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7 Best Keto Apps For Diet Trackers In 2023

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Carb Manager

Carb Manager

  • Contains healthy keto recipie.
  • Free app with paid subscription.
  • Has a plethora of features.

Macro Tracker

Macro Tracker

  • Ad-free app.
  • Offers progress charts.
  • Best macros tracker.

Keto Manager

Keto Manager

  • Offers wide keto database.
  • Best for weight management.
  • Fitness and food tracker.

Over the years, the ketogenic diet has risen in favour. People have adopted the idea of a low-calorie, low-carb, high-healthy-fat, and moderate-protein diet, which they believe will help them lose weight in the long run, among numerous benefits.

But, really, who are we kidding here?

Diets, let alone the ketogenic diet, are difficult to stick to and maintain!

Someone will need to keep track of their net carbs, a list of keto meals, calorie intake, water intake, exercise tracking, and other things.

It’s quite a lot! However, there is a solution in the form of the best keto apps.

Modern issues require modern answers in this digital, fast-paced society. When it comes to the keto lifestyle, keto dieters may do all of the above and more with the help of keto diet apps. As a result, this article will showcase seven keto apps that will assist you in staying on track.

If you’ve just started your keto journey and don’t know where to start, then you are in the right place. This article reviews seven of the best keto apps to help you navigate the keto lifestyle.

Best Keto Apps To Try In (May. 2023)

  • Carb Manager – Editor’s Choice
  • Macro Tracker – Best Macro Tracker For Fitness and Weight
  • Keto Manager – Best For Weight loss and Weight Management
  • Total Keto Diet – Best For Customized Shopping List Creation
  • Senza – Best Keto App With Live Help
  • Keto Diet Recipes – Best Keto App Free With Offline Access
  • PlateJoy – Best For Day-To-Day Meal Planning

What Is A Keto Diet?

A keto diet contains food high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbs. By cutting sugar and concentrating on a high-fat diet, ketogenic nutrition makes the body burn stored body fat rather than glucose. It does this by initiating the body into the ketosis[1] state.

Ketosis is the metabolic state where the body utilizes body fat as a source of energy rather than carbs typically provided by the food we consume.

During ketosis, your body becomes very effective at eliminating fat for fuel. It also causes fat to be transformed into ketone bodies[2] in the liver, which provides energy to the brain.

Keto diets can lower insulin levels[3] plus blood sugar significantly. Coupled with increased ketones, these diets have a couple of health advantages. It can help you lose weight,[4] improve cardiovascular[5] health, may reduce cancerous tumor growth,[6, and improve outcomes of severe brain injuries.[7]

The keto can take many different forms, such as

  • The targeted ketogenic diet[8] (TKD) allows you to eat carbs between exercise sessions.
  • The standard ketogenic diet[9] (SKD) is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate, and moderate-protein diet. It usually has 70% fat, 20% protein, and only 10% carbohydrates.
  • The cyclical ketogenic diet[10] (CKD) consists of eating windows of higher-carbohydrate refeeding, such as five keto-meal days preceded by two carb-heavy days.

The high-protein ketogenic diet is somewhat identical to a standard ketogenic diet, but it consists of a higher protein concentration. The fat-to-protein-to-carbohydrate ratio is 60% fat, 35% protein, and 5% carbohydrates.

7 Best Keto Apps To Track Carbs And Lose Weight 2023

Carb Manager

Carb Manager app includes a database of over a million food logs, so it’s simple to find exactly what you’re looking for. Additionally, the app consists of over 350,000 low-carb, healthy recipes and the ability to track body composition, weight, and fitness.

  • Carb Manager App is a free app with an optional paid subscription.
  • It contains numerous features to help keto dieters in line.
  • It has features that offer keto dieters a community.
  • It provides users with a variety of low-carb diet recipes.
  • You need to pay the subscription to access the entire app features.

The software has community elements that allow keto dieters to shed pounds together by accomplishing weekly challenges. It has features to help you stick to your ketogenic diet, like counting carbs, food ideas, and an exercise tracker.

You can monitor all of the essential keto diet parameters, such as net carbs, total carbs, fats, glycemic load, blood glucose, ketones, insulin, etc.

You have access to most of these features on the app’s free version, but you get extras with a paid subscription. It’s ideal for any keto dieter at any stage of the lifestyle, making it the best keto app for beginners and pros alike.

Macro Tracker

This keto-app is a straightforward macro tracker to help you achieve your health and wellness objectives effortlessly.

  • It allows you to log food entries for any day of the week, with no constraint on adding entries.
  • It helps you keep track of your weight.
  • The option to monitor fiber intake as a goal is available.
  • There is an option to exclude fiber from the daily carbohydrate count.
  • It is possible to keep track of sugar intake.
  • It is possible to look at the nutrition information and scan Universal Product Code (UPC) barcodes of storebought foods.
  • Progress graphs for body weight and daily calorie intake are compared to calorie targets.
  • Users have attested that the app crashes too often.

You need to set your macronutrient targets, keep track of your weight, and contribute to your meal diary to stay on track with your exercise and nutritional goals. Macro Tracker can help you with this.

Macros, also known as macronutrients, are essential for producing energy in the body. A person’s diet comprises three macronutrients[11]: fat, protein, and carbohydrate, which are all critical. Each of these macronutrients can be found at varying levels in different foods.

Protein, fat, and carbs contain a varying amount of energy per gram of their respective macronutrients in grams. Furthermore, this tool assists in obtaining macro calculations that are precise to the gram.

The software assists the user in determining their macronutrient ratio and keeping track of their food intake. Tracking macronutrients helps track your foods and adhere to the macronutrients you take.

There are several different ways to keep track of macros.

The quickest and most convenient method is to use a web application or mobile app for so many people. This application performs quite well thanks to its helpful macro calculator.

 Keto Manager

It’s ideal whether you want to reach your weight loss goals, maintain weight, or simply note what you consume. This fitness, weight, calorie, and food tracker will help you and is an effective keto diet app.

  • The app features a sophisticated voice feature making it easy to search.
  • The keto app has an intuitive design to help you easily navigate the application.
  • It is perfect for watching and measuring your body weight changes due to its features.
  • It contains a keto diet tracker that offers you a comprehensive diet plan.
  • It has fitness trackers.
  • The app has in-app purchases that may cost extra.

Keto Manager is a low-carbohydrate manager. The macros and all searches are counter-driven by voice recognition technology that is both simple and thorough. The app provides essential Keto facts in just one swipe and allows you to monitor all that pertains to you in your weight loss journey quickly and easily.

With just a few taps, you’ll be able to search, scan, or make your unique meal, then log meals in and track your progress.

The app’s features will serve as your Ketogenic lifestyle’s ideal digital meal journal. In a nutshell, this app will assist you in losing weight and keeping it off. There are a lot of great features that are provided for free.

So you can track your food using search, barcodes, and voice everywhere you go. Search barcodes, use your smartphone’s microphone to pronounce what you ate, make bespoke meals, or search its massive food, restaurant food, supermarket, and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) huge food databases.

Total Keto Diet

If you have been trying to watch your food intake with a desire to cook delicious home-cooked keto meals, this is your app. Its most notable feature is the weekly grocery list that is customizable to your liking.

  • The keto app offers users insightful information about this healthy lifestyle.
  • It allows keto meal planning with your dietary preferences.
  • It features a customizable grocery list you can use for your grocery shopping.
  • It contains in-app purchases that may be a bit costly for beginners.
  • The food database may not be as extensive as most keto apps.

Individuals may locate hundreds of keto meals and track their macros using the Total Keto Diet feature.

They may also calculate the overall and net carbohydrate content of dishes and drinks, save favorites, and make a shopping list for keto meals that you can use at home.

An excellent introductory keto diet guide is available to support folks in grasping the lifestyle and getting started straight away.

The app is freely available and may be found on the company’s homepage or in the app store on a user’s smartphone.

Tasteaholics, the app makers, win at adding the teaching component incorporated into the Total Keto Diet app. The resource includes a macro tracker, keto calculator, food logs, calorie counter, and complete beginner keto manual.

You’ll also discover an extensive keto meal recipe collection on the app and a shopping list tool in which you can add items from Total Keto Diet ideas or your personalized list.

The Total Keto Diet app dishes conform to three key goals: They’ll maintain your net carb count below 25 grams per day, help you get at least 60 grams of protein each day, and delight your dietary preference and taste buds. So no boring, bland meals with Total Keto Diet!


Senza makes it simple for newcomers to go into ketosis using a five-day introductory guide and a macro calculator that calculates the number of carbs, fat, and protein required to stay in ketosis. You’ll also have access to a keto-savvy dietitian and personalized dietary recommendations.

  • It is a free keto app.
  • It offers beginners a 5-day starter guide.
  • It provides users with customized meal plans.
  • It offers users locations of keto-friendly restaurants in their neighborhood.
  • Users enter nutrition data; thus, it isn’t always accurate.

Senza was created exclusively for keto dieters. It helps to keep account of your dieting and fitness, just like other apps, but you can also select live support if you need it. If you want to go out to eat, you can also look for low-carb eateries in your area.

It’s essentially a healthy app with more than a million food meal logs that you can carry in your pocket. The app also provides meal suggestions, which you may incorporate into your personal meal plan. It’s the best keto app for beginners because it teaches you about macros and electrolytes.

The keto app makes the transition to a ketogenic diet a breeze.

The best aspect is that you can plan your meals for the day ahead of time. It’s like having a meal plan prepared for you, but you can eat whatever you want as long as it fits inside your plan.

Keto Diet Recipies

While you search for the best keto diet apps, this one stands out as one you can use; internet or not. With a comprehensive food log, even offline, you have all you need when you are following a keto diet.

  • The app’s meal plans are available offline.
  • It contains a varied list of food logs.
  • It supports vegetarian lifestyle meals.
  • It offers users a grocery list creator.
  • The free version of the app contains numerous annoying pop-up advertisements.

Low-carb menus for all daily diets, including vegetarian ones, are included in the app. It also shows how many grams of each macronutrient a meal comprises. There is also a grocery list creator that can be downloaded straight from the menus and a list of all the foodstuff you love as favorites. Finally, it provides offline access to over 1,000 recipes.

Unfortunately, if customers swap out goods they don’t use, they won’t have all the necessary information because the instructions don’t describe the macros for various dishes.

The app is free to download; however, it does contain pop-up advertisements.


If you have been on the lookout for the best keto app for healthy eating and do it effortlessly, PlateJoy is what you need. The food diary allows you to learn a thing or two, add your own, and share it.

  • The personalized diet and exercise plan is created around your lifestyle and nutritional preferences.
  • Different dietary requirements can be accommodated by the meal plans available.
  • Meal planning assists you in purchasing only what you require and reducing food wastage.
  • The app includes video content that is both educational and entertaining.
  • Your Google calendar can be synced to the menu.
  • It does not offer vegetarian meals.

It can be challenging to know what to eat on a keto diet. This program will alleviate all of your frustrations of manually counting calories, and you will be able to tailor it to your specific requirements.

You’ll begin by taking a health and wellness quiz about your food preferences, wellness and exercise habits, dietary restrictions, food intolerances, and timetable when you install PlateJoy.

When this keto app asks about dietary restrictions, choose carbohydrate consumption if you’re on a keto diet. PlateJoy uses a clever algorithm to produce a personalized meal plan depending on the info you give after completing the quiz. You’ll find tons of zero-carb or low-carb diet plans for meals all day long if you follow a keto meal plan.

Final Thought

Keto apps help people stay loyal to the diet since you have a record of your calorie intake, water intake, and macros intake. The mobile applications also offer you flexibility in exploring the keto lifestyle further.

They offer you additional educational content like articles, videos, recipes, and meal plans, which educate and inspire you to keep on your fitness and weight loss journey. They are beneficial, and if you are just starting on your keto journey, having one of the best free keto apps will be excellent.

As a pro tip, you should stay with the free versions of the app to get the full feel of the application before subscribing.

After you’ve gotten acclimated to it, you can pay for in-app purchases if they improve the experience. The best keto app can help you achieve your fitness and weight-loss objectives without a reasonable doubt, so get it today and start!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a keto diet help me lose weight?

Yes, it can. The Keto diet works to push your body into ketosis, a metabolic state that makes the body burn fat rather than the carbs consumed. When the body keeps burning these fats, it inevitably reduces body fat percentage, thus an overall reduction in body weight.

How much do a keto diet app cost?

It mainly depends on the best keto app you choose. Regardless, you can get an app for free and as little as $8. Some cost a bit more since they have in-app purchases.

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