08:18am Tuesday 19 November 2019

Center for Vaccine Development Conducting Study on Investigational Flu Vaccine


Infection with a flu virus is a major public health threat because it is able to spread rapidly through populations and affect large numbers of people. It is responsible for sickness, hospitalizations and even death, especially in older adults.

Vaccination remains an important protection against the flu virus. Current flu vaccines protect older people against the flu, but not as well as desired. The investigational vaccine contains one extra strain of flu virus (4 strains in total) compared to the currently licensed influenza vaccine (3 strains in total) that is recommended in the elderly. The investigational vaccine also contains a higher dose of influenza vaccine compared to the currently licensed four-component influenza vaccines.

The purpose of this study is to test a new investigational flu vaccine which contains one extra flu strain than the currently licensed flu vaccine in older adults.

Key points:

  • Participants must be 65 years of age or older
  • Participants cannot get the flu from the vaccine
  • Participation is strictly voluntary

Payment & Time Commitment:
Compensation for time and travel will be provided to qualified volunteers.
There are about two visits and about two phone calls over approximately six months

To discuss volunteering, contact a nurse at:

Refer to study # 312, IRB # 17354


Karla Mosby

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