05:37pm Tuesday 07 April 2020

New online nutritionists on a mission to make snacking healthier

The Nutribox, which will deliver boxes of nutritional snacks to homes and offices, has set up in Sheffield with the help of Sheffield Hallam University experts. Two of the university’s graduates are already employed by the company.

Based in the Workstation on Paternoster Row, the company has been working with the University’s nutritionists on its business plan and designers from its in-house studio Design Futures on a biodegradable box that can fit through the standard letterbox.

Students from the University’s Venture Matrix scheme have also been enlisted for the new business, which is taking orders through its online site 

The Nutribox co-founder Emma Hookham, who completed an MSc in Public Health and Nutrition at Sheffield Hallam last year,said: “Many offices still rely on the vending machine for office-based snacks but there is growing evidence that this is an unhealthy and restrictive approach. Our products are all personally selected to help people achieve their health goals.

“We’ve conducted our own experiments comparing snacks you commonly find in vending machines with The Nutribox products.

“Our snacks are vegetarian and mainly gluten and dairy free. They contain higher levels of dietary fibre than normal vending machine products and lower levels of saturated fat. Another key difference between the vending machine and The Nutribox snacks was that vending machine snacks contained an average of about 20 per cent more calories.

“We know that many people want to snack more healthily, but finding suitable products isn’t always easy. We also know there are lots of great producers of healthy snacks out there that most people simply don’t know about.

“The Nutribox takes away the hard work of finding the tastiest, most nutritious snacks available and then delivers them to each customer’s home or workplace.

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“We are indebted to the support provided by Sheffield Hallam academics and students who have given us such a great start to our business.”

John Sorsby, head of the University’s Centre for Food Innovation, said: “The Nutribox’s approach is very much in keeping with our own by helping to educate people about healthy food choices. We’ve helped them to develop these early ideas into a business that stands a great chance of changing people’s snacking habits.”

John Kirkby, creative director of Design Futures, said: “The Nutribox gave us a challenging brief to create a box that can hold up to eight individual items and still fit through the letter box. The finished product keeps the company’s strong identity but is a striking and individual piece of work.”

The Nutribox’s products are vegetarian, and mainly gluten and dairy free. Two box sizes are available: The Nutribox-mini at £12.95 per month and The Nutribox at £25 per month. The company also blogs about nutritional advice at www.thenutribox.com

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