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In the state where the historic Fortymile River region is found, the rules surrounding CBD oil are a bit interesting. When it comes to cannabis, Alaska is one of the states with liberal laws. 

Alaska introduced the medical marijuana program twenty-two years before the state Ballot Measure 2 to legalize recreational use of marijuana in 2014. However, even so, possession of marijuana on federal property like national parks and the use of cannabis in public are considered illegal in Alaska. 

It wasn’t until the 2018 Farm Bill was amended to remove hemp from the Controlled Substances Act as a Schedule I drug. It was reclassified as an agricultural crop. The bill made it legal for US residents to legally grow, process, as well as sell hemp and hemp-derived products across all states. 

Like most states, it was up to Alaska to decide whether they would adapt to the new federal law or set their own restrictions on hemp challenging the regulations. Hence, Alaska changed its state hemp laws to those of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Alaska? 

Yes. CBD oil is legal for therapeutic and health use in Alaska. It has to be sourced from industrial hemp, preferably the stalks and seeds of the cannabis plant. The oil should also have no more than 0.3% THC. The CBD oil should have a little to no level of THC, to make sure that you won’t get high when taking CBD oil, and so your boy can get the medicinal properties of the plant and not the psychoactive one.

The bill also gave the FDA the power to regulate how CBD products are labeled, including those with therapeutic claims and those looking to use CBD as a food additive. Hence, it was up to Alaska to ensure that industrial hemp in the state was cultivated according to the state and federal regulations. 

As per the FDA, it is illegal to add CBD to food and beverages or market it as a dietary supplement. These regulations have not been revised yet, and so you are still expected to adhere to them until new revisions are made.  

SB 6 was enacted in April 2018. The bill authorized the state of Alaska to develop the hemp pilot program further. As per the bill, industrial hemp in Alaska is referred to as the part of the cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC concentration. This definition aligns with that of the current federal definition.  

The state further proposed hemp and hemp-derived CBD product regulations after the passing of the Farm Bill. However, these regulations are yet to be adopted or finalized as a law. The production of industrial hemp, as well as the cultivation of industrial hemp in Alaska, is to be always overseen by the Department of Natural Resources. 

Hence, the growth, cultivation, production, marketing, and sale of industrial hemp remain illegal in Alaska until the final regulations can be adopted into law. The Department of Law Consumer Protection Unit of Alaska later released a statement that made illegal CBD oil products illegal in Alaska.

However, it is legal to import CBD oil from other states and sell CBD oil products for licensed shops in the state. Since recreational marijuana was legalized in Alaska, you can find it widely throughout the state’s dispensaries.

Hence, you don’t need a medical marijuana card to buy CBD oil products. However, patients with medical marijuana cards enjoy certain perks like higher possession limits, lower sale taxes, as well as access to a broader range of marijuana-infused products.

Why You Should Buy CBD Oil Alaska Online?

Considering that CBD oil in Alaska can only be imported from other states or sold in shops that have been licensed by the state to sell CBD oil, it is much safer to purchase CBD oil products online. It could be risky business buying CBD oil from local retailers considering the legal limbo surrounding the growing and processing of hemp.

However, buying CBD oil online will allow you to make sure that you purchase CBD products that are regulated, tested, and safe. You are exposed to a wider range of CBD products without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

You can do thorough research on your potential supplier and read online user reviews. You will be able to gauge the brand’s transparency if they avail of their third-party lab results. These lab reports make it possible for you to verify the purity and potency of the CBD oil.

You will also save money with online purchases compared to local purchases. Products tend to be cheaper online than in dispensaries and head shops, especially with seasonal discounts and loyalty programs. Some companies also offer perks for customers who return.

To make sure you remain with the law, make sure to buy CBD oil products that have no more than 0.3% THC, use organic industrial hemp, extracted with CO2 and not toxic solvents, tested by third-party labs and have clear return and shipping policies. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil Products in Alaska?

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Although the Department of Natural Resources has vigilantly warned consumers to be careful with local CBD sales due to the recurrent untested and mislabeled products in the market, even so, there are still selected shops that sell CBD oil in Alaska.

The largest concentration of shops is in Juneau, Anchorage, and Wasilla. While the new regulations are yet to be passed, the industry is continuously progressing; hence we can expect more stores and dispensaries to open in the future.

Hence, the easiest and fast way to get CBD is to browse for apps or sites that compare different dispensaries and stores in your area. If you would rather save yourself that hassle, you can always purchase CBD from a reputable online retailer directly.

Final Thoughts 

While Alaska is one of the easiest states to obtain cannabis, obtaining CBD is a bit different. To remain with the law, you need to make sure that the CBD oil products have no more than 0.3% THC concentration and have been sourced from organic industrial hemp. It is easier to buy CBD oil online in Alaska than locally due to the state regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD oil legal in Alaska? 

Yes. Both hemp- and marijuana-derived CBD oil products are legal in Alaska. However, marijuana and hemp are subject to different state regulations due to their chemical makeup. 

What is CBD? 

A: CBD, also known as cannabinoid, is a non-intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant. After THC, CBD is the second-most prominent cannabinoid in the plant. Hence, CBD doesn’t produce the intoxicating high associated with cannabis.

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