CBD Oil Georgia 2020: Is CBD Oil Legal In Georgia & Where To Buy?

CBD is a compound of the cannabis plant-primarily known for its non-psychoactive property. Unlike THC, which is another form of marijuana compound, CBD isn’t high-inducing. It’s the reason why CBD is quickly becoming a preferred choice in terms of treating various illnesses.

Georgia isn’t precisely what you would call a cannabis-friendly state. A previous couple of years have been better, however, it’s still pretty strict in all things associated with marijuana. With that being said, Georgia has established a law regarding CBD oil. Under certain restrictions, it can be legal as long as a resident is qualified.

Low THC oil is also widespread in the state, but what’s the difference between it and CBD oil? So far, CBD oil contains high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) and only a small quantity of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), while Low THC Oil (as defined by Georgia law) could contain up to 5% THC. Because Georgia places strict limits on who may possess oil that contains THC we must ensure that patients who we help obtain Low THC oil are qualified to possess it.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Georgia?

You can look for stores selling CBD oil in Georgia and thousands of residents are using it to relieve stress and anxiety or cure certain health conditions such as insomnia or diabetes. If you are tempted to buy one for the same reasons, you’re probably wondering if it is allowed to be purchased in the state.

CBD oil isn’t illegal in Georgia but under strict conditions. In 2015, House Bill 1 was introduced by Gov. Nathan Deal, which is known to Georgians as Haleigh’s Hope Act. The Bill stipulates that anyone from the state may have access to cannabis oil if he or she is suffering from severe or chronic health issues such as epilepsy or cancer.

The Bill also permits universities to conduct research on CBD in order to come up with ways to alleviate the symptoms of seizure disorders in children, granted that the particular CBD product doesn’t have THC content more than 5%. It’s also worth noting that the legislation doesn’t exactly use the term “CBD oil.” The Bill mentions the use of “low-THC” oil instead.

Now, this is an example where it gets very confusing. Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black issues a warning and prohibits the use of CBD in foods and drinks. Because of that, dozens of cafes, bars, and restaurants pulled back their CBD products.

There are also some individuals who have been arrested for possessing CBD oil. This includes a 69-year-old grandma who was handcuffed while being taken into custody at a Walt Disney World checkpoint because of a bottle of CBD oil inside her purse. 

Police officers don’t want people to live in fear, however, they want the public to be vigilant of the very small possibility of unwanted happenings, such as the grandmother in Disney World.

Going back to the question, The answer to the legalization of CBD oil in the state is still a “Yes”.

As with the opposite 49 states of the country, you can lawfully use hemp oil in Georgia. You can trade, possess, and purchase CBD oil without having to worry about meeting legal issues. Just make sure you have a low THC content. Also, it should only be used for certain medical conditions. Otherwise, you might end up with Georgia’s harsh marijuana law.

Furthermore, The federal farm bill of 2014 legalized the modern hemp industry all over the country as long as Georgia complies completely with this interpretation of the law. Georgians should purchase CBD derived from the industrial hemp plant in nearly any quality from a variety of retailers all over the state. Buyers must be over the age of eighteen in most jurisdictions, and perhaps even twenty-one in some others.

Hemp CBD should have a THC content of below 0.3% to be legal in the state’s definition of hemp-derived CBD. It is required that users should check with local officials to ensure that they are following all necessary laws.

Where can I buy CBD Oil Georgia?

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Despite the strict law of Georgia in terms of CBD products, you can actually find it almost everywhere. As a matter of fact, you can find it in their food such as ice cream or in sparkling water and more. However, if you really require something to cure you of anxiety, pain, and more, you may want to choose CBD oil instead of mixing it with your food or drinks. It’s also a good decision if you need to evade legal results from using CBD oil in Atlanta and other cities in the state.

There are lots of ways to get CBD oil in Georgia, Your first choice is to obtain a “low THC oil” card for the state. To get one, you need to see your physician to know if you’re eligible.

Your data is going to be entered into the “Low THC Oil Registry”. It’s where the whole process for application will be done. After qualifying, you’ll be ready to get your ID card from any of the Public Health Offices in the state. You can also buy your CBD oil online. Make sure that you’re purchasing from a trustworthy and reliable company to make sure the product your buying is legal and has a good quality.

There are times that in-store purchase is not as reliable as online sellers as they sometimes do not offer enough information on the source and contents of their products. As there are many varying standards when it comes to CBD oil purchases. However, we will provide you two of the most reliable in-stores to purchase CBD oil.

Kore CBD Store is a premier CBD shop, They offer a wide range of third party tested products. Each brand was handpicked based on their customers’ needs in mind. The products they offer are mainly tinctures, water solubles, capsules, topical creams, bath bombs, and more. The staffs are dedicated, certified, and knowledgeable to help you pick the products that are best for you. The store offers one on one consultations and is always a phone call away with any questions an individual may have.

Another one is the Coastal Green CBD and Hemp Wellness Center located in Downtown Decatur, This is the premier place to get your CBD products. The store provides a large variety of organically grown hemp and CBD products. They offer CBD oil, edibles, tinctures, pain cream, etc. Products are thoroughly tested to ensure you get the highest quality possible.

There are lots of other resellers of CBD products in the state, however,  you just have to make sure that the product you’re getting lives up to the standards required and is legal to the country’s law.

Can I buy CBD Online in Georgia?

Yes. You’ll still reach online sellers of CBD oils and different products online. If you really need to get a bottle or two, it’s necessary to search out a reputable company that lives up to today’s industry standards.

Thankfully, quality CBD producers are not hard to find. Most will have subsequent qualities:

  • Offers the full spectrum of essential oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids
  • Uses CO2 for extraction
  • Has organic CBD products from high-quality hemp
  • Has clear return and shipping policies
  • Provides a third-party lab testing on their page, or shows a willingness to share any data regarding their CBD products

Final Thoughts

Most Georgia residents will probably choose to buy oils and other CBD products online because this eliminates the method of applying for an ID card and obtaining a doctor’s recommendation. But if you need medical-grade cannabis, you’ve got no other choice but to go through the entire process of registering.

For now, Georgia is tight once it involves CBD products, but the fact that they have already made progress to legalize medical marijuana suggests that the doors are opened to a lot more lenient marijuana laws in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does one consume CBD?

CBD comes with a variety of forms. Examples are oils, creams, pills, and edibles. It is possible that CBD can also be consumed by vaping. Furthermore, CBD can be found in any protein powders, makeup, and more.

What are some common side effects of CBD?

The inadequate research out there on CBD says that common side effects of CBD may include diarrhea, fatigue, and changes in appetite. It’s always important to consult your doctor before consuming or applying CBD Products.


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