09:19pm Tuesday 22 October 2019

NC State Expert Offers Insight On E. coli Outbreak

Dr. Ben Chapman, a food safety researcher at North Carolina State University, is available to provide insights on limiting the spread of the current illnesses, as well as past pathogenic E.coli outbreaks.

Chapman, 919/515-8099 or benjamin_chapman@ncsu.edu, is an expert on food service and consumer food safety. “As demonstrated with the hospitalizations associated with this outbreak, pathogenic E. coli can be a serious and devastating bug,” Chapman says. “While investigators still have not identified the source of these illnesses, secondary illnesses are possible. Practicing good personal hygiene after using the restroom and around food preparation, either in a restaurant or in the home, can limit its spread. ”


Matt Shipman | News Services | 919.515.6386

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