02:45pm Saturday 28 March 2020

An apple or pear a day keeps strokes at bay, study claims

The study which was carried out in the Netherlands followed more than 20,000 adults over 10 years and found that people who ate fruit and vegetables with white flesh could reduce their stroke risk by 52 per cent.

Dr Sharlin Ahmed, Research Liaison Officer at The Stroke Association says, “We all know that eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg is good for our health. It’s interesting to see that fruit and vegetables with white flesh, such as apples and pears, could reduce a person’s stroke risk more so than others.

“However, this should not deter people from eating other colours of fruit and veg as they all have health benefits and remain an important part of a staple diet.

“A lot more research is needed before the colour of our groceries alone is used to determine what health benefits they may have.

“Everyone can reduce their risk of stroke by eating a healthy balanced diet that is low in saturated fat and salt, exercising regularly and ensuring that your blood pressure is checked and kept under control.”

You can read more on this story on the BBC News website.

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