04:40am Monday 20 January 2020

GHSU Professor develops shampoo to combat excessive hair loss

by LaTina Emerson Dr. Stephen Hsu

Adding to his growing line of green tea products, Dr. Stephen Hsu, GHSU Professor of Oral Biology in the College of Dental Medicine, credits his shampoo’s hair-thickening properties to antioxidants and plant compounds, including green tea, that improve the viability of hair follicle cells.

“Our products are designed to make the cells that produce hair healthier,” Hsu said. “We cannot make people grow hair. We cannot make hair grow back, but we try to make the cells in better condition with powerful antioxidants and plant extracts.”

The shampoo is the second in his ReviTealize line of skin- and scalp-improvement products based on a patented formula. Hair follicle cells can become damaged from several factors, such as oxidative stress, chemotherapy, medication, diet and changes in hormone levels. Male baldness, for instance, results from changes in testosterone levels.

The prototypes of the patented formula have been self-tested by more than 50 people, and Hsu is pleased with the outcomes.

“When people try it, they usually see results in three to five days after they start using it every day. They feel the hair get stronger and notice fewer detached hairs when they comb or shower,” Hsu said. “We have achieved the purpose to provide a very good formula that contains natural plant compounds without any of the toxic chemicals.”

People can use the shampoo daily and should keep it on their scalp for at least two minutes, he said.

For more information, contact Hsu at 706-721-2317 or shsu@georgiahealth.edu.

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