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UCSF and AIDS: Facts and Firsts

Jay Levy: One of the first to isolate virus responsible for AIDS; first to report the presence of HIV in the brain and bowel, and to link it to diseases in these tissues; first demonstrated the ability of certain proteins (CD8+ Antiviral Factor, or CAF) to suppress HIV in a small number of healthy HIV-infected individuals; among the first to demonstrate antibody-mediated enhancement of HIV infection; part of the first team that developed a heat treatment process for clotting factors that protects hemophiliacs from HIV infection.

Dan Littman: First to close CD4 receptor.

Daniel Stites: One of the first to show CD4 depletion is a marker for HIV disease.

Diane Wara, Morton Cowan, Arthur Amman: Among the first to describe AIDS in children; among first to show how AIDS was being transmitted from mother to offspring.

Steve Follansbee: Among the first to identify AIDS cases in San Francisco. Marcus Conant: First to identify AIDS cases at UCSF; with Jay Levy, first to demonstrate that HIV does not pass through condoms.

Carolyn Petersen: First to identify cryptosporidium surface antigens as targets of protective immune responses.

Deborah Greenspan, John Greenspan: First to describe hairy leukoplakia, an oral lesion, as AIDS precursor as well as other oral manifestations of the disease; first to identify the role of Epstein Barr virus in causing lesion.

D. Lynn Pulliam: First to show that HIV-activated macrophages produce a toxin that damages neural cells; first to show gp120 of HIV kills astrocytes and damages neurons.

Michael McGrath: First to describe the varying forms of AIDS lymphoma.

Merle Sande, John Conte, W. Keith Hadley, UCSF AIDS Task Force: First to publish AIDS infection control guidelines.

Jane Koehler: First to show that bacillary angiomatosis, a disease in AIDS patients, is caused by R.quintana.

J. Michael McCune: Among first to develop a mouse model for studying infected human lymphocytes.

Paul Volberding: Led study that was first to show that AZT was effective in HIV-positive patients without symptoms; with Constance Wofsy, established the fist AIDS outpatient clinic and inpatient unit, known as Ward 86, at San Francisco General Hospital.

James Kahn: Led team that was first to show that drug ddl works after patients have used AZT.

Constance Wofsy: Authored first published report of dapsone-trimethoprim treatment of pneumocytis pneumonia (PCP), a common AIDS-related condition; with Jay Levy, one of the first to detect HIV in vaginal fluids.

Gifford S. Leoung: First to show that drug pentamidine, when given in aerosol form, could prevent PCP.

W. Keith Hadley, Philip Hopewell: First to use sputum induction for diagnosing PCP.

Donald Abrams: First to describe persistent generalized swelling of lymph nodes as sign of HIV infection; fist to propose community consortium concept that involves local physicians in drug trials formerly based soley in hospitals.

Mark Jacobson: First to use foscarnet successfully to combat cytomegalovirus, a viral agent that can cause blindness in AIDS patients. Sharon Safrin: Among first to describe and characterize acyclovir-resistent herpes simplex in AIDS patients.

John Ziegler: Among first to show link between HIV infection and lymphoma in AIDS patients.

Lawrence Kaplan: First to describe course of AIDS lymphoma and demonstrate benefit of colony-stimulating factor in alleviating bone marrow toxicity induced by chemotherapy.

John Cello: First to describe AIDS cholangiopathy, a disease of the file ducts associated with HIV infection.

Andrew Moss: Led first epidemiological study of AIDS in gay men in San Francisco and first study showing fate of HIV-infected individuals.

Nancy Padian: First to quantify the frequency and rate of HIV transmission among heterosexuals.

Susan Allen: Among first to identify factors associated with HIV transmission in Africa.

Bob Grant, Ira Tager: First to demonstrate that there was a reduction in seropositivity in young men in Uganda.

Susan Desmond-Hellmann: First to show distinction between endemic and epidemic Kaposi’s sarcoma in Uganda.

Susan Buchbinder: Among first to demonstrate that not all HIV-positive patients progress to AIDS in ten to 15 years.

William Schecter, Molly Cooke, Bernard Lo: Among the nation’s first instrumental physicians in defining the surgeon and physician’s responsibility to HIV-infected patients.

Harry Hollander: Among first to show that aseptic meningitis was associated with HIV infection; first to show importance of Pseudomonas pneumonia in patients with advanced HIV disease.

Marcus Wharton: First to find that high levels of toxicity are associated with PCP therapy.

Peter McM.Small: Among first to show that tuberculosis in AIDS patients is curable.

Charles Daley: Among first to show that AIDS patients were particularly susceptible to tuberculosis and that reinfection with HIV is a reality in AIDS patients.

Steven Chuck: First to find that cryptococcal meningitis is not curable in AIDS patients, but that it can be suppressed and first to discover important maker for disease in serum.

Steven Porter: First to discover that toxoplasmic encephalitis may occur in AB-negative AIDS patients.

Julie Gerberding: Led study that clearly defined HIV risk to health care workers and listed infection control methods for increasing measure of safety against all blood borne pathogens.

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