Interesting facts about Gamma-Aminobutyric acid

The neurotransmitter blocking impulses between nerve cells in the brain is known as Gaba. While this may sound uninteresting, what draws our attention to it is the fact that low levels of Gaba is linked to Epilepsy, Anxiety and mood disorders as well as chronic pain. Another reason it is a notable trend in supplements is this: many people feel that natural Gaba supplements may be a better alternative to prescription medicine that has high addiction rates. There is certainly the option of eating foods that are known sources of glutamic acid which can help to avoid developing deficiency, but most people opt for a faster solution.

It is the desire to avoid chronic medication and other societal problems associated with side effects which has led to an increase in the use of GABA as an alternative. It is not surprizing that the uses of gamma-aminobutyric acid supplements are now used for such a wide variety of health and wellness issues. Remember that across the developed world, where we eat GM food and face peak pollution levels, several health issues are on the rise. It is therefore deemed essential to evaluate and seek out natural supplements that comes without serious side effects, as opposed to increasing dependency on drugs.

Primary uses of GABA now include sleep improvement, anxiety relief, mood improvement, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). There is also a range of other reasons why it is now used: fat burning, lean muscle growth, increase the ability to exercise, lowering blood pressure and pain relief. This is indeed a wide range of issues, many which require medical attention.

But how do we know all these claimed benefits exist? For a growing body of evidence to emerge, there will need to be a greater interest a concerted effort to conduct tests. However anyone who had a GABA test, with low confirmed levels, is indeed in a better position to attribute improvements to the supplement. It will therefore be a key area of medical research to watch over the next few years.

At this point in time, a lot of interesting things are already emerging about GABA:

It is used as a supplement for bodybulding:

Those with a holistic view on their sports and nutrition, who also know they have low Gaba levels tend to make it a priority, to include this in their list of supplements. Making sure that you can obtain the best GABA powder supplement can clearly be in your interest as a bodybuilder. Since it plays a key role in growth hormone secretion – and we know the positive impact growth hormones can have on bodybuilding, it is fast becoming a supplement of choice, particularly for those who are at an age where GH is desperately needed.

Low GABA levels have identifiable symptoms:

Self evaluation is never a good thing, especially given the complexity of common symptoms. Yet it is known that low levels of GABA have symptoms such as Insomnia, depression, anxiety and drug or alcohol dependence. The key issue is that if low levels are not countered, it can lead to GABA deficiency diseases, which are hard to pin down due to the overlap with other potential medical issues. For example anxiety, muscle tension, phobias, hypertension, depression and OCD.

What are GABA receptor antagonists?

These are essentially drugs that will slow down and prevent the action of GABA to some extent. This is done by producing a stimulant effect, which is commonly used to reverse the effects of sedatives. Metrazol is a good example of this.



Gaba deficiency treatment is available and fast becoming a significant source of relief for people around the world. Given that the symptoms of Gaba deficiency are recognizable and levels can be tested, it is now possible to treat it with supplements. In any decision like this, it is always recommended that you only do so with help from your Doctor. It is worth noting the following in the USA: unlike drugs, GABA is considered a supplement and is therefore not subject to the same stringent FDA regulations .


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