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Pharmacy Technician Certificates Lead to Rewarding Careers

A pharmacy technician often finds employment within hospital or retail pharmacies. Their primary responsibility is assisting pharmacists. Many technicians will have a great deal of contact with the public in person and over the phone. As a result, they must possess good people skills in addition to having the technical knowledge required to fulfill their responsibilities.

On a daily basis, a pharmacy technician may gather information from patients that is needed to fill a prescription. They may prepare, compound or mix medications as well as measuring and counting tablets for dispensation. Prescription packaging and labeling are frequently within their responsibilities, and most technicians must also operate a cash register when patients pay for medications.

Acquiring an education is the first step to becoming a pharmacy technician. At a minimum, all technicians are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Requirements vary by state, but many technicians are required to finish some kind of certificate or diploma program like the one offered at Sanford Brown College campuses across the country. This educational program provides practical, skill based knowledge that makes it possible for new technicians to successfully enter their chosen career. Even in states where a certificate is not required, many job candidates will find that they receive more worthwhile offers of employment if they have completed a pharmacy technician program.

The pharmacy technician fulfills an important role in the modern medical field. Their efforts provide pharmacists with the latitude to more fully consult with patients, providing a safer and more satisfying experience for the public. Most pharmacy technician students can complete their education in less than one year of full time study. They will often receive quite a bit of on the job training well, and many certificate programs provide students with a chance to participate in externship programs where they gain real world experience.

People considering a career as a pharmacy technician will need to have excellent customer service instincts. A polite, helpful and sympathetic demeanor is an asset to any pharmacy technician, especially since many of the patients they encounter will be undergoing highly stressful circumstances. Good technicians also possess outstanding attention to detail. Incorrectly filling a prescription can lead to serious medical consequences for a patient. As a result, the successful technician will possess the ability to focus and will dependably notice small details that might be missed by less conscientious workers. A busy pharmacy can be a demanding workplace, making it necessary for a technician to be comfortable working under pressure. Additionally, people who are organized tend to succeed better at this profession than people who prefer working in disarray. Good organizational skills make it easier to manage conflicting demands and keep a tidy, well ordered work area.

With less than one year of training, most people can obtain employment as a pharmacy technician. As an integral part of the modern medical team, individuals who are organized, have good communication skills and are detail oriented will find that this is a rewarding career path.


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