12:58am Saturday 16 November 2019

UC research gives supermarket shoppers a voice

Nutrition lecturer Gabrielle O’Kane’s research is exploring how where people buy their food influences their attitude to food and food production, but she says supermarket shoppers are a silent majority when it comes to research into sustainable food production.

“In preparing for this project I’ve found plenty of articles about people who grow their own veggies or who shop exclusively at farmers markets, but people who get all their food from the supermarket have been overlooked,” Ms O’Kane said.

“I want this research to give supermarket shoppers a voice.

“We hear a lot about sustainability and there’s broad agreement that we need to produce our food sustainably, but to achieve this we need to define what we mean by a sustainable food system. Part of this is to understand how important the social interactions associated with buying food are to different people.

“Much of the research into food sustainability issues involves people who shop at farmers’ markets or who grow food in community gardens, which is important, but supermarket shoppers need a voice too.”

Ms O’Kane said wanted to hear the opinions of all age groups and in a range of different life stages, such as young, single people, those with children at home, those whose children have grown up and retired people too. She said the views of people who have their food delivered would be welcome and she would be able to locate focus groups to accommodate participants without access to a car.

  • Ms O’Kane is available for interview on the project, sustainable food and the impact of transport on food sustainability.

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