08:07pm Monday 14 October 2019

Researchers at the University of Navarra study potential of medicinal plants for treating Alzheimer

This study, being under way for ten years at the Departments of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology and Plant Biology in the faculties of Pharmacy and Science at the University, was one of the main actors at the VI National Congress of the Spanish Society for Phytotherapy, which was held at the University of Navarra from the 21st to the 23rd of October.        

In this work researchers selected 50 medicinalplants widely used in traditional medicine, both in Navarreand surrounding territories. “In fact, they are common throughout the Mediterranean region”, stated Rita Yolanda Cavero, “being medicinal plants that have provided the best results throughout the Mediterranean region, a region where they have been used for centuries for various disorders. This fact has enabled us to know, moreover, which plants are safe, with a longer use time”.

Amongst all the plants analysed, the specialists chose the aromatic group: “Lavender and melissaand oregano gave the best results in thein vitro studies”. Also”, continued Ms Calvo, as they are “the three used traditionally for problems in the nervous system, this could be linked to their efficacy as treatment for Alzheimer”.

The molecules derived from these plants, moreover, will have less toxicity than those used in therapy, most of these being from the alkaloid group, and which thus is a great improvement compared to existing courses of treatment.

As regards other uses of these plants, lavender has been a resource against disorders of the respiratory system, chest colds and rheumatic problems.Oregano was used for damage to the digestive and respiratory systems and melissatraditionally linked to dysfunctions of the endocrine system and, above all, the nervous system.

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