09:30am Saturday 04 July 2020

Comment on hayfever, Catholic condom-use support, cannabis restriction and Irish economy from the University of Melbourne

Ambulance Victoria enacted its emergency plan last night to deal with a large volume of calls from people seeking help for respiratory problems. There were more than 200 calls, believed to be linked to hay fever and the high pollen count.

Associate Professor Ed Newbigin,
School of Botany,
University of Melbourne.
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Encouraging message from the Catholic Church

Associate Professor Jane Tomnay from the University of Melbourne says that the recent announcement by the Catholic Church to allow the use of condoms is a significant step forward in reinforcing how vitally important condoms have been for many years in the prevention of HIV and sexually transmissible infections throughout the world.

“It is encouraging to see the church align itself with the message health professionals have been espousing for a long time now and will no doubt save lives and prevent unnecessary suffering, particularly in the developing world,” she said.   
Associate Professor Jane Tomnay,
Director, Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health,
The University of Melbourne.
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Cannabis versus Alcohol

Ethan Nadelmann, founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance based in New York is raising important questions during his visit to Australia in relation to the legalisation of marijuana which deserve serious discussion according to Professor Robin Room.

Along with the rest of the world, Australia took a wrong turning in the 20th century by separating consideration of a couple of widely-used drugs, alcohol and tobacco, from consideration of other drugs.  Given what we now know, it would be extremely hard to construct a case in terms of pharmacology or health and social harm for use which would justify greater restrictions on cannabis than on alcohol.

Professor Robin Room,
School of Population Health,
University of Melbourne.

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EU to bail out Ireland

Professor Elizabeth Malcolm,
Gerry Higgins Chair of Irish Studies,
University of Melbourne.
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