Physio Flex Pro Reviews 2023: Does This Joint Pain Supplement Work?

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  • It is made up of natural ingredients
  • Alleviates joint stiffness and pain
  • Maximizes flexibility and comfort
  • Prevents joint wear and tear
  • Restores damaged tissues

Brand Information

  • Produces a variety of supplements
  • Established in the USA
  • Works in conjunction with specialists
  • Caters to fitness enthusiasts

Medical Benefits

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps lubricate joints
  • Restores and repairs joints

About The Brand

Physio Flex Pro is manufactured by a specialist supplement firm known as SRS Nutra which distributes a variety of high-quality natural supplements. 

SRS Nutra claims to provide strength, protection, and pain reduction to consumers of all fitness levels and age groups. This company has assisted a number of fitness enthusiasts, parents, and athletes to boost their performance through joint restoration.

What is Physio Flex Pro?

Physio Flex Pro is a relatively new joint supplement that is world orthopedic group-approved and one that offers a variety of health benefits. It’s arguably one of the best joint health products out there. Based on the official website, physical therapists use Physio Flex Pro widely, which speaks volumes about its quality and effectiveness. 

Physio Flex Pro promotes joint lubrication, strengthening, protection, and pain alleviation through its use of evidence-based ingredients. It contains 100% natural ingredients that are poised to help patients with creaking and aching joints. The ingredients lubricate and nourish the joints to encourage healthy bones. 

Based in the US, SRS Nutra worked with many joint specialists to formulate Physio Flex Pro. The research and editorial team comprises orthopedic specialists, sports coaches, and physiotherapists. Physio Flex Pro ships globally.

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physio flex pro

Best Reputation

Physio Flex Pro

  • It is made up of natural ingredients
  • Alleviates joint stiffness and pain
  • Maximizes flexibility and comfort
  • Prevents joint wear and tear
  • Restores damaged tissues

Does Physio Flex Pro Work?

Indeed. Physio Flex Pro contains 100% natural ingredients that are powerful enough to keep your joints lubricated in the long and short term. 

Flex Pro doesn’t take long before the effects begin to take effect. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll start to enjoy fast pain relief if you’re experiencing painful and stiff joints. Physio Flex Pro generally enhances your quality of life and increases your range of mobility and motion.   


  • Offers healthy Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) dose
  • Remarkable dose of Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  • Encourages joint strength for the long term
  • Excellent value for money
  • Utilizes a powerful turmeric extract high in curcuminoids


  • Low stock as a result of increased demand
  • Not available in retail stores

Physio Flex Pro Ingredients

As is the case with other products from SRS Nutra, Physio Flex Pro is made from a variety of natural enzymes and essential nutrients that offer a plethora of health benefits including slowing down the progress of type 2 diabetes and even alleviating joint pain. 

Physio Flex Pro’s two major ingredients are Selenium and Glucosamine. This duo is effective in promoting healthy joints, preventing oxidative damage to the joints, protecting ligaments, joints, cartilages, and generally boosting overall health. 

Physio Flex Pro claims to offer a number of health benefits courtesy of its two main ingredients and several others such as Bromelain, Ginger Extract, Turmeric Extract, Methylsufonylmethane (MSM) and so on. Here is a brief rundown on what each one has to offer:

Physio Flex Pro Ingredients

Selenium (200mcg)

This vital nutrient is helpful in the development of connective tissue and healthy bones[1]. Selenium promotes healthy joints by inhibiting enzymes that disintegrate cartilage within the joints. This nutrient helps people suffering from joint issues such as rheumatoid arthritis[2]

Selenium also contains potent anti-oxidant properties. This contributes significantly to active joints and extra protection from oxidative damage in the long term. This is a good thing, considering the fact that free radicals promote the development of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

The daily value for selenium in this product is 364%, a rather high amount for a mineral that can be potentially toxic. The tolerable upper limit for selenium is 400 mcg, so be careful of other supplements that may also contain this mineral.

Glucosamine HCI

Glucosamine HCI is a major nutrient in Physio Flex Pro that promotes joint repair and helps ease joint inflammation[3] and pain. Glucosamine encourages healthy cartilage, ligaments, and joints by triggering the secretion of proteoglycans. Proteoglycans are proteins found abundantly in connective tissue.

Glucosamine is also a key player in enhancing general health. In fact, some studies have found that glucosamine is helpful for patients who have type II diabetes by slowing down the advancement of the disease. 


Bromelain is a remarkable joint supplement and a natural enzyme present in pineapples and other plants in limited quantities. Bromelain is believed to have a wide variety of health benefits[4]. However, the only benefit of considerable scientific support[5] is that it alleviates joint pain. 

Bromelain contains certain anti-inflammatory reactions which render it highly beneficial for patients who struggle with joint pain. This is quite spectacular because it proves why bromelain is the best joint supplement ever to exist. Every Physio Flex Pro serving comprises about 300mg of bromelain.  

Ginger Extract

The utilization of ginger for health reasons goes way back to ancient India and China. Back then, people would consume ginger tea to prevent certain kinds of ailments such as nausea, stomachaches, headaches, colds, insect bites, and even facial paralysis. Today, scientists have proven[6] that ginger is a vital ingredient in treating joint-related problems. 

Ginger contains crucial anti-inflammatory properties due to gingerol, its main ingredient. Gingerol inhibits the generation of cytokines (the body’s cause of and natural response to inflammation). Ginger helps reduce joint pain in people suffering from joint pain caused by inflammation.

Other Ingredients

  • Turmeric: Turmeric is a popular spice that you’re sure to have come across at some point in your life. As a matter of fact, most Indian dishes utilize this spice to add some flavor. As one of the ingredients in Physio Flex Pro, turmeric is a remarkable anti-inflammatory agent that’s used in battling arthritis, joint pain, and other joint-related issues. It’s also effective in curing skin allergies[7]such as ringworm, acne, etc.
  • Chondroitin: This supplement is primarily extracted from yeast, soy, or animal cartilage. Besides alleviating osteoarthritis symptoms and related joint problems, Chondroitin is also used to enhance cognitive function[8]
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): This mineral is rich in sulfur and is recognized as an important nutrient for maintaining joint health. It’s used in treating gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis in doses of two to six grams/day[9]. It’s also useful in increasing joint flexibility, but its low amount of 100mg makes it questionable whether this is an effective dose for treating these conditions.

Alternatives to Physio Flex Pro

relief factor

Relief Factor

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  • Organic and botanical product
  • Offers extra health benefits
  • Available on third-party sites
  • Insufficient scientific research to support effectiveness
  • Dosage is somewhat difficult to adhere to

1MD Move MD

1MD Move MD

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  • Scientifically-proven ingredients 
  • Helps lubricate joints to lower stiffness
  • Fast results
  • Not vegan-friendly
  • Unsuitable for users with milk or egg allergies

Nuzena Joint Support +


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  • Stylish and colorful packaging
  • Formula is 100% effective
  • Highly transparent and trusted among consumers
  • Slightly expensive

Benefits of Physio Flex Pro

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is defined as the body’s intrinsic reaction where a body part becomes red, swollen, and hot in response to injury or infection. Arthritis is one of the most prevalent types of inflammation. 

Arthritis may be triggered by a variety of factors, but it mostly comes from a hyper immune system that attacks tissues and joints that it perceives as foreign. If you suffer from this condition, Physio Flex Pro is a worthy treatment option that helps reduce inflammatory effects on your joints.

Restores and Repairs Joints

Physio Flex Pro utilizes ingredients that help store and restore broken-down cartilages within the joints and tendons. This helps free up movement and make you feel happier, stronger, and healthier. 

Helps Synovial Fluid and Lubricates Joints

Synovial fluid (otherwise known as synovia) is the viscous liquid that lubricates the joint cartilage and the bones. Synovia offers the cartilage essential nutrients, which, in turn, creates a slippery surface that promotes easy movement in the joint. Psycho Flex Pro increases the synovial fluid within the joints to prevent wear and tear, which causes immobility or pain to the joints. 

Potential Side Effects

The best part about taking Physio Flex Pro is that it’s not linked to any adverse side effects. Using this product won’t cause any health risks or physical setbacks. We do, however, suggest that you seek professional medical advice before you start consuming this product. 

They will advise you accordingly and refer you to a more viable option based on whether you’re currently on medication or if you’re allergic to some of the ingredients listed on the bottle. 


You’ll appreciate just how easy it is to take Physio Flex Pro. Simply take two pills every morning before breakfast. The manufacturers assure you that this dosage will get you all you need to hasten the healing process in your joints. As far as results go, your joints will start to feel better in 21 days or less. 

Physio Flex Pro Review: What Do Real Users Say?

“I’m a Taekwondo Athlete who trains at least four hours daily. Believe me when I say that my joints take quite the hit from all the kicking and movement I put them through every day. I started taking Physio Flex Pro a week ago, and I’m already noticing all the benefits that come with it. I’m able to kick, shift, jump and bounce without feeling any discomfort or pain in my knees. If you’re an athlete or you suffer from excruciating joint pain, I recommend you start taking this effective joint supplement. Good luck!”


“I’m a pilates and yoga practitioner in my late 40s. I prioritized my joint health and started taking measures to secure my mobility and protect my joints. I use Physio Flex Pro every day to maintain an active lifestyle without risking discomfort, weakness, or joint pain. No complaint so far. Just positive reviews all the way. Thumbs up, guys!”


“Being a 59-year-old runner, I used to struggle with knee osteoarthritis. It’s a genetic condition that I developed in my early 30s. I tried multiple over-the-counter supplements like Tumeric, Relief Factor, and OsteoBiflex. Although they offered some form of relief, they still weren’t enough to get rid of the pain completely. My aunt recommended Physio Flex Pro, and today, I don’t rely on a knee brace or knee wrap whenever I go for a run. Most days, I can run for up to 5 miles without knee support. That was next to impossible for all the other supplements I was using. I recommend it if you’re a runner and experiencing the worst form of knee pain due to old age or even osteoarthritis.”


“After reading other reviews, I expected great results. After 3 months of taking these, I honestly cannot say that I have experienced any relief from knee discomfort. I walk daily, attaining a minimum of 7500 steps per day (about 3.25 miles with my stride), but most often over 10,000 steps. I had hoped that Flex Pro MD would allow more comfortable movement, but that just didn’t happen. Before taking the pills, my knees would be stiff after being seated for an hour or so for office work; with the pills, no change. I also experienced temporary joint soreness from time to time before taking the pills; three months later with the pills, no change. Still icing the knees and applying ointments. Other reviewers swear these supplements worked wonders for them. Glad they found relief. I did not.”


“I ordered this supplement about a month ago, and I’m proud to say that it was worth the wait. I’m 24 days into my dosage, and I can gladly say that my mobility is better than before. I used to strain a lot when doing something as simple as picking something up. Now, I’m comfortable bending over for whatever reason with absolutely no pain at all. I’ll keep using this product to monitor my progress and keep my joints safe. So far, so good. I highly recommend this product to anyone reading this, and their joints are at their worst.”


Final Thought: Is It Worth It?

Physio Flex Pro currently retails at $60, which might be a little over the top for some consumers. However, when you focus on all the health benefits of this supplement, the price is truly worth it. Plus, you can experience all the positive effects in less than 30 days. 

Physio Flex Pro utilizes a variety of high-quality ingredients. It also comes with a 60-capsule serving, which works in the shortest time possible. Consider all these advantages, and you’ll be glad you tried it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rely on Physio Flex pro to reduce joint pain?

Indeed you can! Physio Flex Pro is completely safe to use and extensively tested by a team of specialists. Plus, the ingredients used are sourced from natural extracts. There are currently no complaints from consumers.

What are the prices of Physio Flex Pro?

A container of Physio Flex Pro is priced at $58.00. There are also 2-month and 3-month courses they’re offering that go for $114.00 and $160.00, respectively.

Where can I buy Physio Flex Pro?

Physio Flex Pro joint supplement is available for purchase only on the official website. It’s not on eBay or Amazon at the moment. Why? The company is keen on ensuring their customers get the highest level of quality and that they only get the full benefits.

How should you consume Physio Flex Pro?

You should ideally consume two pills every morning right before breakfast. The manufacturers recommend that you take this supplement for 25 days consecutively for fast results. 

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