07:45pm Friday 05 June 2020

Immunovaccine’s vaccine candidate for Respiratory Syncytial Virus is well tolerated in patients in Phase 1 clinical trial

RSV vaccine candidate developed by Bert Schepens and Walter Fiers in the group of Xavier Saelens (VIB/UGent).

Bert Schepens (VIB/UGent): “We are very pleased with these first results from the clinical trial with the RSV vaccine candidate that was developed in our lab”.

Marc Mansour, (Immunovaccine CEO): “Older adults are a largely underserved population and have a significant unmet need for a strongly immunogenic platform like DepoVax™. This early data indicate a tolerable safety profile, which is a crucial milestone for an adjuvanting vaccine platform. We believe that these initial study results not only validate the platform in this population, they also open up potential opportunities for further collaborations and partnerships in the infectious disease field.”

Based on the vaccine candidate’s safety and immunogenicity demonstrated in the study, the independent Safety Review Committee (“SRC”) has allowed the study to proceed to its next step, which includes vaccinating patients with DPX-RSV at a higher dose. 

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Crystal structure of the conserved amino-terminus of 1 the extracellular domain of 2 matrix protein 2 of influenza A virus gripped by an antibody, Joon Choa et al., Market Wired 2015

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