Benefits of talking over a good breakfast

The founder of the Senior Women’s Network Breakfast, Barbara Lawrence, said the initial purpose of the networking group was to give busy women holding down senior positions at CQUniversity the opportunity to come together to enjoy each other’s company outside of the hectic pace of the workplace; to network with other motivational women from the local community; and to provide an opportunity for mentoring of rising stars at CQUniversity.

Barbara says the breakfasts have been hugely beneficial  to those who attended, to the local community and to CQUniversity.  The outcomes, according to Barbara are that, “We’ve laughed a lot, shared great wisdom and built strong networks. It’s been fabulous!”

The Rockhampton-based group has welcomed guest speakers who are women CEOs, Directors, Managers, Board members, Magistrates and students from a wide range of areas including the Salvation Army, the Women’s Health Centre, Fitzroy Basin Association, Cement Australia, Red Cross Programs, the Department of Education and training and CQ Health Services.

Along with the benefits of networking, the women have given several thousand dollars to support local charities and activities to purchase library books, establish student prizes, and even to buy fishing lines and camping equipment for the use of clients in a Red Cross mentoring program.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Bowman is extremely supportive and has been claimed by the women as the Patron of the Senior Women’s Network Breakfasts.