09:55pm Wednesday 20 November 2019

Experts see an end to malaria in Africa

Eliminating the threat of malaria is achievable, largely using existing tools, according to a new article in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

The article’s authors, Carlos C. (Kent) Campbell and Richard W. Steketee of PATH’s Malaria Control Program, stress the importance of malaria elimination as a long-term goal for the global community. The steps necessary for success include continued delivery of proven tools, addressing gaps in supply chain management, and continued reduction in malaria infections, with an emphasis on the importance of accurate, real-time data to track remaining cases of the disease.

Over the last decade, many malaria-endemic countries in Africa have widely distributed lifesaving tools such as insecticide-treated bednets, effective medicines, and diagnostics to those at risk from the disease. These efforts at controlling malaria have been very effective, with a large number of countries reporting decreases in childhood deaths ranging from 20 to 25 percent. The results pave the way for countries to begin to work towards eliminating malaria altogether.

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“Malaria in Africa Can Be Eliminated” in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

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