11:02am Wednesday 22 January 2020

Preliminary test results negative for Ebola in hospitalized patient

A confirming test will be run in 72 hours.

Until Ebola infection is definitively ruled out, the patient will remain under care in a completely contained, isolated and secured unit at Duke University Hospital and all other aspects of Duke’s comprehensive infection control plan remain in place.  

The patient’s care team at DUH has undergone extensive training over the past several weeks in caring for such a patient. This patient is being cared for in a separate unit with no other patients, and staff caring for these patients will have no other patient contact during this time. The team has received hours of training in the proper use of personal protective equipment to prevent their exposure to the virus. 

To learn more about Ebola, how we’ve prepared, and get ongoing updates, visit http://sites.duke.edu/ebolainfo/.

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