10:15pm Monday 21 October 2019

New mental health information for people with learning disability and their carers

The leaflets have been produced by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust in association with the RCPsych’s Faculty of the Psychiatry of Learning Disability.

There are 30 leaflets in the series. Some leaflets provide general information on different mental health problems: anxiety disorder, autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder, challenging behaviour, dementia, epilepsy and psychosis. Others provide specific information on different types of medications for dementia, depression, and psychosis and bipolar disorder.

All the materials have been written in partnership with, and been tested by, people with learning disabilities and their carers. Each leaflet contains a ‘help and support’ section at the end, which can be completed by the person being given this information to include contact details of their GP, Psychiatrist, Community Nurse or any other professional involved in their care.

Dr Sab Bhaumik, former chair of the RCPsych Faculty of the Psychiatry of Learning Disability, said: “Access to information is a basic human right. The importance of providing information in a meaningful way to people with learning disability cannot be over-emphasised. Services are recognising the value of involving people with learning disability and their carers in making decisions and expressing choice about the treatment and care they receive. Providing information in an accessible format promotes this engagement significantly.

“These information leaflets have been developed by professionals working in learning disability in close co-ordination and consultation with service users and carers at every step. We hope that users, carers and services will benefit from using these leaflets.”

For further information, please contact Liz Fox or Deborah Hart in the Communications Department.
Telephone: 020 7235 2351 Extensions. 6298 or 6127


Note to editors:

All the leaflets can be freely downloaded and printed from the RCPsych website: www.rcpsych.ac.uk/mentalhealthinfo/problems/learningdisabilities.aspx

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