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zotrim reviews




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  • Helps reduce calorie intake by lowering hunger pangs
  • Eliminates brain fog and boosts focus
  • Increases energy levels
  • Contains all-natural and perfectly safe ingredients
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • 100-day money-back guarantee

Brand Information

  • Manufactures weight loss products
  • Located in Liverpool, England
  • Founded on January 17, 2020

Medical Benefits

  • Improves focus
  • Boosts overall mood
  • Heightens cognitive function
  • Aids in increased weight loss

About The Brand

Zotrim is developed by a wellness e-commerce brand known as Health Nutrition Limited. This company is a game changer in the field of weight loss. Zotrim is one of its most successful weight loss supplements. Health Nutrition Limited was established in January 2020 and is based in Liverpool, England.

What is Zotrim?

Zotrim is clinically-tested[1] herbal supplement and a 100% natural appetite suppressant that’s designed to lower your appetite by increasing satiety and keeping your calorie intake in check-a perfect addition to any weight loss program.

The plant-based weight loss supplement helps to boost your focus/energy levels and make you feel fuller for extended periods. These positive effects will make it easy to stay true to a healthy and effective diet for the long term and promote the weight loss process.

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zotrim reviews

Best Reputation


  • Helps reduce calorie intake by lowering hunger pangs
  • Eliminates brain fog and boosts focus
  • Increases energy levels
  • Contains all-natural and perfectly safe ingredients
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • 100-day money-back guarantee

Does Zotrim Really Work?

Yes, of course. Zotrim’s official website describes Zotrim as a dietary supplement that helps you to stay energized and fully alert through your weight loss process. These positive effects help you hasten your weight loss and keep you physically fit for the long term. Zotrim further helps improve your cognitive performance, heightens your energy levels, and keeps you focused throughout the day. 

Zotrim is potent on its own and becomes twice as effective when backed with constant exercise and healthy eating habits.


  • Helps suppress appetite
  • Packed with several natural ingredients
  • Clinically approved
  • Contains fat-burning capabilities
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Works without lifestyle modifications
  • Contains vitamins and minerals


  • Limited strength in each dosage

Zotrim Ingredients

Zotrim is a weight loss pill full of crucial compounds and extracts with beneficial weight loss effects. It contains essential ingredients such as Yerba Mate – leaf extract, guarana – seed extract, damiana – leaf extract, caffeine, and vitamins B4 and B6. All these ingredients are clinically proven to improve your mood, focus, energy levels, and weight loss efforts. 

zotrim reviews

Yerba Maté – Leaf Extract

Yerba mate is a natural plant from South Africa that contains certain properties that are quite similar to caffeine. This plant helps boost your stamina and endurance[2] to help you lose weight faster. 

Yerba Mate contains a wide variety of important amino acids and fatty acids that help you retain muscle mass and lower the level of fat cells[3] all at once. It also contains antioxidants that help get rid of free radicals from the body. This reduces the chances of contracting heart disease and certain cancers. 

It helps boost the production of adenosine triphosphate, which helps you gather up enough energy for the gym. Yerba mate is also packed with polyphenols that aid your weight loss journey by speeding up metabolism. 

Guarana – Seed Extract

Guarana seed extract is a compound with high levels of caffeine that help improve your mental focus and clarity[4]. This goes a long way in improving your metabolism. This ingredient is widely used as a stimulant in energy drinks and boosts the rate of fat breakdown in exchange for energy. 

Guarana seed extract’s impact on energy levels makes it a remarkable all-around ingredient that goes a long way in preventing lethargy dips that often come about while you’re on a calorie-restricted diet. 

Damiana – Leaf Extract

Damiana leaf extract helps to maintain a normal hormonal balance in the body. It also helps to maintain steady energy levels all through the day. Damiana leaf extract treats issues such as menopause symptoms[5], low libido[6], and depression.

If you feel like your hormone levels are not adequately balanced, this extract will maintain healthy levels. It has also been known to boost testosterone levels[7] which will further help to enhance and tone up lean muscle mass.


Caffeine is a strong energy enhancer that heightens your focus and concentration[4] in the gym. It also doubles as a natural stimulant that accelerates your weight loss journey thanks to its thermogenic effect on the body.

Caffeine is known to raise metabolism, which means you are burning extra calories to help you burn fat cells faster. 

Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6

Zotrim appetite suppressant contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals such as B3 and B6. These help to raise your body’s energy levels. The B vitamins aid in releasing energy from the food by making the digestion process faster and easier. These vitamins also assist in increasing metabolism[8]. Both vitamins are easily obtainable from whole foods, and needs are usually met through the diet.

Zotrim also contains a limited variety of essential minerals and vitamins such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, D, and K. All these help to strengthen metabolism and gradually develop your overall health if these are nutrients missing from your diet already.

Alternatives to Zotrim



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  • Boosts overall mood
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Health Benefits of Zotrim

Zotrim weight loss supplement is packed with several health benefits. It contains appetite-suppressing effects that help to boost weight loss, thereby leading to improved fitness and health. It also helps improve your metabolism and lessens your chances of gaining weight in the future. 

Improved Energy Levels

The addition of yerba mate, caffeine, and guarana help to elevate thermogenesis, thereby offering a metabolism boost. These ingredients also boost energy levels, concentration, and focus to help you push through the hardest workouts to help you burn more body fat. 

When you take Zotrim alongside an effective exercise program and healthy diet, you stand to lose weight faster. In fact, Zotrim has appetite suppressing effects that may help you lose weight without lifestyle changes, but combining lifestyle change with Zotrim only makes the process faster and more effective. Foods with a healthy range of amino acids and good nutritional content void of unhealthy eating habits will aid in growing lean muscle much faster. 

Faster Weight Loss

Zotrim is different from most weight loss supplements due to the fact that it helps suppress your appetite and leads to faster weight loss in the long term. By lowering hunger pangs and assisting you in changing poor eating habits, Zotrim prevents emotional eating that might cause you to regain weight in the future. Zotrim further helps boost your metabolism and increase the level of body fat which is utilized as fuel.

Potential Side Effects

Zotrim is packed with abundant amounts of caffeine that may bring about sleep problems, headaches, and dizziness in some people. Even though it is made with 100% natural plant ingredients, it’s very much possible for you to start developing an allergic reaction from the guarana seed, yerba mate, and damiana leaf extract. 

Keep in mind that Zotrim is made to be fully effective for people of all backgrounds. However, if you’re breastfeeding or you’re pregnant, steer clear of using Zotrim. Weight gain is natural in pregnancy, so avoid trying to lose weight during this period.

If you have any caffeine sensitivities, you may need to totally avoid this product and go for products such as PhenQ that are free of any stimulant. Weight gain is natural in pregnancy, so avoid trying to lose weight during this period.

If you start developing serious symptoms, ensure you reach out to a qualified physician and quit switching to similar fat burners

How To Take Zotrim

The manufacturers recommend that you swallow between two and three tablets of Zotrim with a full glass of water before any meal. One weight loss pill daily will help you get the best weight loss effect. You should back it up with a healthy diet and daily exercises. Make it your priority to limit the sizes of your meals.

Safety Tips & Dosage

You should take at most nine Zotrim tablets daily. If you intend on taking fewer or more tablets, do so with caution and keep track of the results to check for any negative effects.

Zotrim Reviews: What Do Real Users Say?

“Zotrim is one among many weight loss supplements that are super easy to incorporate into my hectic lifestyle. I’m happy that it’s helped me lower my appetite. I noticed that, after regular usage, I was able to retain my normal diet. I used to over-eat and snack between meals to cope with my busy life. I gained weight due to that, but I’m proud to say that Zotrim helped me deal with that in the best way possible. I’m a totally different person. Thanks, Zotrim!”


“At first, I was skeptical about taking diet pills to lose weight and boost my energy intake. However, after a first-hand view of what Zotrim was capable of, I had to try it out. My friend had similar issues to mine and struggled with her body image. She recommended I should give Zotrim a try and get back to her on my progress. I stuck to the recommended dosage for the next two months, and I noticed a huge change. I later paid her a visit, and she was shocked beyond words. I slimmed four stone (about 56 pounds), so it was a big deal. Don’t think about using Zotrim. It helps.”


“I’m guilty of using numerous weight loss pills. None of them worked, unfortunately. However, when I switched to Zotrim, I knew that I was in for a ride after reading all the positive reviews about it. I used it for some time and noticed my junk food cravings had completely disappeared. I gradually began to lose weight. I’m now back to a healthy diet, and I feel like I have a new lease on life.”


“I hit a plateau in my weight loss journey a few weeks back. I needed an effective solution to extend my periods of fasting. While I did find that Zotrim assisted me in my fasting, I didn’t lose weight; I, therefore, had to switch to an alternative product to burn fat and lose weight.”


“If you struggle with unhealthy cravings, don’t think twice about taking Zotrim. I was in a similar predicament myself. I used to snack all the time literally, and always had a bag of chips by my side whenever I sat down to relax. Zotrim changed all that. Nowadays, I feel fuller a lot faster, so there’s no need to keep eating a lot at meal times. Since I’m in control of my eating habits, all the effort I put in at the gym has become more visible. I look way better than I did before moving to the U.S.”


“I was super careful in my Zotrim intake. I took a single pill right before all my meals rather than the recommended 2. I’m disappointed to say that I experienced a burning sensation in my stomach. The aftertaste was pretty weird. Let me state for a fact that I’m 100% healthy. I’m on no medication whatsoever. My only desire was to lose 20 pounds. I can’t keep up with the unbearable effects of using this product. Even if it cost me a good amount of my hard-earned money, I had to throw it away.”


Final Thought

Zotrim is one of the most effective appetite suppressants on the market today. Trust this supplement to help you decrease your energy intake and lose weight faster. It contains a fair caffeine content that helps to boost the energy levels that will help you get through the most grueling exercises in the gym.

Zotrim aims to encourage a long-term and sensible weight loss approach by helping you to keep your hunger in check. As is the case with most weight loss supplements, you’ll get the most favorable results by eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and sticking to a standard exercise regime. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zotrim safe to take?

Indeed. Zotrim is perfectly safe for consumption and is packed with all-natural ingredients. The only exceptions are pregnant/breastfeeding women and individuals below the age of 18.

Does Zotrim actually work?

Yes. Different clinical studies have shown that Zotrim may help you shed weight faster since it reduces calorie intake. If you want to get the best out of Zotrim, make it a point to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

How long can you take Zotrim?

You should take Zotrim consistently for about a month for noticeable results. You can take it a step further by incorporating a healthy diet and consistent physical activity.

Can you take alcohol while using the Zotrim supplement?

Keep in mind that alcohol increases your caloric gain and contains zero nutritional value. It would, therefore, be best to maintain moderate alcohol intake regardless of whether you’re taking Zotrim or not. 

What are the side effects of Zotrim?

For the most part, Zotrim does not bring about any adverse side effects.

How much does Zotrim cost?

Zotrim is available for purchase on the official website and in select stores. Its cost will vary based on your location and the platform where you buy it. You can get a 30-day package for $69.99 in stores and $49.99 online.

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Medically reviewed by:

Kathy Shattler

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Medically reviewed by:

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