Capillus Reviews 2021 – Does Capillus Hair Cap Really Work?

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  • Made in the USA
  • With FDA clearance
  • Non-led technology
  • Pioneering brand








  • Founded in 2005
  • Origin in Colorado, USA
  • 250 Branchs Globally
  • Made from the US
  • FDA cleared
  • Team of doctors and experts
  • Non-led technology

Medical Benefit

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Stops hair loss
  • Treats genetic hair problem

About capillus

Capillus is one of the leading brands in the hair care industry providing hair products specific for hair regrowth, and other hair care products such as laser caps. These hair care products are known to be effective in treating hair loss and are capable of hair restoration. In addition, they also sell hair accessories and brushes.

Based in Miami, Florida, the company was founded by Carlos Pina in October 2012 and they got their FDA 510(k) clearance a few years after, in January 2015[1]. Their other products like Capillus Laser comb are also FDA Cleared[2]. Now that we already know how safe the Capillus cap is, we need to know if the Capillus cap is effective. Do their products really work?

To find out the answer to this question, we did extensive research about the brand. Specifically, we turned to customers for their honest feedback. Here we have,  Capillus reviews and some clinical studies to determine whether you should try it.

What is a Capillus Hair Cap?

Capillus Hair Cap is a product known for treating hair loss. Hair loss is defined as “an overall thinning hair, a receding hairline, and pattern baldness”. Capillus’ famous product is a hair cap, which is a hat with lasers in it. Capillus Hair cap is known to give the best results among all the Low-Level Light Laser Therapy or treatment. 

Indeed, it is one of the safest non-surgical hair loss treatments in the industry. Such treatment options are designed with compatibility for both men and women.

How does it work?

How Does It Work?

“Because Capillus laser caps are designed to stimulate the hair follicle, most immediate biological changes occur within the skin and are invisible to the naked eye. Patients typically report seeing visual results within 2 to 4 months of regular treatment,” the company stated.

The company says that there are certain periods or milestones that everyone should face. These are patterned with a specific timeline describing the degree of the progress of such treatment.

For your first months of using (from beginning to three months), you will notice an increased hair shedding. It may sound horrible, but it is actually a good indication that the product is working. It means that the Anagen stage is occurring, and they push the older hair to give way for a healthier once.

During this period, you will also experience some itchiness in your scalp. This is normal as Arrector pili muscles contract. Arrector pili muscles are muscles that are linked to follicles. So, as your hair falls, Arrector pili muscles also react.

For the next three months, you may not experience an extremely significant change. However, if you observe it pretty well, you will notice that the hair loss slows down. In case the hair loss does not decrease based on your assessment, be patient. It can be a sign that you have a lot of unhealthy hair, and the new ones will replace it.

Continue using the product within the next six months. After the whole year of usage, you will notice a significant change. New hair has been produced within the areas you previously noticed became thinner. This can be the right time to assess the effectiveness of the product.

Our suggestion is to continue the product for at least 24 months more. At this point, you will see the maximum benefit of the Capillus laser cap.

Is Capillus Hair Cap effective for hair loss?

Hair Loss

Capillus Hair Cap has been showered by some negative reviews from skeptics. However, the company stands behind its products because there are many people who continuously support the brand. Aside from the fact that they claim the absolute effectiveness of their products, the brand also has FDA clearance.

Despite having very little evidence to prove everything that the company claims, Capillus sells their caps for around 100 USD. As per Capillus, their Capillus hair caps are worth the price, because of their effectiveness to treat baldness and increasing hair growth. Once the users maintain the product, the result will be perceived after using it for a few months.

Based on the research, Capillus claims that its low-level laser caps can reverse hair loss as well as increase hair counts. This can be done by just using the device for just six minutes a day. The theory states[3] that as soon as hair follicles absorb laser light at a certain level, it will then stimulate hair to grow. However, there is not enough evidence that any of these devices do hair restoration or even prevent balding. Instead, it can help your hair produce some metabolism and blood flow helping the hair to grow in a healthier state.

Therefore, regardless of what clinical explanation we have, clinical studies[4] show that laser therapy, as a treatment for hair problems, is quite effective. In this sense, Capillus Hair Cap definitely has some effectiveness.

Is Hair Cap safe?

Hair Caps are safe to use. You just have to take it accordingly. Study shows that hairs caps may stop hair loss while regrowing hair at the same time.

However, you should not expect to see any regrowth for only four months or less, and sometimes even within six months. It really takes a lot of time to complete its process.

If there are positive expected results, there are also few side effects. However, these are minimal. Upon using the product, you may experience redness, itching, dryness, flaking, and/or other scalp-related irritation. If you are using it sensibly, these side effects will not be too disturbing.

Additional caution is needed for certain types of people. For instance, Capillus products such as Capillus 272 Pro is not advisable for someone who is suffering from scalp cancer and migraine. Doctors also do not allow those who have a history of seizures triggered by light.

Furthermore, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or sensitive to the pulsed light, kindly stay away with these kinds of products. You should not also use hair caps along with photosensitizing medications.

What users say about capillus laser cap

Some of the people who had experience using Capillus products reported that the Capillus laser cap was working for them. Indeed, they definitely recommended it to everyone who has a hair problem, even though some of the users are not trusting the product simply because of its sedating effect. As long as they frequently use it, their hair will constantly be growing, even if it will take some time to see that it is really working.

Moreover, most of the users use the product for a few months and then quit afterward without allowing the product to do the work at its own pace. As a consequence, they do not get the results they are aiming for.

shipping and return policy

Capillus provides all its customers a satisfaction guarantee. It guarantees people that they will experience great customer satisfaction. At the same time, Capillus also warmly accepts product returns in case you find it ineffective. No questions asked with only a few conditions.

Capillus will not accept any return shipment without an RMA (Return Material Authorization). Thus, we highly recommend ensuring that you have an RMA to be eligible for product return. To obtain an RMA, contact the company at 1 (786) 888-6249.

Also, do not forget to insure your shipment. You can do this by registering at their website. By that, you will receive tracking updates.

Capillus will only accept fully functional, like-new laser devices. Otherwise, you can no longer return it. Capillus will then provide credit to your credit card if you are eligible for a refund. Alternatively, they can also send it via check.

We have few reminders. In order for you to be eligible for a satisfaction guarantee and return policy, you should have bought the product from the official website. Any Capillus product purchased from registered physicians and/or retailers is not covered. Instead, check the retailer’s return policy as it is the one that will apply to your purchase.

Furthermore, you can only return a product within six months. Exceeding that will just waste your time. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that you will resort to a return because Capillus offers only high-end and safe hair care products.

As for the shipping and delivery processes, your order generally arrives within four business days. In case there is a delay or order cancelation, Capillus will send you a notification.

Upon submitting your order, you will see an estimated delivery date. Since it is just an estimated date, there might be delays during the process. Factors such as selected shipping speed, size of the product, and its weight contribute to how long you should wait for its arrival.

great customer service

In terms of customer service, Capillus still offers high-quality service! They have a number of modes of contact. The best thing is they made it simple. All contact information can be found on their “contact us” page.

Customer representatives are available via phone, email, and live chat. If you prefer reaching out through the phone, just simply call them at this number: +1 (844) 280-4680. It will give you an instant reply. However, if you love non-voice conversation but in a real-time manner, live chat is the best choice. Their live chat support is only available during business days, from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Eastern Time (ET).

According to its users, the company has superb customer support. For instance, if you have problems with your laser devices such as with its lithium-ion battery or charger, the company may actually replace them without additional cost. Although we have seen some complaints, we are still confident that Capillus is always capable of helping you in getting the highest results.

Upon reading Capillus hat reviews, we have seen some loopholes in its customer feedback First, some of them return the product without trying it but ask for free shipping. They also do not want to handle the restocking fee.

It is a great contradiction with the return policy. As it states, returned products are already used, as you will only return it if the product is not working, based on your personal assessment.

Another thing to consider is that some customers quit earlier than 4 months. At this point, it is natural to not see positive outcomes. You may consider waiting for around a month, and if you still see the same, you may ask for a return.

capillus laser cap Vs. Other Brands

Oftentimes, the Capillus laser cap is being compared with other brands. Its most popular competitors are Hairmax and Kiier. Let us have a deeper look at them.

Capillus pro reviews: Capillus VS. Kiierr

Kiier and Capillus are much alike with only a few differences. First, both products use 272 class 3R laser diodes. This is the reason why both products are able to produce 650nm wavelength at 5mW each cap. Such specification is much desirable in treating alopecia.

Similarly, both products emit the same level of laser light, which is at 272. This is the recommended laser light to stop hair loss. These specifications made them get an FDA clearance.

As for the difference, the first thing that users might notice is the price. The Capillus Pro laser cap generally costs higher than the Kiier laser cap.

As we notice, Kiier laser’s purchase price is around four times less than the Capillus Pro laser cap. This is because not only the company gives high-quality products, but also it is the pioneering company among all brands. Moreover, they initially sell their products directly to highly reputable customers (such as doctors) and stores (drug stores).

Another difference between the two is their design & usage. For instance, Capillus laser cap must be worn for six minutes a day, while a Kiier laser cap can be worn every other day only, and for just thirty minutes.

Capillus Laser Cap reviews: Capillus Vs. HairMax

When talking about hair regrowth treatments, both Capillus and HairMax are being considered as one of the top brands in recent times. Like what we did with Kiier, let us compare these two brands.

If we are going to examine the surfaces of two brands, there is a notable difference. Capillus cap looks like a regular hat while HairMax appears differently. Its surface looks like a medical device. Nevertheless, both laser caps work.

As for the quality, both products receive positive feedback from their customers. However, we are much in favor of Capillus. Although both of these products have FDA clearance, Capillus was made locally (from the US) and HairMax was made from China.

In terms of laser technology, Capillus Laser Cap still wins. HairMax uses LED technology with 21 lasers in it, while Capillus uses non-led lasers with 82 laser diodes. This indicates that Capillus produces higher quality hair care products than the latter. This is because LED technology is still not proven to treat any hair problem.

Capillus Pros

Ever since the start, people loved Capillus. This is because of the service it gives to its customers. First, the brand is clinically proven as an effective treatment for hair loss. It provides convenience as to how people can use it.

With this product, you can now grow your hair without going back and forth to your hair specialist. It is also not time-consuming. For just six minutes daily, you can treat your scalp whether you just sit with your coffee or start working at home.

Despite some doctors being skeptical about the product, many clinical experts continue to recommend this. These experts were working for a long time in the field. Therefore, it is not wrong to listen to them.

Last, but definitely not least, is that Capillus is being manufactured in the US! This means that manufacturing processes are monitored and tightly controlled, allowing only high-quality products. The brand was also able to receive FDA clearance.

capillus Cons

Despite Capillus having many customers, there are still many people who fear using the product. This is because some doctors have doubts due to the lack of evidence. But on the other side, many customers give them 4 or 5 stars in their reviews.

Another factor is the price. It is undeniable that Capillus products are highly expensive when you compare them to other hair loss treatments like Kiier. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, you might not be considering it. However, would you want to miss its long-term effect?

Furthermore, many people experience side effects. For instance, there is a possibility that you will experience scalp irritation and/or itchiness due to the laser diodes and muscle contraction.

In addition to that, its result on your hair can be somewhat unpredictable. For instance, everyone has different levels of hair health causing a varying duration of the effectiveness. Aside from that, the product generally offers a long time to see such results.

Conclusion – Is it worth trying?

As one of the leading brands of the hair care industry with an FBA clearance, we can say that Capillus products are worth trying. While it is true that negative reviews have been scattered online, for its overall aspect, it is still worth buying.

Buy this product if you want to experience healthier hair growth. At the same time, you should be willing to spend money on it. Take note, however, that it will take up to 6 months before you can see the improvement. 

Furthermore, carefully understand the shipping and return policy, which we discussed earlier to avoid future problems. For example, you will be handling the restocking fee as well as the shipping costs.

Lastly, it is hard to look for a brand that is FBA cleared and backed up by a team of experts. So why not try Capillus?

Their laser device is helpful for hair regrowth. Aside from laser caps, they also have laser combs 

Stop spending your time struggling a lot. You can buy this product now and thank them later.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Capillus Hair Cap?

Capillus Laser Hair Cap is a product known for treating hair loss. It is a famous product of Capillus, which is a hat with lasers in it. It is a product known to give the best results among all the Low-Level Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or treatment.

Does the Capillus Hair Cap really work?

Regardless of its negative reviews,, you still have to wait for its effect for many months. In the end, we think that it can improve your hair problem.

Do lasers really regrow hair?

Yes, they do. Science agrees that such a procedure is safer, tolerable, and less invasive than other treatment procedures like hair transplant surgery.

Is Capillus Hair Cap FDA approved?

The use of Capillus is approved by FBA and Camillus products have an FDA 510(k) clearance.

Why is Capillus so expensive?

Capillus is so expensive because of certain reasons: Uniqueness, excellence, and quality. As such, they stated on their website, “Capillus does not imitate, we innovate.” They do not simply outsource; they do everything hand in hand. Moreover, all of their products were manufactured in their ISO 13485:2016 certified facility in the US, specifically in Miami.

How long does it take for Capillus to work?

According to its users, they often start seeing its effects after 2-4 months with consistent usage. However, Capillus posted guidelines for every milestone so that you will know what to expect.

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