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Get the whole family moving on World Day for Physical Activity

Kylie HeskethAssociate Professor Kylie Hesketh

C-PAN’s Associate Professor Kylie Hesketh says there are many ways to make it fun to be active together as a family.

“From our research at C-PAN we know that kids are not as active as they need to be and we want to get them moving and not just being passively entertained for long periods in front of the TV or screens.

“Parents can use World Day for Physical Activity as a good starting point to implement a few simple rules such as limiting screen time or TV and getting outside together as a family,” she said.

Great family ideas for World Day for Physical Activity:

  • Use World Day for Physical Activity to implement a no TV or no screen day in your household. Then aim to make this a regular occurrence each week.
  • Explore the neighbourhood on foot, scooter or bicycle. Allow time for lots of stops along the way to investigate bugs, plants, animals, etc. This is also a great thing to do if your family is away on Easter holidays and you are exploring a new area
  • Take the kids to a new park or playground they haven’t been to before
  • Try a new sport or activity
  • Encourage kids to  use games or toys that make them be active, rather than sitting down
  • Walk the dog morning and afternoon (if you have one!)
  • Play music CDs and encourage kids to dance along

C-PAN is a research centre with world class expertise in both nutrition and physical activity that over the past decade has made a real difference in improving the health of all Australians.

C-PAN’s work in physical activity and nutrition is leading the world globally in numerous areas including research into disadvantaged communities, children’s health and healthy ageing.

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