Purdue professor prescribes ways to reach fitness goals

Lane Yahiro, an associate clinical professor and director of Purdue’s A.H. Ismail Center for Health, Exercise and Nutrition, recommends that in order to successfully reach fitness goals, it is important to exercise strategically.

People tend to fail because they have no goals, unrealistic goals or they do not have the knowledge, motivation, discipline or tools to achieve their goals successfully without injuring themselves, Yahiro says.

“I tell my students, ‘Anyone can pick up a book on exercise and understand what they need to do. It’s doing it that is hard,'” Yahiro says.

By strategically setting up for success from the start, it will be easier to stay on track toward your final goal. One way to prepare for success is by making yourself accountable

“I am a firm believer in having accountability,” Yahiro says. “Having an accountability partner does wonders, especially if the partner is just as excited about exercising.”

Find someone who has a similar schedule and set up times to meet up together and exercise.

Setting exercise goals is also critical, Yahiro says. And a personal trainer can work with you to establish goals that are effective and realistic.

Personal trainers should set up daily training session objectives that will help the client work toward reaching both short- and long-term goals. An accountability partner can also work with you in this way.

Finally, Yahiro suggests tracking progress toward your fitness goals.

“It’s never too late to get motivated. Small accomplishments will keep that motivation going to continue toward larger goals,” Yahiro says.

Writer: Rebekah Piotrowicz, 765-496-3006, [email protected]

Source: Lane Yahiro, 765-496-1015, [email protected]