How damaged organs can be recreated

IGEN, Linköping University’s strategic programme for regenerative medicine, was formed three years ago. Today IGEN gathers some 70 researchers active in various fields, from stem cell therapy to the development of advanced biomaterials for transplantation.

Monika Kozak Ljunggren, IGEN’s research coordinator, says that IGEN wants to present some of the research being done, and has invited three leading researchers to give lectures:

• Dr Erik Suuronen from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. His research focusses on how cardiac injury and disease can be treated with collagen-based materials and stem cells.
• Professor Juan Carlos Scaiano, Department of Chemistry and Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation, University of Ottawa, and visiting professor at Linköping University. He studies silver nanoparticles with the aim of creating a better environment for regeneration.
• Dr Pontus Blomberg, Karolinska University Hospital, director of the Vecura GMP laboratory, where they produce gene therapy vectors and cell therapy products.

Six post-doctoral researchers from Linköping University will present their projects, ranging from fields such as stem cell therapy to the development of advanced biomaterials.

IGEN Day is on Wednesday 25 September in the Eken lecture theatre, Campus US, Linköping. The seminar is open to all.



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Åke Hjelm 2013-09-23