10:56pm Sunday 05 April 2020

New research to help students with autism

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This groundbreaking study by Macquarie University, Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) and Autism South Australia will compare different approaches to supporting students with an ASD.

The partners were recently awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage grant to compare the NSW based Aspect Satellite Class program and the Autism South Australia consultative support model (educational outreach).

Dr Mark Carter from Macquarie University is one of the project’s chief investigators. He said “There are conceptual and theoretical arguments to support a number of different models of educational service delivery to children with ASD but there has been remarkably little research examining models of support for children with ASD in regular schools.”

The research called The Efficacy of Models for Educational Service Delivery for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders will compare the educational outcomes of two approaches, based on different theoretical premises, designed to facilitate the successful support and transition of children with ASD in regular primary school classrooms.

Dr Carter said “The project is really important because it will address both child social and academic outcomes as well as perceptions of a range of stakeholders with regard to adequacy of support and success of inclusion.”

The grant is extremely important to both Aspect and Autism SA as specialist autism service providers operated as not for profits.

Dr Debra Costley, General Manager of Education Research at Aspect, said “We at Aspect are extremely pleased at the success of this joint ARC proposal and at the opportunity to be involved in research that better inform our work supporting students with autism.

“This will be the third ARC Linkage project Aspect has been a part of and will contribute to the ongoing research, development and innovation in Aspect’s network of schools.”

Jon Martin, CEO for Autism SA, said “Autism SA, too, is excited to be involved. The research will help us identify factors that both facilitate and act as barriers to the successful support, transition and integration of students into mainstream classes.”

Media: Please direct inquiries or interview requests to
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