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is cbd oil legal in wyoming

The CBD industry has rapidly been growing. The US government estimated that CBD sales would gradually exceed $1.15 billion by this year. Considering the state of the world right now due to COVID 19, this has mainly been true.

Now that many federal and state laws have somewhat relaxed around the prohibition of cannabis, residents of Wyoming also want to know if they can obtain CBD oil without getting into legal trouble.

In this Cowboy State, marijuana is illegal for all purposes. Hence, anyone looking to score legal weed will have to consider heading south to Colorado, or other states that have legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana.

In Wyoming, anyone in possession of marijuana for whatever purpose will face a $750 fine and a sentence of up to six months in jail. Anyone caught with less than three ounces of cannabis, commits a misdemeanor and punishable by a $1000 fine and a year in jail.

If you are found in marijuana possession more than thrice, you could face a maximum of $5000 and up to five years in prison. Possessing more than three ounces of marijuana is considered a felony punishable by a $10,000 fine and five years behind bars. And the fines pertaining to marijuana possession in Wyoming keep going on and on. 

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Is CBD Oil Legal in Wyoming?

Yes! But it depends on the type of CBD oil and the THC content level.

Despite the harsh marijuana laws in Wyoming, you can legally buy and use CBD oil. However, the laws depend on whether the CBD has been made with industrial hemp or marijuana.

CBD oil from marijuana plants contains higher THC levels and can potentially give you the typical “euphoric high.” Hence, cannabis-derived CBD oil is treated the same as smokable cannabis, and if found in possession, you will face legal repercussions. 

The federal government introduced the 2014 Farm Bill, which made it possible for farmers to produce industrial hemp for research and commercial purposes legally. In 2018, another Farm Bill was introduced to remove industrial hemp from the list of controlled substances. 

With the second bill, industrial hemp CBD was no longer considered as cannabis. This meant that CBD could be legally purchased in all 50 states. This also meant that hemp-derived CBD oil is also legal in the state of Wyoming.

However, the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation still holds that selling, possessing, and use anything with THC is illegal. Advocates have tried to place cannabis legalization on the ballot at least twice, including one effort to do it in 2018, before voters. Still, they failed to gather substantial signatures on both occasions to qualify.

Since 2015, patients with a Hemp Extract Registration Card have been allowed to access medical CBD via a strict process by the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH). However, the patients are expected to pay a fee of $150 and renew their cards annually.

Patients are only allowed to use medical CBD products with less than 0.3% THC by weight. Only patients with intractable epilepsy were allowed to use CBD oil as a treatment option. However, when HB0171 was passed, the Hemp Extract Registry ceased operation. 

The state of Wyoming enacted HB0171, the House Enrolled Act (HEA), on March 6, 2019, and signed into law by Governor Mark Gordon. The bill gives the rulemaking authority for hemp regulation and production to the Department of Agriculture.

After the bill was signed into law, the Department of Agriculture submitted its plan to the United States Secretary of Agriculture for rulemaking and hemp regulation in the state. This formally removed hemp derived CBD from the state’s list of Controlled Substances Act.

In terms of hemp distribution rules and regulations for CBD and hemp production in Wyoming, the Department of Agriculture has been in charge since March 6, 2019, when it took over from the Wyoming Tobacco Prevention & Control Program.

Industrial hemp is now considered an agricultural crop in the state, which means that Wyoming residents can grow, possess, harvest, sell, and process industrial hemp as long as they uphold the requirements.

While hemp-derived CBD oil is legal in this state, medical marijuana is almost non-existent, except for patients with epilepsy. In 2015, House Bill 32 became law and helped create an avenue for patients with intractable epilepsy to treat their seizures with CBD. 

Under the law, epilepsy patients need a doctor’s recommendation that gives them medical permission to use CBD oil as a treatment option as long as the THC content is no more than 0.3% and the CBD content no more than 5%.

However, this program doesn’t really work in Wyoming because the state is yet to put any programs for production, cultivation, or distribution of marijuana necessary for this type of CBD oil. This means that the law does not protect state residents who use marijuana to treat epilepsy of any other medical condition.

While many people in this Cowboy State support marijuana use even for recreational use, marijuana laws in Wyoming won’t probably change in a while. While the state has been trying to make efforts to reduce penalties associated with possession of marijuana, bills never make so far as to achieve this. 

In 2015, legislation that was introduced to reduce marijuana possession penalties of less than one ounce of cannabis died before it was passed. Other ballots have also failed to get enough signatures. Therefore, it is safe to assume that in Wyoming, one should be quite careful with marijuana products. 

To remain within the legal requirements, make sure to only, but CBD oil with no more than 0.3% THC, derived from industrial hemp.

Why You Should Buy CBD Oil Online in Wyoming

State laws are yet to accommodate medical marijuana and recreational weed; the safest way to procure CBD oil in this state is to buy online. Finding establishments that sell CBD products in this state can be quite challenging, but not impossible.

However, finding CBD oil products in this state can prove to be a quest in itself due to all the restrictions that make local stores and retailers hesitate about selling CBD products. You also need to make sure the oil you buy is within the state requirements, which is easier to do online.

Some many brands and retailers sell untested CBD oil, which could be contaminated with unhealthy additives. With online purchases, you will make sure that the product you are getting doesn’t have more than 0.3% allowable THC limit.

You can further ensure this by asking the retailer or manufacturer to submit their Third-party lab results to confirm that there aren’t any unhealthy additives in the oil.

With online buying, you can always find retailers who have established that it is safe to buy CBD oil through their websites and get all your personal questions answered by the customer care support to ensure you have complete faith in the product and the process.

CBD oil is inherently expensive; however, with online shopping, you can encounter retail discounts and offers, making CBD oil more affordable. You can also make sure you are getting good value for your money with a purchase by first going through product reviews and customer testimonials.

Buying CBD online in Wyoming is safe and reliable if you make sure to purchase from a trustworthy retailer. You will not only make sure you are getting a legal product into the state; you will also have it delivered right to your doorstep at friendly shipping rates.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Wyoming

You can still find a few stores and dispensaries within the state that sell CBD oil products. For some people, there is no acceptable substitution for walking into a local store and inspect products for themselves.

Hence, if you would instead make the trip to a local store rather than shop online, you will find CBD retailers in Cheyenne, Casper, Laramie, Riverton, and Lander.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil products in Wyoming can be hard to come by, but with online shopping, you can still get CBD products that have been derived from industrial hemp and have no more than 0.3% THC content. This is one of the states with some of the strictest marijuana laws, and so it will take some time before residents start seeing dispensaries pop up in this state.

However, patients with severe forms of epilepsy should make a point of getting a doctor’s recommendation to make them eligible for low THC CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can doctors prescribe CBD oil in Wyoming?

No. Any doctor found prescribing CBD oil in Wyoming risks getting hit with a hefty fine or jail time. The FDA has not yet approved CBD oil, and so a doctor will not be within legal grounds to prescribe CBD products to a patient.

Which conditions receive legal CBD treatment in Wyoming?

Intractable epilepsy. A patient with an epilepsy case that doesn’t respond to treatment need to get an official diagnosis of intractable epilepsy from a licensed neurologist and get a recommendation from a doctor. They can become eligible to receive CBD treatment within the state.


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