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Managing stress

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The Stress Manager web site allows staff to assess the level of stress they may be facing, consider how they are coping with that level of stress, and devise a strategy to help with any areas in which they need additional support.


Commissioned by the University’s Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Unit, the site is broken down into manageable modules to allow users to work through various sections, using quick and easy questionnaires to identify which modules are most relevant to their current situation.

Information on understanding the signs and symptoms of stress are complemented by information on other mental health related issues such as anxiety and depression which impact on stress levels and the individual’s ability to manage that stress.

Jim Cole, Deputy Director (Health) in the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Unit said: “If you’re experiencing short or prolonged periods of stress, want to learn more about anxiety and depression or are looking for tips on relaxation techniques, assertiveness and time management – the Stress Manager web site offers staff a one-stop resource.”

“Whilst we would encourage staff to use the site for advice and guidance, we would emphasise the importance of seeking further advice from both the services offered by the University – our staff counselling service, occupational health and HR training programs–and specifically their GP.”

The web site also offers a series of case studies to enable users to work through real-life scenarios to assess how they would react to certain situations.

The availability of this updated online resource forms part of the University’s continuing work to support the health and wellbeing of its staff. Jim Cole added: “Here at the University we firmly believe that a happy and healthy workforce is a productive one, and we want to support staff in as many ways as possible in achieving this.”

“As we continue to work towards obtaining the Corporate Health Standard – the quality mark for workplace health promotion in Wales, the re-launch of the website is indicative of the continued work and initiatives that are undertaken to support employee health and wellbeing.”

Any responses made to quizzes or questionnaires on the web site are strictly confidential and will not be used to identify users.

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