Best Online Nutrition Coaches Of 2023: 5 Picks For Healthy Lifestyle

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on point nutrition

On Point Nutrition

  • 24/7 support
  • Free consultation
  • Large team of registered dietitians and nutritionists

forge fitness

Forge Fitness

  • 24/7 unlimited access and support
  • Track your progress in their Forge Application
  • Customized meal planning and fitness coaching

culina health

Culina Health

  • In-network with most major insurances
  • Powered by registered dietitians
  • Based on the latest research and nutrition science

When you’re looking to jumpstart your weight loss journey and get on track with your fitness goals, there’s more than just exercising. Your nutrition has to be on point for you to see progress and reach your fitness goals. 
Although no diet[1] fits everyone and there is no magic nutrition combination to make you lose weight fast, there are some general guidelines you can adhere to. Still, it can only take you so far, it’s important to find out what specifically works for you, your body, your metabolism, your preferences, and your fitness and health goals.

Best Online Nutrition Coaches In (May. 2023)

  • On Point Nutrition – Editor’s Choice
  • Forge Fitness – Best Budget-Friendly
  • Culina Health – Best For Overall Health
  • Rosie Moore Accountability Coach – Best Individual Coach
  • Eleat Nutrition – Best For Athletes

What Is An Online Nutrition Coach?

 An online nutrition coach[2] helps find the best diet and nutrition choices for you and your lifestyle. Their goal is to design an individual and personalized diet plan to help you achieve your health goals. In addition to losing weight, it’s important to maintain healthy body composition and keep the weight off.

Through online nutrition coaching, you are able to discover what works for you and what doesn’t, all in the comfort of your own home, without having to actually spend time traveling to and back from your nutritionist or holistic practitioner. It’s an easy and convenient way to support your health and longevity without having to leave your home.

What Does An Online Nutrition Coach Do?

An online nutrition coach[3] helps you find the right nutrition approach for you and your health and fitness goals while educating you on how to make smart and healthy food choices on an everyday basis. That being said, online nutrition coaches are not doctors, and they are not equipped to treat diseases or assess medical conditions. In case of illness or a serious disease, you should talk to your health care provider about the best way to approach your condition. 

Online nutrition coaches can work with doctors and healthcare providers and collaborate on your treatment, but they aren’t educated on actually treating disease. Different online nutrition coaches offer various services, and while some focus on education and counseling, others develop customized meal plans and tailored recommendations to help you reach your goals.

Depending on your health and nutrition goals, your personal coach will help create a plan to help you gain, maintain, or lose weight, adding into account your diet preferences, food intolerances, physical activity levels, and more. Their job is to tailor your nutrition plan completely to you and your lifestyle so it best fits your schedule and budget. They also need to be very flexible so that they can change their treatment plans if something doesn’t work out.

5 Best Online Nutrition Coaches In 2023

On Point Nutrition

On Point Nutrition is a versatile and popular online nutrition coaching platform with a variety of skilled nutrition coaches to help guide you to your best self.

  • 24/7 support
  • Free consultation
  • Large team of registered dietitians and nutritionists
  • Not every member of their team is a registered dietitian
  • Could be expensive to start (mandatory 12 sessions)

On Point Nutrition offers a holistic and personalized approach with real-life strategies to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. After an initial free consultation where the team finds out more about you and your health and fitness goals, you get matched to your personal dietitian who will best fit your needs. 

Your personal dietitian will go over everything you can expect from the program and help you crush your goals through weekly consultation and personalized recommendations. They will not lead you blindly but also educate you on how to make smarter food and lifestyle choices to support your day-to-day life without compromise and sacrifice. On Point Nutrition team offers structured support so that you can work at your own pace and implement healthy habits one step at a time. 

The entire program includes

  • The initial, kickoff session
  • Five or 19 25-minute skill-building sessions 
  • Long-term follow-up with three 25-minute sessions (one per month)
  • Three 60-minute Healthy Home reset sessions to equip you with all the tools you need to support the program from home

In addition to helping you create the best kind of diet for you and your goals, On Point Nutrition’s one-on-one nutrition sessions and resources educate you on the foundation, nutrition tools, and theory of nutritional science with a flexible and tailored approach up-to-date with the latest nutritional research

Forge Fitness

Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching offer online personal training and nutrition programs that best fit your fitness needs.

  • 24/7 unlimited access and support
  • Track your progress in their Forge App
  • Customized meal planning and fitness coaching
  • Most of the team are personal trainers and not registered dietitians

Forge Fitness and Nutritions create customized fitness and nutrition programs to best fit your health and fitness goals. They specialize in nutrition management, body fat loss, and strength gain. Their programs include unlimited messaging and support with your personal coach, personalized strength and cardio training workouts based on available equipment and tools, meal plans written by a registered dietitian, and training exercises demonstrated and available in the Forge Application (app). 

You can choose between three tiers: 

  • Standard plan – you’ll pay $125 per month for one video chat a month, custom workouts, and nutrition coaching. Even though you have one live video call, the program still includes unlimited messaging and support through the Forge app. You can choose between four different meal plans (lactose-free, balanced, gluten-free, or vegetarian). Your personal coach will help you learn how to best integrate your chosen meal plan to fit your lifestyle. All meal programs are based on a balanced macronutrient ratio of 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 30% fat.
  • Complete plan – for $175 a month, the complete plan offers everything in the standard plan, with a more personalized approach and two live video calls a month
  • Premium plan – the most comprehensive plan offers weekly calls and the highest level of personal training and nutrition coaching you can expect from Forge Fitness. The monthly fee for the premium plan is $225. 

Additionally, Forge Fitness offers a special 90-Day Habit Transformation coaching program based on his best-selling book of the same name with special practices to change your habits and become healthier in the process.

Culina Health

Culina Health offers comprehensive and detailed nutrition counseling for your health and wellness with options of medical nutrition therapy for a variety of health conditions.

  • In-network with most major insurances
  • Powered by registered dietitians
  • Based on the latest research and nutrition science
  • Higher pricepoint

Culina Health is a holistic and personalized nutrition program that helps you understand and surpass all the obstacles that might deter you from reaching your health and wellness goals and support healthy weight management. Their team of registered dietitian nutritionists supports you on your health journey, educating you and helping you set realistic and achievable goals you can stick to long-term. 

Although they’re not doctors, their knowledgeable team is equipped with all the tools that can help you overcome even more severe conditions such as eating disorders, diabetes management, and other clinical conditions. Their programs are custom-created and come with personalized supplement recommendations and education around meal planning[4]. They aim to help you heal your relationship with food and create healthy eating habits that can support your health and wellness. 

Culina Health is in-network with the majority of US insurance companies with affordable out-of-network and out-of-pocket expenses. They also recommend comprehensive nutrition labs and supplement routines and a 20% discount on online courses and medical supplements. Additionally, your individual one-on-one program is handled through their app, where you can easily track your progress and stay motivated and accountable. 

Once you decide to book their services, you start with a free, 15-minute nutrition counseling call with their care coordinators which help answer all of your questions, give you information on their process, and connect you to the registered dietitian on their team that best fits your health needs. After the initial call, you hop on a 60-min virtual session with your personal coach that helps identify your strengths and challenges while setting realistic and attainable health goals. The programs are set to a minimum of three months with weekly and bi-weekly calls, which has proven to be the optimal time to start seeing results.

Rosie Moore Accountability Coach

Rosie Moore is a one-stop-shop for all things nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Through her vast expertise and multiple credentials, she will help you achieve your best self. 

  • Includes multiple credentials and finished certificates
  • Offers VIP coaching
  • Keeps you accountable through attainable goals
  • Only one person, so it can be tough to book her
  • On the expensive side

Rosie Moore is an extremely knowledgeable and well-equipped online fitness and nutrition coach who combines her vast experience in fitness, wellness, nutrition, and biology to help customize an approach that will help guide you to a healthier and better you. 

Her goals aren’t short-term and through nutrition counseling, she aims to help you adopt healthier lifestyle habits and healthy eating tips that you will be able to stick to years from now. She wants to help you live sustainably all year round. Her nutrition and fitness coaching programs are customized to you and your health and fitness needs, and they are easy to follow and implement, and structured to help keep you accountable. In her program, Rosie offers weekly calls and daily touch points to help you develop long-term strategies to support your health journey.

She also offers Signature VIP Personal Coaching for women that need expert guidance and structure from someone who gets it. Her VIP plan is even more customizable and flexible so you can truly let go of all the stress revolving around fitness and food.

Eleat Nutrition

Eleat Nutrition offers customizable nutrition programs for athletes to improve their athletic performance and overall health[5].

  • Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD)
  • For all ages and athletic levels
  • Professional cookbook
  • Expensive
  • Waitlists

Eleat Nutrition is a team of two highly-educated online nutrition coaches in the field of nutrition, fitness, and overall performance who offer nutrition counseling to athletes of all ages and levels. Angie Asohe and Dana Norris both hold impressive credentials and titles, working with everyone, from amateurs to seasonal professionals. Both are Registered Dietitian nutritionists with certifications in sports nutrition.

Their services include full assessments and nutrient analysis, evaluation of current diet and lifestyle habits and trends, bloodwork if needed, personalized nutrition plans and optimal eating strategies, personalized supplement recommendations, as well as continuous support and accountability tools. 

Their unique online nutrition coaching programs are created to meet the needs of athletes who are located anywhere across the country. They include:

  • Programs for high school athletes – 2 total sessions
  • 2-month programs
  • 3-month programs
  • 6-month programs
  • Professional VIP package

How To Pick The Best Online Nutrition Coach

The best online nutrition coaches offer services that best fit your health goals and needs. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition, and pairing up with the right personal coach helps you implement healthy, sustainable habits you can stick to and enable you to achieve your[6] health, wellness, and nutrition goals.

There are many great online nutrition coaches to choose from, whether through a platform that matches you to one that best fits your needs or an individual that dedicates more resources and time specific to you. It’s always important to explore the person’s or company’s credentials and ensure you’re getting recommendations and guidance from someone with experience and backing. 

Best online nutrition coaching comes with education, and it’s crucial to not only implement healthy habits but also learn the why behind their recommendations so you can fully immerse yourself in your new lifestyle. 

Additionally, the best online nutrition coach programs are flexible and can fit your schedule. This will make it easier to stick to and stay accountable, motivating you along the way and supporting you whenever you need it.

In case of more serious health conditions like diabetes management, you might need to look for someone who offers medical nutrition therapy.

Final Word: Is A Nutritionist Online Worth It?

Finding an online nutritionist is worth it for those who are busy, stressed, and unable to find the time or resources that will help them stay on track with their health and wellness goals. Depending on your budget, you might be inclined to choose one over the other, but considering they’re doing all the job for you, the best online nutrition coaches have a value that definitely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do nutritionists charge?

It depends on the program package you choose to take and varies from nutritionist to nutritionist. Most online nutritionists today have their prices displayed on their websites or are easy to contact via email, helping answer all of your questions. You might pay more for registered dietitians who specialize in sports nutrition as well as those registered dietitians who offer medical nutrition therapy. 

Why do I need an online nutritionist?

If you’re struggling with keeping healthy and sustainable habits, weight management, or sticking to your health and nutrition goals, an online certified nutrition coach is a great option. They will create personalized meal plans, design a custom program that will work for you, and potentially even relieve some of your health conditions that stay in the way of your health goals. They are specifically beneficial to those with busy schedules where resorting to fast food and ready-to-eat options are the most convenient choice, helping them choose smarter and better options for their health and wellness. 

Do I have to worry about my privacy when using a virtual platform?

No, in most cases with online nutrition coaching, you are working through a secure platform that keeps your data private. Every website has a disclaimer somewhere at the bottom or has information on privacy and data collection. Additionally, if you require more information, you can always send an email before your initial nutrition session. 

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Karla Tafra

Medically reviewed by:

Kimberly Langdon

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Medically reviewed by:

Kimberly Langdon

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