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V Shred Reviews 2022: Do These Workout Programs Work?

Mitchelle Morgan

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  • Nutrition and fitness company.
  • Offers training plans for various fitness goals.
  • Offers customized diet and meal plans.
  • Suited for both men and women.
  • Promises massive gains from its fitness programs.
  • Sells dietary supplements.
  • V Shred has a mobile app for workouts.

Brand Information

  • It has 4 co-founders
  • Launched in 2015
  • Online fitness and nutrition company

Medical Benefits

  • Weight loss
  • Metabolic rate boost
  • Muscle growth
  • Better diet

Everyone has their dream body in mind. It may be a snatched waist, strong gluteals (glutes), and a well-toned physique for women.

A firm and muscular chest, biceps, triceps, back, and legs sound suitable for men.

But we all know getting there is hard work. People even seek nutritional coaches, dietary supplements, and online fitness and exercise to get there. And one of the most famous online nutrition and fitness programs is the V Shred Program.

This piece is a V Shred review, highlighting the costs and benefits of V Shred so that you can gauge if it can truly help get you to your dream body.

About V Shred

V Shred is a global online nutrition and fitness program. The company sells fitness regimens, Shred diets, and supplements. Their goods are tailored to specific fitness goals. If you have any of the following goals, V Shred’s website or application (app) may provide you with only workout regimes or one with diet planning and supplements.

  • Weight loss
  • Increase in testosterone (for men)
  • To get toned and fit
  • Develop a healthier diet

If you want to grow specific muscles, you may want to choose programs for strength training such as ones like Clean Bulk and Booty Builder.

The brand has a vast website with numerous stories, primarily presented in a video by the V Shred guy, Vince Sant. Vince is one of four co-founders, along with Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall, and Kevin Pearn, whose goal was to offer affordable fitness and nutrition to people who want to be fit.

They started in Las Vegas in 2015, and since then, the company has sold supplements, fitness programs, an app, and even clothes.

Top Bestseller Programs Of V Shred In (December. 2022)

Does V Shred Really Work?

Fitness is subjective and depends on numerous aspects; thus, there is no clear sign that a program, supplement, or diet will work for everyone. Client and online reviews like this Shred review provide insight into the programs and their effectiveness.

The website has only favorable reviews, while other sites have many bad ones. But for now, we answer: does it work?

They tailor diets and workouts to your body type, which is fantastic. However, one must ultimately follow the food and exercise program to achieve the outstanding results promised by the website.

If a V Shred program lasts 90 days, you should never miss a day, including your rest days. Unfortunately, a 90-day period may only work for some, and the brand offering this sounds too -good-to-be-true because the calorie-burning rates vary between individuals and between sexes. 

The V Shred app is their most convenient tool. For health-conscious folks, the programs are affordable. Discounted packages cost $14–50 or $45–300 (without discount). You may get discounts when purchasing products via the main brand site or through affiliate programs or links. The discount amount changes depending on the trends the brand uses (holidays, campaigns).

The Line Up At A Glance

Fat Loss Extreme For Him

Editor’s Choice

Fat Loss Extreme For Him

  • Designed for men
  • Fast, massive weight loss
  • 12-week diet and workout program

Fat Loss Extreme For Her

Weight Loss For Women

Fat Loss Extreme For Her

  • Designed for women
  • 90-day Shred program
  • Offers delectable meal plans

Move At Home

Best At Home Fat Shedding Program

Move: At Home

  • Beginner friendly
  • No gym required
  • Fat shedding program

Ripped In 90

Best Weight Loss Program For Men

Ripped In 90

  • Male-specific
  • 90-day program
  • Diet and fitness regime

Toned In 90

Best Weight Training Program For Women

Toned In 90

  • Female-specific
  • 90-day program
  • Weight training program

Six-Pack Shred

Best Six-Pack Program

Six-Pack Shred

  • Chiseled six-pack
  • Facilitate fat loss
  • Suitable for all fitness levels

Most Popular V Shred Programs In 2022

Fat Loss Extreme For Him

Fat Loss Extreme For Him

The Fat Loss Extreme For Him is the male version of the Fat Loss Extreme For Her that we will cover next. The workout and diet plans under this program promise men fast results in just 90 days.

  • Best for massive fat loss.
  • It suits guys of all ages.
  • It improves diets.
  • It is not designed for out-of-condition metabolisms, certain medical conditions, the elderly and those recovering from an illness-may need physician supervision.

Since weight loss is linked to diet and exercise, V Shred has used this program for men of all ages. It is designed for people that want to lose weight in large masses and not just 3 or 4 lbs. It is structured for people that want to lose 20 to 50 lbs. The participants get access to a custom diet and training plan with an emphasis on high-intensity interval training to unlock fat-burning genes!

The goal is to make the most impact in the shortest time possible. V Shred Burn reviews claim that this program’s daily routines may only take 45 minutes in the gym, but the results may just be spectacular. It might be mentioned that the recommended amount of weight loss for sustainability is one to two pounds per week. This program states that losers may lose 4 pounds in one week, which is on the high side if you want to maintain that weight loss

The program also makes use of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), where one moves from one high-intensity exercise to another rapidly without letting their heart rate drop in conjunction with scheduled rest periods. 

These types of exercise programs should be limited to those who have fit already and are not suitable for those who are deconditioned, recovering from illness, the elderly, or those who have other medical conditions that need to be monitored by a physician. People that sign up for this program can access it digitally and even on their mobile phones via the app.

Fat Loss Extreme For Her

Fat Loss Extreme For Her

Fat Loss Extreme For Her is designed for women and works for women who want massive fat loss. It is a strict diet and workout program that claims to help women lose fat and get toned in 90-days.

  • It helps ladies eat well.
  • Each practice has a tutorial.
  • 90-day meal and workout regimen.
  • You may need to be already relatively fit to engage in the HIIT exercise program.

The Fat Loss Extreme For Her, similar to the male version, is designed for fast and massive fat loss. And it claims that it can do this using a diet style called carbohydrate or carb cycling.

Having high-carb days, low-carb days and no-carb days is known as carb cycling. When you want to engage in vigorous exercise, you often consume more carbohydrates and vice versa. There is still no scientific research on carb cycling, but V Shred purports it promotes leptin[1] production. And this, in turn, results in a controlled appetite since leptin is an appetite suppressant[2].

The central promise this Shred diet and workout plan offers women are feeling fuller, consuming delicious food, losing fat, and keeping it off. Another promise is that you will keep burning fat for 48 hours after a 15-minute HIIT workout.

Move: At Home

Move At Home

This home-weight-loss program is ideal and beneficial for beginners since you do not require equipment, and the sessions are short for quick workouts in between schedules.

  • Fat-loss program designed for beginners.
  • A no-equipment workout routine.
  • Short, powerful daily sessions.
  • Diet and exercise are included.
  • This program has no written instructions, just a 30-minute video.

The Move: At Home is a home-based workout and nutrition program for both men and women. However, the program’s introduction on the website is rather inconsiderate since it is only a video. It proposes that we have 780 fat-burning genes dormant in our bodies but offers no scientific backing that this program will unlock those genes.

Vince Sant promotes this shred diet and training while selling other products in the video. When you click on one of the promoted products, you must view a 15-minute video to buy it. He proposes that short-interval HIIT training sessions could begin to unlock those fat-burning genes! However, research shows that not all people respond to HIIT training[3], and a fast weight loss response may be gene-specific.

Regardless, they still offer excellent value in the shared content, like meal preparation tips, nutritional and macronutrient information, and a FAQs page that helps answer most of your queries.

Ripped In 90

Ripped In 90

Ripped in 90 Days is designed for men who what to lose all the body fat and gain that fitness model well-sculptured body. You have 45-minute workout plans that offer maximum results.

  • 12-week fitness and nutrition regimen
  • It suits guys of all ages.
  • Body type determines your regimen
  • The webpage on this program is more sales than valuable information.

Yet again, the web page for this product is still more sales-oriented than any other goal. Ripped in 90 Days is a man-specific regime that takes less than an hour a day. Its principles are to help users gain more by training less.

It entails individual programs on the diet, weight training, and a free supplement guide. Most of the exercise regimens appear to be HIIT-motivated, and the ads focus very little on how to achieve weight-loss goals.

Toned In 90

Toned In 90

Toned in 90 offers users a well-curated fitness and nutrition regime to get all the body muscles well-toned and healthy. It aims to help users reduce their love handles, hips, lower-belly fat, and thighs.

  • A strength training program
  • Burns adipose fat
  • Short, impactful workouts
  • They use references to elite athletes and Holywood actresses, which can be unrealistic.

Seeing that it focuses on women in strength training, this product promises exceptional outcomes in just 90-days. They suggest that the program offer you a fully toned frame with a daily 15-minute workout routine in the gym. Furthermore, the program promises a drop of 17 pounds with just their workout and without giving up carbs.

This is a far-fetched claim since you are advised to warm up for 5 to 15 minutes[4] before working out. So it means you only have 10 minutes at the gym. This is a short time to get tangible results in a short time. And their approach to diet is to carb cycle, which has no scientific backing for sustainable weight loss results.

If you ask how much V Shred costs, this one costs $197. But you may get it at a discount from the site if you are lucky.

Six-Pack Shred

Six-Pack Shred

The Six-Pack Shred program’s primary goal is to give you a tight and well-defined midsection. It’s ideal for both men and women.

  • The goal is a tight six-pack.
  • Ideal for all fitness levels but tailored to the beginner.
  • It is body type specific.
  • It unrealistically guarantees 48-hour calorie burns on 15-minute workouts.

This unisex program, Shred highlights specific common V Shred pros and cons. The pros are that the workouts and diets are body specific, the workouts are short and “ anti-cardio”, while the diets are wholesome and tasty. The problem with anti-HIIT workouts are an inappropriate work-to-rest ratio and poor exercise selection that may confound the workout.

The cons we also see here are the overly sales-like attitude and the unproven methods, such as Shred carb cycling. This program costs $47 but, at the time of this writing, is on sale for $19.99.


  • This brand offers multiple training plans.
  • It customizes workouts.
  • It promises spectacular results quickly.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • They have a V Shred app that includes membership in the V Shred University.
  • It customizes diets and sells supportive supplements.
  • .
  • The Shred body type quiz creates an individualized workout and diet plan.


  • Most medical claims are unsubstantiated.
  • The claimed great results might not be achievable.
  • Customer service has a negative reputation.
  • The website has low transparency with a lot of ads that aren’t scientifically backed

Other Best-Seller Supplements Of V Shred

Here are the V Shred supplements that may help you shed body weight, burn fat, gain muscle, and get the most out of a toning and six-pack workout regime. The supplement line of V Shred is called Sculpt Nation.

Burn Evolved

V Shred claims Burn Evolve boosts metabolism. The plant-based composition helps burn fat and calories throughout the day. Capsimax (capsaicin) is the major component. They advertise that studies support the claim that this ingredient activates the body’s TRPV1 receptors[5]. It has been shown that activating TRPV1[6] causes white fat cells to turn brown, promoting fat burning.

And the results are less hunger, a faster metabolic rate, and no stimulant crush. This supplement is a weight loss supplement specially designed for women.

Burn PM

The Burn PM is the women’s Burn Evolve meant to work at night. It’s intended to be taken at night to help you sleep and to facilitate night-time fat burning with the raspberry ketones. A good night’s sleep may help you heal faster if you’re doing high-intensity interval training.

Raspberry ketones, saffron flower, white kidney bean extract, and green coffee bean extract are all included in this composition. Additionally, it contains calming sleep-inducing components like melatonin[7], dandelion root, L-tryptophan[8], and lemon balm leaf.

This formula supports fat burning, reduces stress, reduces food cravings, and promotes deep sleep.

Turmeric Black

This female Shred supplement, Turmeric Black, may improve inflammatory reactions, skin, energy, metabolism, joints, and browning of white fat cells.

This formula also contains 95% Curcuminoids, SIRTMAX (Black Turmeric), and BioPerine (black pepper extract).

Test Boost Max

Men that want to get the most out of HIIT and other strenuous and demanding workouts may use Test Boost Max for that extra kick in energy. This performance-enhancing supplement purports to boost men’s testosterone levels naturally for maximum gains.

Besides that, V Shred claims that Test Boost Max testosterone boost also helps with fat loss, lean muscle gains, mental acuity, high energy levels, and improved libido. KSM-66 ashwagandha root extract[9], cordyceps mushroom, and Eurycoma longifolia[10] are the testosterone boosters in this blend. Tribulus terrestris[11] function is to improve lean muscle gain and strength. Then, American Panax ginseng, Epimedium, and Hawthorn berries are the blood flow and libido enhancers in the mix.

What Do We Like About V Shred? 

Here is a brief breakdown of the things we like about V Shred:

  • It includes services for both men and women.
  • It tailors diets and workouts.
  • World-renowned.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • They have a good return policy.
  • They have a V Shred app.

V Shred Real Reviews

“Apart from good looking, half naked, outspoken model who advertises this “miracle program” they really do not offer anything exceptional. Endless, hyped videos with link at the end, taking you to more endless and hyped videos. You think you’re getting a bargain but to get what they actually speak of during the presentation you would have to pay and pay. I asked for a refund TWO weeks ago and still didn’t hear back.”


On the flip side, still on Trustpilot, we found a few positive remarks contradicting the comments above.

“I emailed regarding a refund, and I got a reply immediately. I was impressed! Vshred’s customer service is great! Thank you.”

Oyuna Dashdavaa

Alternatives To V Shred

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers

See Weight Watchers Review

  • It’s slow and steady.
  • Balanced and flexible.
  • The company provides research tools.
  • It is facilitated by fitness coaches and not medical experts.


See FitOn Review

  • It has many workouts.
  • It’s equipment-free.
  • Trainers are celebrities.
  • The free version has ad interruptions.
Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

See Nike Training Club Review

  • Detailed content.
  • Customize all workouts.
  • All workouts include rest and transition time
  • You have to download each workout and it takes much space.

Final Thought

V Shred is a world-recognized brand with programs like the Clean Bulk program, the Booty Builder, and the Big Arms program for specific fitness goals. These Shred offered plans may be healthy, effective, and transformational if you follow them and are in top-tier health.

Otherwise, you may need something else. Shred works theoretically on paper since they use your body type as the main reference point. However, this has its shortcomings. There is no science to back up their claims, making them a hearsay brand. They have numerous positive reviews, but the negative ones still stand out.

It may or may not work for you; you may have to try it and see. But if you are looking for safer options, seek brands on the Better Business Bureau with better data backing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the V Shred app free?

It is accessible on mobile app stores but contains in-app purchases.

Who is V Shred for?

It is for individuals with specific fitness goals like weight loss and weight training. It is not for individuals recovering from an illness, the elderly, or those who need supervision from a physician because of a medical condition.

How do I cancel my V Shred subscription?

Click on the view your V Shred purchases after logging in. Subscriptions include the V Shred University membership, and you click cancel to cancel your membership.

How much does the V Shred cost?

It ranges approximately between $47 and $250 without a discount. It is lower with a discount.

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