03:50pm Saturday 22 February 2020

As Gay Marriage Gets Presidential Support, a Rutgers-Camden Study Investigates Health Benefits of Same-Sex Relationships

Charlotte Markey, an associate professor of psychology at Rutgers University–Camden, with Rutgers–Camden psychologists Chris Nave and Kristin August, has been researching eating behaviors in families and couples for more than a decade. “Studies have long shown the positive benefits men gain from traditional marriages to women, from eating better to living longer. Very little research has examined both men and their partners in an attempt to understand relationship dynamics relevant to health and well-being,” says Markey, who recently explored this issue in lesbian couples.

To contribute to the couples’ health study, men in relationship with men who have been dating exclusively for more than six months, cohabitating or not, must answer a packet of questionnaires, complete a task with their significant other, and have their height and weight measured. Participation in the study will take about an hour and a half and will generate each couple $100.

“A large portion of the population relies on inaccurate stereotypes about LGBT relationships. We need research to show how and why those stereotypes may be wrong,” adds the Rutgers–Camden researcher.

To learn more about the study and sign-up to participate, visit www.HealthyDevelopmentLab.com.

Media Contact: Cathy K. Donovan
E-mail: catkarm@camden.rutgers.edu

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