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Androsurge Reviews 2023: Is This Estrogen Blocker Good & Legit?

Mitchelle Morgan

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Androsurge Reviews




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  • Estrogen blocker supplement.
  • Made using all-natural ingredients.
  • Enhances energy production.
  • Boosts testosterone levels.
  • Supports fat loss.
  • Encourages muscle growth.
  • Contains no dyes or fillers.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Speeds up wound healing.

Brand Information

  • Jacked Factory is U.S.-based.
  • Focus is on sports nutrition.
  • Owns a cGMP-certified facility.

Medical Benefits

  • Boosts testosterone levels.
  • Improves mood.
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Speeds up wound healing.
  • Boosts immune system.

About The Brand

Jacked Factory is a sports nutrition brand based in the USA. The main focus is on manufacturing sports nutrition products made using all-natural ingredients. These benefit athletes and bodybuilders as they train and attain set goals.

At the top of the list of products from the manufacturer is the Jacked Factory Androsurge. It’s best to check out different Androsurge reviews to learn more about this product’s effectiveness.

What Is Jacked Factory Androsurge?

Jacked Factory Androsurge is a supplement that works as an estrogen blocker. At the same time, it’s good as a testosterone booster for men. According to Jacked Factory, this product consists of a non-proprietary blend made using all-natural ingredients.

In addition, all ingredients that make up Androsurge are scientifically backed. The claim is the ingredients help you attain fat loss, boost muscle growth, reduce muscle catabolism, and promote essential energy production levels.

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Androsurge Reviews

Best Reputation


  • Estrogen blocker supplement.
  • Made using all-natural ingredients.
  • Enhances energy production.
  • Boosts testosterone levels.
  • Supports fat loss.
  • Encourages muscle growth.
  • Contains no dyes or fillers.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Speeds up wound healing.

Does Androsurge Really Work?

According to Androsurge reviews, the supplements do work. Men who take estrogen blockers have low testosterone levels and need a change. This Androsurge estrogen blocker product contains all-natural ingredients with different benefits, including lean muscle mass growth.

Androsurge capsules are vegan and contain safe-to-consume ingredients. However, it’s good to consult a health physician if you are on medication to avoid any interactions. Also, they can offer guidelines on stacking and using Androsurge to boost healthy testosterone levels.


  • Estrogen blocker supplement.
  • Supports fat loss.
  • Contains no dyes or fillers.
  • Made using all-natural ingredients.
  • Encourages muscle growth.
  • Boosts testosterone levels.
  • Enhances energy production.


  • Can cause nausea.
  • Can lead to headaches and joint pains.

Androsurge Ingredients

Jacked Factory Androsurge contains vitamin D3, Eurycoma Longifolia or long jack, diindolylmethane, grape seed extract, Rhodiola rosea, and zinc. Other ingredients include L-leucine and hypromellose capsules.

Androsurge Ingredients

Vitamin D3

At the top of the list of ingredients you can find in Androsurge is vitamin D3. There are 25 micrograms of vitamin D3 per capsule. A 2021 study demonstrated a relationship[1] between male fertility, sperm quality, testosterone production, and the use of vitamin D.

It also prevents vitamin D3 deficiency,[2] which can cause muscle weakness, fatigue, and pain.


Another essential ingredient is zinc. There are 9.5 milligrams per capsule of zinc,[3] an essential nutrient the body needs for different functions.

One of the main uses of zinc in the body is boosting testosterone levels for men. Zinc deficiency causes a decline in testosterone[4] production.

Grape Seed Extract

Androsurge also contains grape seed extract. There are 150 milligrams of grape seed extract per supplement dose.

The grape seed extract is a good addition to this supplement since grape seed works as an estrogen blocker for men. It inhibits aromatase enzymes[5] blocking the conversion of androgens to estrogen. Also, it promotes the production of nitric oxide. This benefits the body by improving blood flow and reducing high blood pressure.[6]


Androsurge supplements have diindolylmethane, known as DIM, which has numerous benefits to the body. One capsule contains 150 milligrams of diindolylmethane. 

A 2022 study on using 75 mg of DIM in premenopausal women found a significant drop in fat mass.[7] This is good for the body since it can help accelerate fat loss[8] in high-fat diets when working towards a specific weight goal.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is a potent herb, part of the all-natural ingredients in the supplements. There are 125 milligrams in one capsule. This herb is essential for the body since it can help improve brain health and brain function.[9] It can also improve physical performance[10] while reducing the stress response that may adversely affect mood and motivation to perform.

Rhodiola may also facilitate muscle growth by enhancing protein synthesis.[11] Animal studies have shown that resistance exercise coupled with Rhodiola supplementation facilitates protein synthesis and the development of muscle tissue.

Other Ingredients

The supplements also contain long jack, a fruit popular for treating erectile dysfunction. The fruit is packed with beneficial compounds that help you stay in the mood and can help boost testosterone levels[12] in animal models.

Alternatives To Androsurge

Prime Male

Prime Male

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  • Contains 12 beneficial nutrients.
  • Enhances libido and energy levels.
  • Promotes lean muscle mass growth.
  • More expensive compared to similar products.


See Testofuel Review

  • Increases testosterone levels.
  • Helps to reduce body fat mass.
  • Improves your mood.
  • Some ingredients can trigger allergic reactions.


See TestoPrime Review

  • Safe supplement formulation.
  • Consists of natural ingredients.
  • Helps to boost libido.
  • Not all claims are scientifically proven.

Health Benefits Of Androsurge

May Boost Testosterone Levels

Long jack is one of the ingredients in Androsurge. And, given the traditional use of this fruit, it’s easy to see why the manufacturer chose to add it.

Having low levels of testosterone[13] can harm a man’s health and well-being. This even leads to health concerns when it comes to male fertility, as well as poor performance. Taking supplements that contain ingredients such as long jack can help improve the situation.

Androsurge contains the long jack herb that can boost testosterone levels[14] for men. In turn, this helps with erectile dysfunction and poor arousal.

Low testosterone levels have been shown to cause different health issues in men. Some even experience sleep apnea and aging. So, it’s important to find testosterone boosters to increase the level.

Good For Estrogen Blocking

Androsurge contains grape seed extract as one of the all-natural ingredients. It’s important for this supplement to contain grape seed extract since it helps to lower estrogen levels. In fact, research[5] shows that grape seed extract is a good natural estrogen blocker that both men and women can use. 

There’s a need for further research on this to show the effect on a large group of people. The effect on estrogen levels may not be significant, but it can be beneficial when boosting testosterone levels.

Aids Weight Loss

Many benefits are associated with vitamin D3 in the body. Another benefit for folks who take Androsurge is aiding in weight loss. Fat loss is important as you work on muscle fullness. This is where taking vitamin D3 supplements comes in handy.

A 2019[15] study featured 44 obese people split into two groups with vitamin D3 deficiency. Both groups were on a calorie-reduction diet plan, but only one group received vitamin D3 supplements for 12 weeks. The vitamin D-supplemented group experienced a more significant reduction in fat mass and body mass index than the placebo group. An increase in vitamin D3 levels played a significant role in weight loss for the test group.

Boosts Immune System

Zinc can help wounds heal faster, which is essential for your health and well-being. But another essential reason for boosting zinc levels is to boost your immune system.

Folks will low levels of zinc can experience a slow immune response when ill. This is because cell signaling doesn’t take place as fast, and there’s a decline in the overall function. Taking zinc supplements[16] helps improve this and can reduce the time it takes to recover.

Potential Side Effects

Reading an Androsurge review can be an eye-opening experience. Not only do you learn about the benefits of the supplements, but also the potential side effects. This is crucial to note so you can discontinue their use if you experience them.

Androsurge dose poses several side effects, especially during the supplement’s initial stages. Consumers have complained of nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, headaches, joint aches, and dehydration.

Be cautious when taking supplements while on other medication. It’s safer to consult a health physician before you begin for the best advice. Androsurge side effects tend to vary from one person to the next, so that symptoms might differ.

It’s also important to note that Androsurge contains diindolylmethane. There’s little available research on the effects of adding diindolylmethane to supplements. While it doesn’t show any adverse side effects, diindolylmethane[17] can lead to dark urine, bloating, flatulence, and frequent bowel movement.


Following the correct dosage is crucial when taking Androsurge. Take one capsule with a glass of water twice a day. Doing so 20 minutes before meals for eight to twelve weeks is good.

After you complete the eight to twelve weeks, take a break for three to four weeks before resuming.

Androsurge Reviews: What Do Real Users Say?

One of the best ways to discover this product’s benefits and effects is to read different Androsurge reviews. Below are some of the different reviews from Jacked Factory customers. These consist of both positive and critical reviews about the product.

Honestly I didn’t think nothing of it at first and wanted to try it because of some back pain. Since I arrived back home from working overseas I had some serious back problem and radiculopathy goind down my left foot. I thought it was the temperature or change in my weight and activity. Since I started taking these 3 times a week, I no longer have back pain and I could start working out. I’m forever grateful for this product.


I was diagnosed with low T about 4 months ago. I tested in the low 200’s where I should be between 300 and 700 for a male my age, 38. I immediately went on testosterone cypionate injections, 0.75 ml a week in th glute. This raised my levels to 650. I wanted to control my estrogen levels because being on the injections can raise your estrogen levels. I also started using Androsurge on a daily basis and it’s been great. Taking the supplement has even helped lower my blood pressure by about 10 points.

J. Dog

I came to get my testosterone tested at the Low T Center and they drew blood and ran all the tests. I had problems with maintaining an erection and getting excited for sex. 3 days later I came for my results and they said it was the DIM that affected me and caused the side effects. Only on primasurge now instead of stacking with androsurge and l-arginine.


So, I did a lot of research into the product AFTER buying it and knew that a lot of users reported an adverse experience in the first few days. I will say, I experienced nausea and headaches during the first 3 days never experienced before. This is with following directions to a T. If you start this, start them during a weekend- I can only imagine how terrible those side effects will be during a work week.

Jordan Packard

Final Thought

Androsurge is an effective estrogen blocker that you can take. Many of the Androsurge reviews are from folks who’ve experienced low testosterone levels. They also want to gain from the different benefits of taking the supplement, which blocks the female hormone estrogen.

It works well to increase testosterone levels while also improving blood flow. You can gain from its different ingredients, such as zinc, grape seed extract, and vitamin D3, which are quite beneficial for increasing sexual mood, blood flow, testosterone, and reducing estrogen levels. 

However, it’s worth noting the side effects of taking Androsurge. These side effects may include nausea, headaches, dehydration, stomach cramps, and joint pain. Still, the side effects vary from one user to the next.

So, it’s good to stick to the recommended dosage and discontinue its use if you experience side effects. Also, consult a registered dietitian or physician before using the supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Androsurge safe?

Essentially, Androsurge is safe. It’s made using all-natural ingredients and contains no dyes or fillers. However, you can experience side effects when taking these supplements, such as nausea, headaches, and dehydration.

Should men take estrogen blockers?

Not all men need to take estrogen blockers. Only those who experience low testosterone levels can take estrogen blockers for men. This helps to boost testosterone production and aromatization. Aromatization[18] is a crucial process that turns testosterone into estradiol which paves way for estrogen synthesis.

How long does it take for estrogen blockers to work?

It can take estrogen blockers a day or two to start working effectively. This ensures hormonal balance as you start to experience increased testosterone levels.

Does blocking estrogen increase testosterone?

Estrogen blockers can increase testosterone levels, but it depends on the ingredients. It’s important to take estrogen blockers containing zinc and long jack that boosts testosterone production.

Does Androsurge cause any side effects?

Yes. You may experience some side effects when you take Androsurge. These side effects include headaches, nausea, vomiting, joint pain, and dehydration.

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