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Xyngular Reviews [2023 Updates]: Legit Weight Loss MLM Or A Scam?

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  • Fat Burning Capability
  • Boosting Metabolism
  • Improving Energy Levels
  • Curbing Cravings
  • Improving the Immune System

Brand Information

  • Located in Lehi, Utah
  • Quick customer service
  • Multiple products available 
  • Easy to use website

Medical Benefits

  • May improve metabolism
  • Increases energy levels
  • Can help regulate blood sugar
  • Can improve fat burning 
  • May curb cravings

What is Xyngular?

Xyngular is a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) company that focuses on selling health and wellness products. The company is based in Lehi, Utah, but sells its products through agents and other online marketplaces. 

Top Alternative Choice

PhenQ Supplement


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  • Increase metabolism
  • Stop fat production
  • Eliminate mood swings
  • May experience diarrhea and cramps
  • Not suitable for children under 18 and pregnant mothers

Active PK

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  • Help combat abdominal fat
  • Suppress cravings
  • Promote clear thinking
  • May experience nausea and irritations
  • May interact with certain medications

Ultra Omega Burn

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  • All-natural safe ingredients
  • Promote overall health
  • Lower LDL cholesterol levels
  • Stomachache may occur
  • Not suitable for people with low supplement absorption

What Does Xyngular Do?

The company specializes mostly in selling weight loss products. Since many people struggle with excess weight nowadays, they are always interested in such products that would make them lose excess weight[1] faster. 

Xyngular understands why people would want to lose weight, and it has come up with several kits to help with that. Each kit is tailored to help you achieve something unique; however, the ultimate goal is losing weight. 

There are several Xyngular reviews online, all claiming the products work to some degree. You can consider opting for the company’s products after reading this review. Keep reading to get an idea of why Xyngular can be a good choice for your health. 

Xyngular products may not be the best for everyone. Here are some options to keep in mind for those seeking alternatives.

Xyngular Ingredients Reviews 2023

Xyngular products aim to help consumers in their weight loss journey and provide relief from common health issues such as obesity. Looking at the various systems, it is clear that each one has various supplements to help you eat less and burn more fat. These two when combined should help you lose weight much faster. 

You may want to consult with a doctor before using such supplements as they are not evaluated by the FDA[2]

Xyngular Ingredients Review

Xyngular products are generally designed to help you lose weight, improve your energy, and manage overall wellness. There are several systems or kits that Xyngular MLM sells. These supplements are designed in a way that each system is targeted towards achieving a specific goal. 

There are three main ingredients found in the various products Xyngular offers. They include;

  • Proprietary Hi ORAC Blend (6,400mg). This one contains a mixture of white and green tea. Fruit extracts have also been added to increase the nutrient value of the product. 
  • Proprietary Adaptogen Blend (50mg): This product features a blend of Panax ginseng root extract, Eleuthero root, and Amla fruit extract. 
  • Proprietary primary complex blend 30mg: This one features L-Cysteine, L-Glutamic acid, and Glycine which are all vital for various bodily functions. 

Next, in the reviews, we shall look at the various kit options from Xyngular to help pick the correct one for yourself.

Xyngular Ultimate

This is probably the most commonly used Xyngular kit. The system combines several ingredients that help address usual complacencies, mostly in terms of diets. As a result, you can still lose weight while struggling to maintain your diet. 

The company made this system have an 8-day jumpstart program that will improve weight loss and gut health. But it is important to follow through with the whole weight loss program if you want to enjoy all the benefits of this transformation kit. 

The supplements in this system include:

Global blend 

The global blend features several powerful nutrients from superfruits, herbal adaptogens, and antioxidant precursors. As a result you now have enough antioxidants free radicals[3] and boost your immunity. 


This is a comprehensive multi-nutrient and multivitamin that is a great choice for a diet that lacks vitamins, phytonutrients, and trace minerals. The tablets also contain probiotics and digestive enzymes that can help in digestion. 


Anyone who wants to shed weight knows that fat burning is important and that is what this supplement does. It works by helping the body burn fat faster than options from competitors. 

The best part is that accelerate is vegan and caffeine-free. If the other supplements affect you negatively or leave you overly stimulated, this one is a great alternative. 

Once you take Accelerate, there will be a rapid increase in your metabolism[4] leading to more energy thereby trimming your waistline in the process. 

Some of the ingredients in Accelerate include Lady’s Mantle, Olive Leaves, Cumin Seeds, PurePropol, and Wild Mint Leaves. Each of these ingredients is vital to boost the overall fat-burning processes in the body. 


If you are trying to achieve the best weight loss transformation, controlling your appetite is important. That is where the Cheat supplement comes in. It provides enough fiber so you can feel fuller for longer and there will be no urge to eat frequently. 

You should take it before and after a meal. Once in the stomach, the pills expand after getting in contact with water. This expansion mostly helps ensure that some of the consumed food is trapped to keep you feeling fuller thereby curbing your appetite longer. 


As the name suggests, Flush is important for aiding digestion, removing any harmful toxins from the digestive tract, and improving how the body absorbs nutrients. 

You are also likely to be in the best of health as this supplement restores optimal body functions by combating any build-up of toxins and further reinforcing the immune system. 


The purpose of this supplement is to reduce food cravings[5] so that you do not have to eat all the time. With reduced cravings, you can be sure of more significant weight loss. 

Lean is a low-calorie supplement featuring a gluten-free protein shake blended with vitamins, amino acids, digestive enzymes, and minerals. It is easy to see how it will be great in minimizing cravings while meeting your nutritional needs. 


If you lead an active lifestyle, then you would want to use this supplement too. Spryng contains several ingredients focused on helping you achieve more energy, improving mental focus, and physical performance, and supporting your immune system. 

In case you like to work out, this is a good option to recuperate from a workout faster. Other than helping boost energy levels, it can improve your lean muscles, trim down the waist, and much more. 

It is available in tropical fusion and lemon-lime flavors. 


Vegans who want to manage their weight should consider this supplement. It contains fewer calories, but enough to support healthy blood sugar levels. In case you have issues controlling your sugar cravings, this one will help keep those cravings in check. 

Some of the ingredients include Chinese Bayberries, Advantra Z, Fibersol, and Carnipure. They are all aimed at improving blood sugar levels and supporting digestion. 


Xyng is a blend of vitamins and herbs all meant to boost and sustain your energy levels. Once you start using the supplement, you will notice an improvement in energy levels, better appetite control, and can achieve better weight loss over time. 

This supplement’s ingredients include Green Tea Leaf extract, Green Coffee, 5-HTP, and Advantra Z. 


This is another proprietary blend from Xyngular that is aimed at helping the consumer to relax and rest. Its powerful combination of several ingredients generally helps the user combat stress even better and as a result, sleep better. 

Sometimes stress can be your worst enemy in your weight loss journey and all that can change when you use the right supplements. 


Your body needs probiotics to maintain good health and that is what Probiotix is all about. It will provide the body with the critical probiotics it needs. These probiotics are also good for improving your digestive health, fighting bloating and gas, and also improve nutrient absorption. 

Advanced Omega 

It is possible that your diet alone would not be enough to supply the necessary amount of omega-3s the body needs. The fish oil used in this supplement provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids which are vital for your brain, joints, and heart. 

This supplement contains the three main Omega-3 fatty acids DHA, EPA, and DPA, thereby ensuring that you have the best product in the market geared towards improving your overall health. 

Xyngular Ignite

This is a nice system to consider when changing habits to finally find a weight-loss plan that works.

Xyngular claims that the Ignite kit can help the user see significant weight loss within 30 days. This begins with a simple 8-day jumpstart process that will help you burn fat faster. 

In addition to burning fat, the same Xyngular system can improve your metabolism and remove toxins in the body that may cause stress as its reviews

You will have to consider meal replacement after buying this system. This is because it features low-carb ketogenic meal plans[6], which burn more fat. As a result, you will be much more happier with improved health and wellness. 

The system contains Xyngular global blend, axion, xyng, lean, accelerate, cheat, flush, xr2, and advanced omega supplements. 

If you are unsure of whether to use this system, get medical advice or reviews first from a professional to see if these Xyngular supplements are safe for you.

Xyngular Core

This system is aimed at helping you control hunger to ultimately lose weight. Weight loss does not always have to be hard especially when the system has products that can help with appetite control. Even for those who might have problems following a diet plan, the company has got your back. Fewer cravings means that you can control your hunger and shed off excess weight. 

In addition to helping you control your appetite, the supplements under the system also help improve your energy. 

It is expected that you would see results within 30 days which is not bad when compared to what you get with some other dietary supplements. 

Once you have lost weight, you no longer have to worry about the most common related health concerns. 

Under the core system, you have supplements such as accelerate, cheat, flush, and xyng. See below Xyngular reviews.

Xyngular Trim Down Trio

This is another xyngular system best known for controlling food cravings and burning body fat into energy. You may have used another diet or program that did not work. Well, Xyngular in their reviews claims that this one is better with weight management by curbing your food cravings and controlling your hunger. 

Even if you would not be eating as much as before, you will still have the energy to push yourself through the day. Just make sure you follow the instructions included in the package and take each supplement as recommended. Just like that, you can have noticeable results in 30 days. 

Even if it seems like it takes longer to burn body fat do stay consistent to see the results and improve wellness. Sometimes meal replacement might be necessary to accelerate the process. 

The trio of supplements in this system include lean, trimstix, and accelerate.

So, whichever system you choose is up to your preferences as all the four Xyngular systems are geared towards weight loss. 

Health Benefits of Xyngular 

The chances are you will pick the ultimate transformation system when looking for the best Xyngular products without reviews. This is because it contains all the Xyngular products put in one system to help you realize all the health benefits with a single product. 

So, what are these health benefits?

  • Global blend is all about getting rid of those free radicals that might make you unwell. Also, it may help with promoting a healthy immune system to fight off common ailments. 
  • Axion contains all the vital vitamins and trace minerals the body needs. As a result, you can maintain proper functioning of the brain, bones, heart, and much more. 
  • The products also contain digestive enzymes. These are vital to helping improve your gut health and break down the nutrients better for faster and more effective absorption. 
  • Those who use Xyngular products can also expect to experience a boost in their metabolism according to the product’s reviews. Increased metabolism should help you burn more body fat and that is how most people end up losing more weight. 
  • Some products can also aid with appetite suppression. With increased metabolism and fewer cravings, you can lose more weight. 

Do keep in mind that all that is mentioned above is based on what the company claims. So, the results may vary from one user to another. 

Potential Side Effects

According to its reviews, Xyngular boasts of having products containing 100% natural ingredients. Even though such ingredients can be good for weight loss, there may be some side effects.

Most people who have experienced mostly mild side effects from these products. The common side effects were:

  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Tremor
  • Insomnia 
  • Bloating 
  • Headaches
  • Jitters 
  • Anxiety 
  • Vomiting 

One important thing to note about these side effects is that they occur during the first few days of using the products. It is best if you go easy on the products for your body to get used to them. Also, stick to the recommended doses to avoid more potential side effects.  


  • Supports better nutrient absorption 
  • May help suppress appetite 
  • Can improve your gut health 
  • May boost energy levels 
  • It can help trim your waist 
  • Introduces more fiber in the diet


  • Expensive products
  • The products are sold through an MLM company
  • It can be confusing taking multiple supplements in a day 
  • Shorter money-back guarantee period for weight management products

How to Take Xyngular

Taking Xyngular largely depends on the choice of system. Each system would have plans that you have to follow for 30 days to see significant results. 

Remember that there are various products under each system. Each product has a specific dosage for use. Some might require taking two pills while for others only one pill is enough. 

When you buy a system, it will come with all the important instructions you need to use Xyngular correctly. 

Make sure that you take your time to read the supplement label to see how much you are supposed to take daily. Never overdose on the supplements, as you will not always get more benefits when using more pills. 


Other than using the correct dose, other important precautions to keep in mind include:

  • Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing 
  • Do not use if you have a known medical condition 
  • It is not the best for children under the age of 18
  • Do not mix these products with other prescription medications

Xyngular Reviews: What Do Real Users Say? 

“I had to review Xyngular because it is something I had bought and used. For me, it worked great to help me with my weight management. I did an 8-day challenge and saw some weight loss. The biggest weight loss came after thirty days, just as Xyngular claimed.” 

Loannis C.

“I bought the ignite kit from Xyngular and also made lifestyle changes. As such, my results faster, unlike when I would have used the products alone.”

Ryan R.

“I have tried out different kits, and they all helped me improve my health. Right now, I have lost over 15 pounds after using Xyngular. So, I would recommend them to my friends who want to drop some weight too.”

Jessica C. 

Where to Buy Xyngular? 

Since Xyngular is an MLM company, its products are sold through other companies or agents. That is why you can find their products on eBay, Amazon, and some other affiliate companies. 

Even though they are available on different platforms, the prices are relatively the same. Sometimes you might get discounts too depending on where you purchase the products. 

You will have a 30-day money-back guarantee when you buy these products. Make sure to get in touch with customer support in case you need a refund. Most people claim that they always get their refund on time. So, it should not be hard to get help from the company whenever you need it. 

Final Thought 

The Xyngular MLM company promises to help you lose weight by using its weight management kits. Even though the kits have many products that can help your weight loss journey, you will still have to pair them with proper diet and frequent exercise. 

Like most other weight loss products, give it at least two weeks to start seeing results. Do not expect to lose much weight within the first few days. Let the body get adapted to the products first. 

This Xyngular review also looked at the possible side effects of the products. You have to use the products in the right amount to avoid such side effects and improve your general health. 

Since Xyngular offers kits based on the users’ individual needs, you can now pick the one you like and enjoy seeing it work as expected. As always, keep in mind your doctor’s advice on supplements before using them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is xyngular legitimate?

Yes. You can buy the products from different agents without a prescription. This is because the products are dietary supplements. 

Does xyngular really work for weight loss?

To some extent the products can help with losing weight; however, there is the need to include workouts and a change in eating habits if you are hoping for a more significant loss in your weight. 

Is xyngular FDA approved?

No. Since the products are dietary supplements, the FDA does not evaluate them.

How much does Xyngular products cost?

It will cost you an average of $40 to $600 per month, depending on the product you choose.

Are there any side effects of using products from Xyngular?

You might experience some side effects when using such products. Some have experienced diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and mild headaches. This is mostly when you use too many pills than the recommended dose.

Can you get a refund from Xyngular?

The product that you buy will have a 30-day money-back guarantee. This should be enough to see if the product works or not.

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