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Mars and Venus nightmares for men and women

Hommes et femmes rêvent également  à des possessions par des esprits maléfiques. (Photo: Bryan Gosline)

Hommes et femmes rêvent également à des possessions par des esprits maléfiques. (Photo: Bryan Gosline)

“Men often dream of accidents and chases, while women dream of being attacked and insects.”

Bilodeau asked 176 adults to describe their worst-ever nightmare. People went back many years or even many decades to remember a nightmare from which they woke up in a panic, seeing as people have most nightmares at age 14. “There are also convergence points,” says Bilodeau. “Men and women both dream of being possessed by evil spirits in which they lose control of their body.”

Bilodeau graduated with Honors, which is reserved for the best students of his graduating class (barely 20 qualify). His research was part of a larger study by Professor Antonio Zadra. Bilodeau presented his findings at the 6e Journée scientifique annuelle du Département de psychologie.
The event was a “tremendous success,” says Professor Sophie Bergeron who is also a member of the organizing committee. “It’s a unique opportunity, which is very welcome, to communicate amongst ourselves. It’s always helpful to know what our colleagues and committed students are working on.”

Bergeron particularly enjoyed the presentation by Joëlle Carpentier on negative retroaction in sports training (see March 7th issue of Forum), which won the student a prize of excellence.
Bergeron also had the pleasure of introducing speaker Sue Johnson from the University of Ottawa who spoke about relationships and couples therapy. Every year, the Department invites a guest to speak about one aspect of psychology. This year, a second guest also participated: Sandra Trehub from the University of Toronto who spoke about vocal interaction between mother and child.

This is an English summary of an article originally published in French by Mathieu-Robert Sauvé.

English-language contact for scientific research at Univesité de Montréal: William Raillant-Clark, International Press Attaché – [email protected] .


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