03:17pm Monday 21 October 2019

Overweight offered $2,000 health benefits

The study, which will run over 20 weeks at the RMIT University’s Bundoora Campus is open to 100 overweight, sedentary volunteers aged 35 to 59.

The research will examine the effect of dairy-based high-protein diets and exercise on fat loss and the maintenance of lean muscle mass.

Benefits offered include:

  • One-on-one consultations with a qualified dietician worth more than $1000
  • Four months free gym membership at Bundoora RMIT, with three sessions per week supervised by trained exercise science students/personal trainers
  • Exercise gear and recipe books
  • Scientific information to effect lifestyle changes for healthy living
  • $250 for those who complete the study

Professor John Hawley from the School of Medical Sciences, who is overseeing the study, said those who completed the 20-week program would also be given another two months free gym membership.

“After that, study participants can continue with full access to gym facilities for only $20 per month, about $5 per week, about a quarter of the price of most gyms,” he said.

“There is also a comprehensive health screen to ensure safety and track health goals, including a full blood profile before and after the program.

“And we are providing cutting edge DXA whole body scans giving information on muscle/fat ratios and bone mineral content throughout the program.

“Another benefit is access to Sensewear monitoring systems to track the increase in activity levels during the program, and determine the effects of the intervention on the amount of daily energy expended,” Professor Hawley said.

To join the study or for further information email dairyfit@rmit.edu.au

For interviews or comment: Professor John Hawley.

For a high resolution colour head shot of Professor Hawley email kevin.slack@rmit.edu.au

For general media enquiries: RMIT University Marketing and Communications, Kevin Slack, (03) 9925 1639 or 0439 499 008.

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