, cannabis, personality psychology, and COVID-19, among many other topics. Lisandra enjoys reading scientific journal articles and finding creative ways to distill the ideas for a general audience.

Medically reviewed by:

Kimberly Langdon

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