How advanced supplements can help with respiritory infections

In many cities around the world we now face peak pollution: Growing populations require more cars, heating, air conditioning – and off course, more manufacturing which all pollutes. Where this is coupled with an ageing population, it is only normal for chronic infections, instantaneous infections and other respiratory issues to increase. There are also those who argue that climate change increases – and will further increase respiratory problems, including Asthma and COPD. Indeed viruses and bacteria are much harder to avoid, but other lifestyle choices, such as the city you live in, can make a difference. Then, there is off course things you can do to boost the immune system.

One major flaw in western medicine, is that people are looking for a “magic tablet” whenever symptoms occur, as opposed to taking a preventative holistic approach to their health. The questions often arises: Shall I boost my immune system only when symptoms occur, or is it better to maintain a strong immune system as a preventative measure? Well, the answer to that depends on how much an individual enjoys suffering: Nobody wants to suffer. Indeed maintaining good levels of fitness and nutrition are preventative measures in the sense that it reduces your chance to fall victim to the many factors that might be beyond ones control.

How Bioceuticals Armaforce can help:

To boost or maintain a strong immune system, the right balance of ingredients is required. Whereas most mainstream pharma providers provide easy solutions such as Vitamin C boosters, Bioceuticals Armaforce go the extra mile with an advanced and comprehensive formula. By combining both herbal and nutritional ingredients, which includes echinacea, andrographis, olive leaf, vitamin C and zinc, it provides a more superior solution to what the body needs.

You might wonder just how potent and competitive this formula is: It is reassuring to know that it ranks well alongside major products such as the Multibionta immune support, Immunace, Allimax Power Plus, Immunoshield and High Nature.

What you need from your Doctor before starting:

It is prudent to read the label and use any supplements as directed, besides, multi-vitamins are not useful when you take too much. It certainly will not replace the need to drink loads of fluid and have a healthy diet with exercise. In most cases, people start taking multi-vitamins without the help of their Doctor: What is common, is to take vitamin supplements and if symptoms does not disappear, to see a Doctor. However people with medical conditions should always consult GP before starting with new treatments or even supplements.


The causes of respiratory issues can be vast: It can even be due to pre-existing conditions such as Asthma, which in turn, is triggered by environmental circumstances. Medical examination will usually clarify this. Whereas some drugs will dramatically reduce symptoms, they often do not treat the root problem, which can relate to a weak immune system. Being proactive with your health, can help increase your productivity and happiness. Why wait until you see symptoms?