02:22am Tuesday 21 January 2020

University takes a billion steps to help raise awareness about healthy lifestyles

The GCC is a workplace health and wellbeing initiative which encourages workers around the world to sustain a healthy lifestyle over a 16-week program by measuring the amount of steps taken per day.

Although the recommended daily step average is 10,000 steps per day the average office worker only takes 3,500 which increases the risk of serious health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

The University entered 114 teams comprising of just under 800 staff and students which measured their steps each day from May to September. By the end of the 16 week program TeamUOW averaged 12,878 steps per day with 94% of participants averaging over 7,500 steps per day and 78% averaging 10,000 steps per day.

While the GCC is not a race, the University was ranked the most active participating university in the world and the 4th highest ranked organisation in Australia.

Photo opportunity: The University will celebrate its GCC achievements in the University Hall Foyer from 2.30pm today (Monday 22 October).

For further information contact: Mr Darren Smith on (02) 4221 3204

Contacts for WorkCover Media Unit: 4321 5474 or 0413 186 799

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