08:03am Thursday 12 December 2019

Get out of your chair alive by standing up for back health

James and his father Dr Peter Moore have invented the ZestDesk, a portable, elegant and affordable solution that turns any table into a standing desk in 30 seconds and can be packed away when not in use.

James led design and business plan development during his time with University of Wollongong (UOW) innovation incubator iAccelerate. There the idea was transformed from a personal health solution into a startup company launching a hardware product.

Health professionals have identified the office chair as the major culprit in health problems such as increased rates of heart disease, diabetes and even shorter life expectancies.

Standing desks could be the ideal way for companies to reduce sick leave and increase productivity. It could soon be a workplace requirement after an Australian study concluded the typical office might not be a safe work environment.

“When you think about how many hours each day office workers spend sitting it’s quite a shock,” ZestDesk co-founder James Moore said. “We sit in a car or public transport to get to work, sit down for most of the day at a desk, then back into the car and then when we get home, we sit on the couch watching TV or in front of a computer screen.

“The research shows that’s not good for our back health and general wellbeing.”

The inspiration for ZestDesk came from Dr Peter Moore’s experience as a GP. He has been standing at a desk for over 20 years to alleviate his back pain.

“Three years ago dad started working in the Northern Territory in Indigenous health,” James said. “He needed a portable solution for himself and also something he could recommend to patients. After an unsuccessful search he decided to build his own.

“That is where ZestDesk was born.”

The ZestDesk folds away neatly and is easily stored and transported, enabling workers to turn almost any flat surface into a temporary work station without posture succumbing to neck craning and hunching; the turtle-neck syndrome.

“The biggest elements holding back the mass adoption of standing desks are the price point and lack of flexibility,” James said.

“Individuals and companies want a solution which is adjustable, can be easily moved to match needs without throwing out existing furniture.”

ZestDesk was launched on Kickstarter this week.

Note to media

James Moore is available for photos and interview. A media resource pack including photos can be accessed here.


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James Moore, ZestDesk co-founder, +61 402 056 372 or james@zestdesk.com.

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