2011 New Years “Get Fit” Resolution Success

Simply put, most New Years Resolutions are unrealistic. Moreover, resolvers have a tendency to fail because of this. But let’s take a minute to really get down to the nitty gritty.

Clinical Psychologist and expert in NYC Dr Belisa Vranich states plainly “Resolutions fail because they are unrealistic…” She goes on to say that most people will fail because of the following three reasons:

  •  They haven’t prepared for failure
  •  Are not sincere about change
  •  Lack a Support System

The first is quite obvious –people have a tendency to give up before they’ve really begun. Some will entertain the idea of a gym workout only to call it quits soon thereafter simply because of their inability to adapt to the environment. Perhaps they’re better suited for home gym exercises, but became immediately discouraged, and therefore gave up. This can include anything from treadmills to ellipticals. As long as you can stay focuses, these home gyms can prove quite beneficial.

And the second reason is even more obvious – these “committed” resolvers believe deep down inside that they want to be slimmer or stronger, but naturally don’t want to put in the effort. Taking a wholehearted approach at fitness is really the only way to pursue weight loss and muscle gain. Some will visit the gym once or twice a week; this rate will slowly dissipate to once or twice a month. Before they know it, they’ve cancelled their gym membership and acquired another for fast food.

Motivation is very hard to come by when it comes to exercise, especially during the cold season. A key motivator for exercise involves that of a group support system. In other words, practitioners of fitness tend to rely on the ability of others to get fit. An excellent way to increase the likelihood of weight loss is to hire a professional trainer – one who will walk you through everything and be there to give you a pat on the shoulder. Similarly, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a log of everything you’ve done, including your daily diet.

All in all, failing to do one or all of the above can and will most certainly lead to discouragement, and this feeling of discouragement will lead to giving up. It’s very important that as exercisers we realize that it takes much more than a set of curls every so often to look and feel good. Like anything, it takes commitment and hard work. So before you declare your 2011 fitness resolution, be sure to place a check mark next to all the above.