07:17pm Tuesday 18 February 2020

Set simple nutritional goals for new year

But a nutritional expert at Baylor College of Medicine suggests that goals should be about more than just weight loss.

“Beyond weight loss, set goals to improve the one thing that only you can do – take care of the body you have been given,” said Roberta Anding, registered dietitian at BCM.

One way to do this is by adopting some simple nutritional strategies, Anding said. These include:

  • Set goals to eat breakfast, such as oatmeal, fruit and milk. This keeps you from being hungry throughout the day.
  • Plan to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Fill half your plate with fruits and veggies.
  • Choose lean protein. Look for meats that have the words “loin” and “round” in their names.
  • Consume fat-free or low-fat dairy.

“Although the scale may not show the results in the short run, subtle changes like a gradual drop in cholesterol and blood pressure are possible,” Anding said.

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