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Multi-generational workplaces need mediators not gladiators

Human resources expert Karen Schmidt will address QUT’s National Conference for Office Professionals, at Coolum, on August 26-27, on the topic, From Gladiator to Mediator : How to grow from a generational warzone into a productive enterprise.

Previewing the conference, Ms Schmidt said managers had to rise to the challenge of engaging four very different generations – Builders, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y – in the melting pot that is today’s workplace.

She said far too many managers adopted a gladiator-like attitude.

“They want their generation to win; for the workplace to take on their prevailing attitude,” she said.

Ms Schmidt said each generation had defining characteristics.

“The Builder Generation, those about to retire, are also called the silent generation and were born before 1944,” she said. “They value security, structure and stability.

“With the Baby Boomers, born between 1945 and 1960, we associate motivation, mobility and materialism.

“Generation X, also known as the lost generation, born early 60s to late 70s, are into control, choice and cynicism.

“Generation Y, born early 80s to early 90s and also known as Generation Why, are into fun, friends and the future.”

Ms Schmidt said managers could bring these generations together if they understood the different motivations and influences.

“‘Everyone wants to be respected but that means different things to different generations,” she said.

Ms Schmidt will outline effective management strategies in her address.

QUT’s 17th National Conference for Office Professionals will also cover:
•Diet and lifestyle
•Relationship building
•Workplace organisation: electronic and paper filing
•Memory techniques

Where: Hyatt Coolum, Sunshine Coast

When: 26-27th August, 2010

Details: http://officeprofessionalsconference.com/

Media contact: Elizabeth Allen, QUT media officer, on 07 3138 4494 or e1.allen@qut.edu.au

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