12:05pm Saturday 06 June 2020

New research finds changing views on pornography in the Internet era

Graduate student Evangelos Tziallas at Concordia’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema argues that social media websites that specialize in sexual watching such as XTube, a highly popular Canadian website that operates along the lines of Facebook and You Tube, blur the lines between the historically ‘secret’ notion of pornography and voyeuristic methods of watching and today’s culture of hyper- visibility and exhibitionism.

A PhD candidate in Film and Moving Images, Tziallas explains that XTube users not only openly share their self-made sex videos, they actively tag and categorize them to allow greater accessibility. In today’s media-saturated world where it is natural to be watched (from reality television and photo radar to cell phones and web cameras), what we’re seeing in the sexual realm is a voluntary extension of this surveillance culture.

Tziallas will continue to explore the issues related to sexuality, surveillance and voyeurism in the digital era as he continues his graduate studies. The PhD in Film and Moving Image Studies is one of Concordia’s newest graduate programs. One of the most recent shifts in the discipline is the migration of moving images out of the movie theatre and into everyday life thanks to iPods, YouTube and burgeoning social media networks.

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