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New education program helping professionals better manage children with autism spectrum disorders

With an estimated 1 in 160 children in Australia having an autism spectrum disorder, more health and education professionals are finding it necessary to know how to deal with the needs of children with autism.

This program offered by the Centre for Emotional Health and Annie’s Centre addresses this issue by giving mental health professionals, school counsellors and special educators the skills needed to understand and deal with challenging behaviour before it escalates.

“It’s important that health professionals and educators know they don’t need to be mental health experts to improve the way they deal with these situations. There are some strategies that health professionals and educators can apply to suit the learning style of children with autism,” says clinical psychologist Dr Anne Chalfant who is leading the workshop.

The focus of the new program is helping health professionals and special educators to deal with anxiety in children with an autism spectrum disorder. According to a recent report anxiety is four times higher in children with autism.

“When a child with autism is anxious they can become easily distressed. If the situation isn’t dealt with properly, children might lash out and cause themselves or others harm. It’s important that those who work with children with autism know how to see the signs and address the anxiety before it becomes a problem” says Dr Chalfant.

The course will run on Friday 18 November, registration ends Friday 11 November 2011. For workshop information please contact Melissa McKibbins on (02) 9850 4084 or email melissa.mckibbins@mq.edu.au. For workshop registration please contact Matilde Jurado-Hernandez on (02) 9850 7956 or email matilde.jurado-hernandez@mq.edu.au.


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